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50 Cent’s Net Worth (Updated 2019)


Name:Curtis James Jackson III
Nickname:50 Cent, Ferrari F-50.
Birth Date:July 6, 1975 (age 44)
Occupation:Rapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Producer, Businessman, Actor.
Net-Worth:$30 million
Zodiac Sign:Cancer


He is probably one of the most famous rappers in history, selling over 30 million albums throughout his career and winning various music awards including a grammy. Coming from a low-income family he made it to success amassing a fortune of more than US$ 30 million passing through multiple failures, an almost deadly shooting he was involved in and. Today we talk about the man that is considered the baddest in hip hop history Curtis James Jackson III a.k.a. 50 Cents.

Early life

He was born in July 6, 1975 in Jamaica, Queens. His mother gave birth to him when she was only 15, while 50 cents never knew who his father was. The family struggled financially, and his mother needed to deal with drugs to provide support for 50 cents; she sold them in Southside Jamaica, a dangerous block of New York. 

One day she didn’t come back home as she was murdered inner apartment with a poisoned drink. This caused Curtis Jackson to react by getting himself involved as well in the drug dealing business under the name “Bubu” by selling crack that at the time was very popular. Life was hard in the neighborhood and in order to make it through the streets, Curtis subscribed to boxing and purchased a gun with which he could defend himself and get himself respected.

During his drug dealing time, he was arrested twice, once when he was 14 and another time when he was 17 but since he was too young to go to jail, the officers opted for his shock incarceration. Out of the boot camp that was similar to a military one, he went back to his city selling drugs again.


He knew he couldn’t have made it selling drugs only, that’s when he figured out the idea of getting into the rap world and write music for a living. One night Curtis went to a club and randomly met Jam Master Jay, a promise t figure in the rap world at the time. Curtis approached him with so much confidence, telling him that he was going to make it big that Jam Master Jay agreed to make him listen to his lyrics.

He wasn’t good at first, so he needed to take some classes on how to write music. Eventually, he started becoming good and got signed to Jam Master Jay’s record label, a fact that was about to change Curtis’ life forever. 

He later god a child, and this caused him to focus on his career as a musician. He still didn’t make it big, even after signing to Columbia Records and producing an entire album of his. So he wrote a single pointing out his frustration and anger concerning the rap industry, citing as well big names of it that later answered back to him in their songs; he was making a lot of enemies.

His beginning success was starting to bother someone, until, on May 24, 2000, Jackson was attacked by a gunman that shot him nine times; he still survived and went to a rehab period that would change him forever.

His Success

After the shooting he started releasing independent mixtapes after the shooting, being more confident and aggressive than ever speaking still with his bullet in his tongue. He formed a group g-unit with two of his friends with which they sold out many shows, making thousands of dollars in a short time; it was finally working. 

All the record labels started to call him to offer deals of the magnitude of million dollars. Eminem was one fo those interested in him, so he flew to LA to meet him and Dr.Dre and together they signed a US $1 million deal that eventually made him one of the hottest stars in hip hop. 

In January 2003, 50 cents released his single “In da Club” from his album “Get rich or die tryin'” that brought him to heights never seen before. Suddenly he made hundreds of thousands of dollars each week, and ladies and fans were all around him. 

In 2005 he released another of his album “the massacre,” selling 4 million copies like candies; also his enemies increased after this huge success. He started expanding his horizons, so he made deals with fashion labels and other businesses that made him earn more than US $100 million.

3 Lessons we can learn from his story

Lesson 1: Be Fearless and bigger than your problems

Fifty cents didn’t get scared after he was almost shot to death. Better saying that he was afraid at the beginning, but he knew that he couldn’t let his fear take over him. That’s when he decided to come back stronger than before and never to be fooled by his own fears anymore because if you have problems in life, the only way to overcome them is to become bigger than those problems.

Lesson 2: Learn from your mistakes

After being sent to the rehab program after his arrest, he learned that he couldn’t go back to the streets selling drugs as this wouldn’t’ have ensured him a bright future. That’s when he decided to pursue his career as a rapper, even though he could make much more money selling drug (at least at the beginning).

Lesson 3: Keep Pushing

Even though he wanted to win so bad as a rapper, he didn’t see the lights of success until years of struggle passed by. In his case, backing up has never been an option, but many people just surrender to circumstances even when things don’t go well. Whatever your situation keep pushing like 50 cents did and one day you’ll see the light shine upon your face.

5 Tips to Succeed

Tip #1: Understand Life

Sometimes things won’t work out for you the moment you feel ready for them; usually, things will just happen to you, and you’ll find yourself in a completely different energy setting than before. When things don’t work well for you, don’t worry, you’re just making your skin thicker so that you’ll be able to handle success once you achieve it. 

Tip #2: Give Back

Whether you already achieved success or you’re on your path to achieve it, give back to the people as we’re not alone in this world. This will help you develop not only a sense of confidence (you can give instead of only taking) but also will make you feel happy and grateful for contributing to the improvement of others lives.

