Maria DiGeronimo Net Worth, Biography, Fiancée, Children, Age 

Maria DiGeronimo is one of the star in the hit Australian reality television series titled “Yummy Mummies.” The series revolves around wealthy expectant mummies that guide and care for each other through maternity and parenting struggles.

Maria DiGeronimo became notable in the series, not only because she is, indeed, one of the awesome mummies but because of her fun personality. She currently has almost 500,000 plus followers on Instagram.

In this article, we will know more about Maria DiGeronimo net worth, biography, fiancée, children, and age.

Maria DiGeronimo Net Worth

Maria DiGeronimo net worth is an estimated $1.9 million. Aside from being part of the Yummy Mummies series, the source of her hefty net worth also came from Instagram and other social media platform, where she can simply earn a lot from paid related posts.

She is also engaged to Carlos Vannini, a businessman, so her net worth may still increase if we add her partner’s net worth.

Maria DiGeronimo Biography and Early Life

Maria DiGeronimo was born on March 3, 1986, in Adelaide, Australia. She also grew up in Adelaide, Australia. Her father is Giuseppe DiGeronimo, and her mother is Margherita DiGeronimo. She has a younger sister named Bianca DiGeronimo. Maria ‘s parents have a flourishing business based in South Australia so it is safe to indicate that she may already have a net worth growing up.

Margherita DiGeronimo, Maria’s mother, is known to be a famous star, model, dancer, and businesswoman. She also goes by the name Yummy Nona and has her own blog.

There was no specific information on where Maria DiGeronimo attended high school and college. Still, she has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and education before being one of the star in the series. Maria DiGeronimo is also a personal trainer.

Personal Life (Husband/Fiancée, Children, and Family)

In 2014, Maria DiGeronimo was engaged to partner Carlos Vannini. Carlos Vannini is known to be a businessman and a part-time barber.

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Carlos Vannini bombarded the people when he was able to bring $15,000 plus in Versace jewels, not only that but also worth $7,000 bouquet of one-hundred-dollar bills!

Carlos is very wise and sweet when it comes to giving gifts to Maria. Since he knows that his woman is not into flowers, he got her a bouquet of money. Maria said that their relationship didn’t happen quickly. Carlos chased Maria for quite some time before being officially together, but he never stopped chasing Maria and is still treating her as a woman of worth every day.

There is not enough information on how did the couple met or Carlos’ net worth.

The two are blessed with a lovely daughter named Valentina. Carlos reportedly has another daughter named Montana. Montana is his daughter from his former previous relationship.

Maria DiGeronimo and Carlos Vannini are indeed a happy and strong family, but in 2018, they faced a certain struggle since the two both appeared in the show; they are constantly battling the pressure of the limelight. This reason prompted the split in 2018, and they shared the custody of their daughter, Valentina.

In an interview, Carlos explained that they didn’t have the time to have a family bonding because of the constant pressure and expectation needed for the show.

After some time, they got back. The two admitted that their love for each other never really faded. They are stronger than ever and will strive their best to stay happy, in love and support each other’s backs.

In 2020, the two revealed great news on Instagram. Maria is having another baby.

Age, Height, Weight, and Birth Sign

Maria DiGeronimo was born on March 3, 1986 in Adelaide, Australia, and she is now 34 years old. There is no data about her exact height and weight, but her birth sign is Pisces. They are known to be sensitive to other people’s feelings and moods. They are also loyal and passionate about achieving their life goals.


Yummy Mummies

On July 9, 2017, the Australian reality television show entitled “Yummy Mummies” was a seven network series. As mentioned, it revolves around four affluent, expectant mothers who provide support through maternity struggles.

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It features Lorinska Merrington, Jane Scandizzo, Rachel Watts, and Maria DiGeronimo, herself. It garnered a lot of views and received various praises from Australian viewers. The show Yummy Mummies is brought by Netflix as an original outside of Australia.

Maria, Margherita (mother), together with Bianca (sister) decided to audition for Yummy Mummies, and fortunately, they were all able to secure a role.

It did have a favorable outcome for Maria DiGeronimo because, as mentioned, her followers suddenly increased from 60,000 to 500,000 plus followers. Maria was really grateful for all the messages and support were given by the fans from across other countries. She added that it has come to the point that she has to turn off the notifications from her application.

However, you cannot please everybody. The show also received criticisms, especially from Debbie Schipp. She labeled the show as vacuous, fabricated, vapid, and so on. She also added that she watched it so other people won’t waste their time. Debbie Schipp added a blow, saying that it is not a car-crash. It is cringe-making.

Craig Mathieson, in defense of Yummy Mummies, wrote that describing it how Debbie Schipp labeled it is dutifully offensive.

Moving on, after the first season, the seven network series is renewed for the second season and was aired in 2018. It was only for 7plus, a live streaming, catch-up television service that is also owned by Seven Network.

Unfortunately, Maria DiGeronimo and even her partner Carlos Vannini refused to be part of the Yummy Mummies ‘ second season. They do not agree how they were shown in the first season.

Carlos Vannini was also very vocal in expressing his sentiments on how the Seven Network took an advantage of their daughter, Valentina, so that they can just promote the tv show which he emphasized that is it very far from reality.

Maria DiGeronimo also expressed that the first season was not really her true self due to her hormones, and Maria felt like the network took advantage of her too. Still, Maria is very open for another show if the network will offer her more of creative control.

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In 2017, Maria DiGeronimo also ventured into the music industry. She released a music video and the song called Valentina. Unfortunately, the music video didn’t reach the expected views.


Maria DiGeronimo received several backlashes because of what she said in a promotional teaser for the series. In the clip, Maria was sitting in a café and saw a mom breastfeeding her baby. Maria DiGeronimo expressed her disagreement about the action saying that breastfeeding is illegal in public.

Aside from that, Maria and partner Carlos were also judged by the people when Carlo decided to make meals for his woman during her pregnancy so that Maria will still stay in shape.

Conclusion on Maria DiGeronimo

Maria DiGeronimo is a reality television star, social media influencer, and personal trainer. Maria DiGeronimo was born on March 3, 1986 in Adelaide, Australia and had a comfortable life.

DiGeronimo is engaged to Carlos Vannini and has a beautiful daughter named Valentina. Maria came from an affluent parents with a big business in South Australia and has a well-known mother.

Maria DiGeronimo net worth is an estimated $1.9million, mostly coming from the Australian reality television show Yummy Mummies and from social media platforms.

Quick Facts

Name: Maria DiGeronimo

Age: 34 years old

Net worth: $1.9 million of net worth

Nationality: Australian

Marital Status: Engaged

Child/Children: 1 daughter (Valentina)

Profession: Star, Businesswoman, Trainer, ventured in music together with her mother

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