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Mike Tyson’s Net Worth (Updated 2019)


Name:Michael Gerard Tyson.
Nickname:Iron, Kid Dynamite.
Birth Date:June 30, 1966 (age 53)
Occupation:Professional Boxer
Net-Worth:$3 Million
Spouse : Robin Givens (1988-1989), Monica Turner (1997-2003), Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer (2009-present).
Zodiac Sign:Cancer

Interesting Inception 

Mike Tyson is one of the greatest American professional heavyweight boxing legends that reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion. He participated in 58 fights with 50 wins, 6 losses and 2 no contests out of which he accumulated a fortune of $300 million that unfortunately decreased to a $3 Million one.

Early life

He was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NY on June 30, 1966, the city where he later moved with his family when he was only 10 years old due to the enormous financial burdens they were going through. 

His father left Mike’s family when he was born, leaving the mother to raise him alone even though she died when he was only 16. After that Tyson lived his life on the streets, committing some crimes, mainly consisting of getting into fights. When he was 13, he had already been arrested 38 times. 

Career and Struggle

When he went to Tryon School for Boys his boxing abilities had been noticed by the boxer Bobby Stewart that trained him for a time before introducing him to Cus D’Amato that became his manager and boxing trainer. Tyson dropped out of school at this point and focussed on his boxing career where he made around 15 fights on his first year as a professional fighter.

His Success

Aged 18, he made his first professional debut, defeating Hector Mercedes via TKO. He later won 26 of his 28 matches by TKO. Due to his high success rate, he was already being labeled as the next heavyweight champion. He then won many other fights with much bigger opponents like Jesse Ferguson that he defeated by TKO at the sixth round.

At this point, he was ready to go on with his career and shoot for the heavyweight undisputed champion title. On August 1, 1987, he became the first heavyweight to own the WBA, WBC, and IBF belts. The subsequent fights in 1988 were the most important and decisive for his success. He faced Larry Holmes and defeated the former champion by KO, the only one he experienced after 75 fights. 

Later he fought Michael Spinks that was considered the one to be legitimate of the heavyweight champion title. When Tyson-Spinks was arranged, it was the wealthiest fight in history at the time, and also the one with the highest expectations. Anyway, it was a very short fight; in fact, Tyson defeated Spinks only after 91 seconds by KO.

5 Tips to Succeed

Tip #1: Hard work, Sweat, and Sacrifices.

You have to put in the work and make sacrifices if you want to become successful. Almost nobody made it without throwing sweat and putting hours on your craft. That’s how life works, but if you work, you can definitely beat talent as it does not exist according to Tyson.

Tip #2: Be humble

He says that the older you get in life, the more you learn humbleness and that if you don’t come humbly in this world, it will throw humbleness upon you. How many people have you seen becoming successful but being so arrogant that the only success they got was a financial-related or career one? Luckily those are not the only things that matter in life as there are family, friends, and partners; in general, human beings. If you’re not humble, you’ll have a hard time connecting with others and, you’ll suffer from a shallow existence.

Tip #3: Be Confident

He used to say that whenever he got closer to the ring, the more confident he started to become when he was on the ring, he was invincible. Confidence is essential to succeed in life and the more confidence you have, generally, the more successful you’ll become. Having confidence will also give you an aura of power that will be intimidating to the majority of your competitors.

Tip #4: Eat Life for Breakfast

You can’t just go over your goal like a baby that is scared of conquering them. You have to eat them alive, take them, own them, and make them yours with aggression. Tyson was the king in that as he used to attack his opponents with so much hostility that it seemed like he had them for breakfast. Don’t be scared of displaying your aggression to the world, be aggressive, and take what’s yours and if life intimidates you, be even more intimidating to it.

Tip #5: Learn to fail and to lose

“Life is about losing,” Tyson said during an interview, pointing out that we have to become comfortable with the idea of losing in life because when we grow up, we lose our hair, or teeth, our family members, our youth and so on. You need to become comfortable with the idea of losing and failing, and you must pass through those moments with courage and determination because they are part of life and are going to touch everybody sooner or later. 

Favorite Quotes

  • “The closer I get to the ring, the more confident I become.”
  • “Talent? I don’t believe in talent.”
  • “When I come out, I have supreme confidence, but I’m scared to death.”
  • “I won’t do anything unless I’m passionate about it.”
  • “I think I was born to fight as I have no interest in anything else.”

