Alexis Sharkey Net Worth

Alexis Sharkey was an American influencer who rose to fame on Instagram. Sadly she passed away after thanksgiving in the year 2020. She had a lot of followers on Instagram at the time. Her death was shrouded with mystery and her followers were really heartbroken on listening about her death.

Alexis Sharkey Cause of Death

She was found dead in Houston by City worker when they saw her feet poking out of a bush. There were no signs of injury but it is speculate that her cause of death was strangulation. An Autopsy was carried out after her death which also shows that the cause of death was strangulation. It is also believed that she had an argument with someone before her death but it is not clear who the other person in that argument was or what the argument was about.

Alexis Sharkey Age

Alexis Sharkey was only 26 years old at the time of her death.

Alexis Sharkey Height

Alexis Sharkey had a decent height of 165cm which is 5 ft. 5 inches.

Alexis Sharkey Weight

Her weight was around 55Kilograms.

Alexis Sharkey Eyes and Hair

Her natural hair color was blonde hair and she looked absolutely amazing in them. Her eyes were colored dark brown.

Alexis Sharkey Husband

She was married to a guy named Tom who was almost 20 years older than her. He paid a very heart touching tribute to her wife after she passed away.

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Alexis Sharkey Net Worth

Alexis Sharkey made all her fortune through Instagram. Her followers helped her gain a lot of popularity which she used to build connections and also earned a lot of money through advertisements. Her Net worth at the time of their death was around 50K USD to 100K USD.

Alexis Sharkey Early Life

Not much is known about Alexis Sharkey early life. She was born in Pennsylvania but then moved to Houston where she married her husband tom. She also has one daughter. She rose to fame through Instagram where she posted content related to lifestyle and other aspects of life. She considered herself a mentor of the younger populations.

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