Anthony Pompliano Net Worth, Height, Bio, Birthday, Wiki

Famous as “Pomp,” Anthony Pompliano is one of the wealthiest bitcoin investors and traders. Many people invest in cryptocurrencies, but Pompliano has been a consistent trader of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the riskiest cryptocurrencies to invest in, making Anthony Pompliano an aggressive investor.

Here is all you should know about Anthony Pompliano.

Anthony Pompliano Net Worth

Anthony’s primary source of income is through his YouTube channel, investments, and bitcoin trading. He is also a venture capitalist and an influencer for many. His estimated net worth is about $150 million making him the richest crypto investor and trader.

How much does Anthony Pompliano make a year?

Anthony has several investments in real estate and many more in cryptocurrency. He is a self-made millionaire and has earned millions in the past years. He has not shared anything about his annual income but estimates around $10-20 million.

What does Anthony Pompliano do for a living?

Anthony has invested 80% of his wealth in bitcoin and now enjoys a wealthy lifestyle. He is a venture capitalist and invests in startup businesses to encourage new competition in the market. Pompliano is also a co-founder of Full Tilt Capital.

Other than that, to communicate about the crypto market to his followers, he owns a self-titled YouTube channel. He started the channel in 2018 and has garnered over 32 million views over the past years.

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Biography of Anthony Pompliano

Anthony was born on June 15, 1988. His father is Tony Pompliano, however, he has not mentioned anything about his mother. Anthony did his double majors in finance from Bucknell University.

His educational background is strong in finance, economics, and sociology. He was a part of the US army as well for a time, which helped him finely tune his leadership skills.

He started his career by founding a social media intelligence platform called Digaforce but later was acquired by another giant company. Pompliano has also worked at Facebook and then at Snapchat.

One of the most significant achievements from Pompliano was his co-founded company Full Tilt Capital invested heavily in big companies like Reddit and Lyft. After all this, Pompliano rose to fame when he published the podcast on the crypto and finance market.

Anthony Pompliano Wife

Anthony Pompliano is married to Polina Marinova after being engaged with her. They live a happy life and have no children together. Polina is also one of the best American authors of Fortune’s daily newsletter.

She covers news about tech startups and venture capital. She is very active on her Twitter account and has thousands of followers. Her newsletter is one of the best selling among many business and capitalists.


Is Anthony Married?

Yes, he is.

What is Anthony’s podcast called?

It is famous as “The Pomp Podcast.”

Final words

Here is all you need to know about Anthony Pompliano. His success story is encouraging and motivating for young entrepreneurs. We hope this has helped to learn more about Anthony Pompliano.

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