Russo Brothers: Net Worth, Personal Life, Career And More

Who are Russo Brothers?

Joe and Anthony Russo have been working as a team for more than 20 years. They are known as one of the best filmmakers who have worked on some amazing films such as Happy Endings, You, Me and Dupree etc. They are however best known for directing movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Russo Brothers Net Worth

The Russo Brothers have a staggering joint net worth of 32 million dollars. They have been making moves for over 20 years now but their main source of wealth is the Marvel franchise. Marvel Cinematic Universe has helped skyrocket their career and their net worth.

Russo Brothers Height, Weight, and Age

They were both born in Cleveland Ohio. Anthony Russo is one year older than his brother Joe. Anthony Russo weighs around 70 Kgs where as Joe Russo weighs around 67 Kgs. When it comes to height of both brothers, Anthony stands at 1.74m tall where as Joe is 1.70m.

How much does Russo Brothers make a year?

The brother make hundreds and thousands of money every year. There is no fixed income as their income depends on the number of movies they do and how successful those movies get. On average the brothers (individually) earn around $400K each year.

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What does Russo Brothers do for a living?

Many people don’t know this but Russo brothers are also actors however their main source of income has been their directorial duties. They earn money by directing movies and TV shows.

Russo Brothers Early Life

Their mother and father were both of Italian descent. Joe Russo graduated from the University of Pennsylvania whereas Anthony Russo graduated from University of IOWA. They were fascinated with movies from a very young age and when they grew up they changed their passion to career.

Russo brothers Career Accomplishments & Awards

Russo brothers have directed many movies such as You, Me and Dupree and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Their biggest hit so far has been the movie Captain America: Civil War which raked in around billions of dollars in revenue worldwide. Russo Brothers have also won several awards for their directorial duties on many different platforms. They are the MVPs when it comes to directing good movies.


Russo Brothers FAQs

Are Russo Brothers Actually Brother?

Yes, Joe Russo and Anthony Russo are actually brothers.

Are Both Brother Already Married or Single?

Both Russo brothers are married, Anthony is married to a woman named Ann Russo and Joe is married to wife Puja Raj.

Where do Russo Brothers Live?

The live in Los Angeles where they headquarter their film studio called “AGBO”. They also have residence in Ohio which is their home state so it is only fair for them to have a house there and stay in touch with their roots.

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Have the Russo brother stopped working with Marvel?

After directing 4 movies from the Marvel cinematic, the Russo brothers have said goodbye to directing Marvel movies however they are still working with Disney.

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