David Laid Net Worth

David Laid is a 23 year old Bodybuilder and YouTuber that rose to fame after he decided to combine his passion for weightlifting and fitness with his Interest in videography and photography. David Laid started off as a tall lanky boy who was often subjected to ridicule during his teenage years because of his body structure. All the bullying, along with other medical circumstances eventually led the boy to develop an interest in fitness and building muscle mass. As he uploaded his progress on social media platforms and shared his journey with the masses, he kept gaining followers and thrived into a social media celebrity.

Currently, David Laid has 1.9 million followers on Instagram.

What is David Laid net worth?

David Laid has multiple sources of income at the moment. He is a fitness instructor, a model and also does commercials and brand endorsements. His Net Worth is estimated to be around One to Two Million Dollars, currently.

How much David Laid earns in a year?

David Laid makes between 1.5k to 2.5k dollars per month from YouTube alone. His total earnings range up to 4-5 thousand dollars per month, thanks to his multiple sources of earnings. His yearly income is around 50k dollars per annum.

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What does David Laid do for a living?

David Laid is into multiple ventures these days, but his primary source of living is still from his social media impact. He has 248 videos on YouTube and he makes 1.21$ per 1000 views. Currently he has 178,975,980 video views, and this number is constantly increasing. Apart from being a Youtuber he is also a power lifter and fitness coach. He does modeling and also appears in commercials now and then.

Early and personal life of David Laid

David Laid was born in Estonia on 29th January, 1998. He was only two years old when his father passed away. His mother then had to move with him and his two brothers to USA. They moved to the town of New Jersey where David Laid grew up and went to school. David Laid used to go to Mainland Regional High School. David Laid was a very skinny boy and was often made fun of in school due to his thin physique. Later that year, he was also diagnosed with scoliosis. Doctors then suggested him weight lifting assisted by physical therapists to avoid future complications associated with his condition. It was then that he developed an interest in fitness and started to gain muscle mass.

He made his YouTube channel in 2009 and shared his first video in 2013; from there he started sharing his journey and progress. His transformation videos inspired millions of young population around the world and he started to gain popularity.

Career and accomplishments of David Laid

After his first video on YouTube went viral and received millions of views, it was all uphill for David Laid. Since then he has accumulated One Million subscribers on YouTube and 1.9 Million Followers on Instagram. He is the face of many prominent sports related brands now, including Gymshark. He has also been featured in many fitness magazines.

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What is David Laid height and weight?

6 feet 2 inches and 185-195 lbs.

Is David Laid married?

No. But David Laid is in relation with another social media celebrity, Julia Jackson.

Who does David Laid idolize?

Greg Plitt

Does David Laid take steroids?

David Laid in an interview refused that he does not use any performance enhancing drugs. And it’s all hard work and dedication.

What is David Laid birthplace?

Estonia. A Baltic country at border of Russia and Latvia.

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