Arna Kimiai Net Worth

Arna Kimiai is a social media celebrity known to have a net worth of approximately $200,000- $300,000. Read on below to find out more fascinating details about this social media influencer!

What does Arna Kimiai do for a living?

Arna kimiai is a famous social media influencer majorly active on Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube where she posts videos of her giving advice along with endorsing different products sometimes. She has been very successful and now lives a life full of luxury, owning expensive clothes, cars, and a lot more stuff which she at times brags about as well on her social media accounts. She has deactivated her Instagram account for now due to the criticism thrown at her for the scandals she’s been involved in.

The early and personal life of Arna Kimiai

Born in January 1997, this 24-year-old of Persian descent currently resides in San Francisco, California, and is the daughter of an incarcerated sexual predator, Farshad Kimiai, owner of the Arna enterprises. After attending High School, she went on to graduate from University as well however her rise to fame through social media made her completely turn her career into being an influencer on Instagram, Tik tok, etc. One of the main reasons which led to her becoming well-known is a video that went viral which got her to earn the title of being an “uber bully”.


On March 7th a video spread like wildfire on various social media applications which showed three women sitting including Arna Kimiai herself, in the backseat of an uber taking no safety precautions of wearing masks during the time of COVID. The 32-year-old Uber driver, Subhakar Khadka, kept asking all the women to comply with the rules and wear masks but in return was subjected to physical and verbal abuse including racial slurs. Arna Kimiai along with verbally abusing and threatening Khadka, tried to take his mask and phone away when he was recording her behavior which resulted in her getting arrested for violating laws, battery, and assault.

In court, she pleaded not guilty and placed the blame on the uber driver himself saying he tried to drop the girls in the middle of nowhere however the verdict was not in her favor. She was released on bail at a whopping price of $75,000 after which she posted on Instagram with a witty caption saying, “Who’s in jail right now?”

This was not the first time this popular social media got in trouble with the law, there had been previous similar incidents such as back in 2019 in Los Angeles, she faced a civil suit due to reckless driving by making a dangerous turn which resulted in her crashing into another car causing the woman driving to attain serious and deadly injuries.


  • Is Arna kimiais father really a sexual predator?

Yes, he was arrested in 2016.

  • Is Arna kimiais still in jail?

No, she was bailed out.

  • Is Arna kimiais mother present in her life?

There is little known regarding Arna kimiais mother’s involvement in her life.

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