3 Lessons we can learn from his story

Lesson 1: Do what you love

Like many successful people say, Tyson was always aware that spending your life doing something that you don’t like is just pointless as you can’t just do the things you do for the money. One day you will be on your deathbed (hopefully), and you will naturally think back of all the things you’ve done and, out of those, which ones have given you the best feelings. If you, on the other hand, will have lived a life where all you’ve done was just for the money, you will probably have a feeling of having lived a purposeless life. You have to find your inspiration in life, and motivation will never be a problem for you anymore.

Lesson 2: Push hard, no matter what.

Tyson didn’t get a comfortable life. With his father abandoning him when he was just born and his mother dying at age 16, he had no option but to fight for what he wanted or to live a criminal life and to get in and out of jail continuously (or even risking staying there for longer). He chose to fight and to push as hard as he could to live a life that was worth living, no matter what. If this meant going to training every day and suffering both physical and psychological pain, that was what he had to go through.

Lesson 3: Use fear to your advantage

Fear is a feeling that everybody gets in life as we’re conditioned to feel scared when we do things that put us at risk or that put us in conditions where we might feel physical or psychological pain. Fear anyway is a double-edged sword, it can freeze you and make you live a miserable life, or it can propel you towards achievements that you could’ t imagine to be possible. Tyson always felt scared before a fight, but he never let the fear stop him from doing what he had to do; instead, he used it as a way to fuel himself to victory.


  • Tyson’s trademark move was a right hook to his opponent’s body followed by a right uppercut to his opponent’s chin.
  • He claims not to have had sex for five years to keep his energy high for the fights.
  • In 1989 he was awarded an honorary doctorate in human letters.
  • He is a supporter of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump.
  • He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.


Mike Tyson was one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of history, known for his aggressive style in and out of the ring. Thanks to his skills as a fighter, he managed to accumulate a fortune of $300 Million that, due to bad financial decisions, reduced it to his current net worth of just $3 Million.

Athletes Net Worth

Conor McGregor Net Worth

Net Worth:$170 Million
Born:July 14, 1988
Spouse:Dee Devlin (2 children)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Last Updated:2019

1: Short Description & Profile (Wikipedia,, IMBD,

Conor Mc Gregor. One name, one legend. The Irish man who proved them all wrong and that redefined the rules of the fight game. You might know him for his crazy fights or from his funny and outlandish interviews. No matter what, this man has something to teach to all of us, especially to the ones that want to win because from the tough neighborhoods of Ireland he made his way up to become one of the biggest influencers in the fight industry. 

2: Early life

Conor Mc Gregor was born in Crumlin, Dublin on 14 July 1988, raised by his two-parent belonging to the working class of the city. 

He has always been passionate about sports, but his passion for the fighting game started when he was 12 when he started boxing in a local boxing club.

With his family, he moved to Lucan, Dublin where he started a plumbing apprenticeship. There he also met the UFC fighter Tom Egan with which he started training.

3: Career and Struggle

On 17 February 2007, aged 18, he made his first mixed martial arts amateur debut that won by (TKO) in the first round after which was signed by the Irish Cage of Truth promotion. His professional MMA fighter career started then in 2008 at the Straight Blast Gym in Dublin. Always in 2008 on the 9th of March, he made his professional MMA debut at Cage of Truth 2, defeating Gary Morris by second-round TKO.

His longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin supported him during his early years even though he was still struggling financially. In 2008 he continued fighting professionally and, even though he enjoyed more triumphs than losses, he considered changing career path. After that, his mother contacted John Kavanagh, his coach, and he persuaded Conor to keep fighting.

The waters of success were about to move, in fact, Dana White, the current UFC president, made a trip to Dublin in February 2013 where he was requested to sign McGregor to the UFC. Days later, he was offered a contract; the second one offered to an Irish fighter, that was the real turning point of Conor’s life.

4: His Success

His first UFC debut was a success as Conor managed to defeat Marcus Brimage through a series of uppercuts that eventually brought him to the ground only after 1:07 minutes. 

