Katie Noel Net Worth

Katie Noel is the upcoming music artist who’s renowned for her intense rapping skills. She rose to fame after she released her song “Diesel Gang” on YouTube. She’s made quite the name for herself in a short span of time and continues to grow.

Katie Noel Net Worth

Katie Noel’s net worth is easily between $1 million and $5 million. As her career continues to accelerate, she’s bound to see an increase in her net worth over some time.

How much does Katie Noel earn in a year?

Katie Noel earns more than $25,000 a month. The value has increased from the year 2019 as she was approximately earning $9000 by the end of 2019. She is consistently growing in her career, therefore is surely going to increase the amount she’s earning currently in the near future.

What does Katie Noel do for a living?

Katie Noel is essentially a music artist who started her profile through YouTube. She was essentially a country singer, but has shifted more towards country rap in her career.

Her success happened overnight after she uploaded her single on YouTube. Her video has over 10 million views, and it appreciated by everyone. She’s surely a dedicated individual who is focused on getting her country rap across to her audience.

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Her fame started in 2018, and now she’s got a large fan base that actively listens to her music and enjoys keeping up with her social media platforms.

The early and personal life of Katie Noel

Katie Noel was born on October 25th, 1999 in Asheville, North Carolina. While she rose to fame quite quickly after publishing her single, she is quite a reserved individual.

She’s the celebrity that likes to keep her personal life private and keep things to herself. All we really know is that she’s been singing since a very early age and enjoys showcasing her music to her following.

However, as a celebrity, now everything can be kept a secret. She’s currently engaged to a female music artist, Autumn Brooke. The two post pictures on social media together frequently.

Katie Noel Career

Initially, Katie started out with acoustic covers of popular rap songs. She posted these videos on her YouTube channel and it picked up momentum. Her views increased after she uploaded a cover of Rae Summond’s Black Beetles, “Girl Slays Black Beetles Cover”.

After she realized her increasing views, she prompted to making her own music video and song for the Diesel Gang. In 2019, she made her way to releasing an album that consisted of 11 songs. This was her first mix tape and it received more views than all her other songs and covers.

She continues to work on her music and has become a well-established member of the rapper club on the website FamousFaceWiki. Now, she’s happily engaged and writing more songs to release later.

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  • Is Katie Noel married?

No, she’s engaged to musician Autumn Brooke.

  • What is Diesel Gang about?

The song’s a remix of Gucci Gang by Lil Pee, talking about trucks.

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