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CallMeCarson, whose real name is Carson King, was born in the year 1999, on the 10th of May. He is currently 22 years old and makes content and posts it on YouTube. As a YouTuber, Carson has reached high levels of fame where he posts content on the ongoing trends of social media, which usually go viral, turning him into an internet sensation. Apart from uploading content on YouTube, Carson is also known to upload content on Instagram, where he also has a large fanbase.

How Did CallMeCarson Gain Popularity

Carson King gained popularity after posting videos on YouTube. He launched his YouTube channel in the year 2012, that too, on his thirteenth birthday, and has since then been posting content. He posts various types of content, which mainly includes gaming content. It was after his videos on DeviantArt and invading discord servers that Carson gained his massive following online and became a popular YouTuber. He gained even more fame after he, with the help of cscoop, created SMPLive, which is a multiplayer event hosted on the infamous game Minecraft. Apart from YouTube, Carson King is also known to be quite popular on other platforms for video content, which includes Twitch. To rewatch his Twitch streams you can visit his channel CallMeCarson VODs.

CallMeCarson Net Worth

Carson King has posted over 222 videos on YouTube and has earned quite well for himself. So, over the years, his net worth can be estimated to be anywhere around one to five million dollars.

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CallMeCarson Bio

Carson King is a Caucasian American who is of mixed race and was born in the United States of America. He was born in early April, which makes his sun sign of being Taurus. He is quite tall for his age, where his height is precise, 6 feet and 3 inches. Carson has not come out with an official relationship status yet, which means that he may or may not be single as of yet.

CallMeCarson YouTube Career

Despite being only 22 years old, Carson King has a long history on YouTube, which is due to the fact that he started his channel at the mere age of 13. He started off his YouTube career with his main channel, on which he uploads content alongside his friends and other influencers. This content mainly consists of them reviewing and commenting on different types of videos, games, and even images. In total, Carson has four different channels. His second channel is known as CallMeCarsonLIVE, in which he uploads videos of himself and his friends playing several different types of popular games, such as Minecraft, UNO, Roblox, Gang Beasts, and more. Carson’s third channel is named CallMeCarson VODS, on which he reuploads his gaming streams from Twitch, which is a popular streaming platform for avid gamers. Lastly, his fourth channel is named as CallMeCarson Plus, on which he uploads short videos, usually the likes of which you would find on TikTok. This channel mainly consists of short comedy clips.

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