Later he fought against Max Holloway winning the fight by the unanimous decision even though it was later discovered that he had torn the anterior cruciate ligament that kept him away from fights for ten months. He later enjoyed many successes during 2014 that brought him to set huge goals like fighting Jose Aldo eventually. 

Here we come to the year 2015 where Conor was supposed to face Jose Aldo, an event that didn’t occur later as Jose reported a rib fracture. For that reason Conor went on to fight with Chad Mendes, another great fighter of the UFC, making the bout very appealing with a gate record of $7,200,000.

Eventually, McGregor won the fight via TKO, winning the UFC Interim Featherweight Championship. The story doesn’t end here anyway as the fight between Conor and Aldo actually took place.

If the previous fight produced a gate record, this other one surpassed the previous with a gate of $10,100,000. As you probably know, the fight ended in just 13 seconds, the fastest finish in any UFC title bout, with McGregor triumphing as the winner with his left-hand shot that brought Aldo to the ground. 

He later challenged Nate Diaz to obtain the lightweight belt, but he lost his match with Diaz. Later he had a rematch with Diaz that won and Confirmed McGregor as a champion of the two divisions.

He later took some time off the fights, only to come back to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov to which he lost in the fourth round in Las Vegas.

At to date, he is retired but is this really true, or we’ll see him back to the stage soon?

5: 5 Tips from Connor (Evan Carmichael, quotes)

Tip #1: Have the courage to speak your vision

He says that “If you can see it here (pointing to his mind) and you have enough courage to speak it, then it will happen.” He does a lot of visualization but what he stresses is that you should also speak what you see in your mind without being afraid.

Tip #2: Be grateful for the small things

Like many spiritual teachers, Conor recognizes the importance of gratitude in everyday lives. He says that being grateful, even for the smallest things is essential to living a fulfilling life and to attract more of what we already have.

Tip #3: Love what you do

Be curious about what you do and love it as much as you can. As he says fighting is all he thinks about and he can’t think about anything else. “I love what I do; that’s why I’m doing what I love.” 

Tip #4: Inspire others

Connor is always inspired to inspire others because he knows how it feels like to be small yet have huge dreams. In many of his interviews, he explains how he likes to show off his accomplishments, not for ego but to push others into their rise. Some will rise and some won’t, that’s just how things are, but if you believe and put in the hard work, you will make it.

Tip #5: Think outside the box

Conor McGregor had many coaches throughout his life, and they were all pretty standardized. They were all like that until he met one that encouraged him to try out different moves in different ways that eventually contributed to the development of his style.

6: Best Quotes

  • “Life is about growing and improving and getting better.”
  • “Doubt is only removed by action. If you’re not working, then that’s where doubt comes in.”
  • When I say something is going to happen, it’s going to happen.”
  • “All that matters is how you see yourself. If you see yourself as the king, with all the belts and everything, and no matter what no one else says, as long as you see that, and really believe in it, then that’s what’s going to happen.”
  • “I stay ready, so I don’t have to get ready.”

7: 3 Things we can learn from his story

1: Believe in yourself

I believe that this is one of the greatest takeaways we can get out of Connor’s life. He was the only one to believe in his ambitions to become the UFC champion, even though nobody in Ireland made it until this point. If he didn’t have the belief at first, all that he has accomplished would have never happened.

2: Persist until you win

Having the belief to win is not enough of course as life can put resistance between us and the goals we wanna reach. For that reason, persistence has been another key element in Conor’s life that helped him achieve success.

3: Learn how to sell yourself

ConorMc Gregor is not only a great fighter but also an astute businessman. We can see this from how he sells himself during press conferences and on what business moves he has made to secure himself an abundant financial life. Selling is everything in this world, and if you don’t learn to sell yourself, then you’ll have many difficulties in coming out as a winner.


  • Conor McGregor bought a yacht he named “188,” after the quantity of Euros he used to receive for his weekly welfare checks.
  • Conor fought 25 matches, out of which 21 were wins (18 by knockout), and 4 were losses.
  • In September 2018, McGregor launched Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey in Ireland and the United States. 


Conor Mc Gregor is an Irish fighter and businessman that is considered one of the greatest influencers ever in the fighting industry. He started from the bottom and thanks to his passion, hard work, and dedication; he made it to the top where he’s having the time of his life.