Tip #3: Don’t chase Money

It won’t be the amount of money that you’ll make that will make you feel good about yourself. It will be the process it self of making them and the journey that will transform you as a man into a better version of yourself that you should be really looking for. In the end, money is just a number, but all the things you will experience through your path to success won’t be numbers but emotions that you’ll bring with you forever.

Tip #4: Be Yourself

It’s useless that you try to copy somebody and make it big like them. If you do that you’ll hardly become successful as you’ll just be a copy of something already existing. The best thing to do to raise your odds of success is to make things that are original and that nobody else has already done.

Tip #5: Be Confident

Believe in yourself enough so that other people will start believing in yourself too. There will be times when you won’t feel like being up to the challenges confronts yourself with but if you aren’t the first to believe in yourself, then who do you think is going to do? Fifty cents is a master when it comes in the power of self-belief and self-confidence, and we can see this from the benefits he got of believing in himself. 

Favorite Quotes

  • “Get rich or die tryin’.”
  • “I never allow my fear to limit me.”
  • “Everything happens when it’s supposed to happen.”
  • “Love your enemies and hate your friends. Your enemies remain the same; friends always change.”
  • “Your opinion of yourself becomes your reality.”
  • “Just be confident. I think confidence is the most attractive part of a person.”


  • He owns an $18 million mansion in Connecticut.
  • Snoop Dogg once stole his Lamborghini.
  • He made $100 million after the sale of Vitamin Water, of which he was a shareholder.
  • During his shooting, one of the bullets hit him in the face, throwing away one of his teeth and tearing his tongue.


Fifty Cents is not only one of the greatest rappers in history but also an incredible business savvy and investor. Thanks to his confidence, desire to win and unstoppable drive, he made it both through the rap and business ranks, accumulating a fortune of more than $30 million. His legacy will be remembered days after he’ll be gone.

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Lil Pump’s Net Worth


Name:Gazzy Garcia
Nickname:Lil Pump
Birth Date:August 17, 2000 (age 19)
Occupation:Rapper, songwriter
Net-Worth:$9 million
Zodiac Sign:Leo


He is a Colombian-American rapper and songwriter, rendered famous with his certified triple platinum single “Gucci Gang” that put him at third place in Billboard Hot 100 only at the age of 17. Nowadays, he counts more than 20 million followers on his social media accounts, fact that coupled with his musical success, made him accumulate a fortune of $9 million to date.

Early life

He was born in Miami, Florida even though his parents are from Colombia, but later divorced and Lil’s mother moved to Miami where he raised him. He had always been a hot-headed guy, selling drugs and getting kicked out of almost every school he attended. 


His rapper career was never a planned one for him. In fact, according to Pump, it just happened. This was also caused by the fact that he knew an older guy in the rapping scene that helped him get into this world. 

When he was 13, he got introduced to Smokepurpp with which he started collaborating. They put out some music out on SoundCloud not to seriously and without many expectations as the two weren’t professional musicians; in fact, Pump started to rhyme over the beats that Smokepurpp created.

When the tracks were put to SoundCloud, they started to receive some acclaim, until they became famous enough for Lil Pump to arrange his first gigs in South Florida. He began to get some recognition in the underground rap scene and, after publishing his music video “D Rose,” things started to take off as it hit over 140 million views in July 2018.

His Success

At 17 he signed his first record deal with Warner Bros Records that foresaw the release of his album in August 2017. He didn’t release his album, but his real success came with his single “Gucci Gang” that topped billboard charts in the US and Europe apart from being certified platinum on January 2018.

His deal with Warner Bros records had to fall apart because he was a minor at its time, eventually anyway he signed back with Warner Bros for $8 Million on March 2018. To date he is still enjoying the fruits of his success collaborating with great artists like Kanye West, Skrillex, Maluma, Lil Wayne, Offset and many more.

3 Lessons we can learn from his story

Lesson 1: Be Provocative

One of the ways artists make themselves bigger on screen is by writing songs that appeal to the emotions of the public, provoking them and causing a reaction (good or bad). Lil Pump does that well, and I believe that he’s aware of what he’s doing when he hits certain topics or throws specific lines to which people react.

Lesson 2: Do Something

When you don’t know what to do with your life, do something. Opportunities will knock on your door out of nowhere if you put yourself out there and make new experiences. Lil Pump didn’t plan a career into rap, but he just started rapping, and from there, things started to take off in unexpected ways both for him and others.

Lesson 3: Be Original

Lil Pump developed his own original style both in terms of music and personal brand. With all the competition that’s out there in the rap and hip hop world, he wouldn’t have made it that far if all he did was just trying to emulate or to look like somebody else.

5 Tips to Succeed

Tip #1: Make Connections & Have a Team

Having many connections always comes handy in life, especially if you want to get involved in businesses where people might help you along your journey. The fact that Lil Pump knew many people in the underground ambiance of Southern Miami, helped him create a team of supporters that eventually contributed to his success.

Tip #2: Exploit Timing

No business idea will ever work if the time for that business to happen is wrong. Before jumping onto something with a product in mind, look around you and see if the time for that product is the right one. Talk to people and understand what their need is in that specific moment, and you’ll significantly maximize your chances of success.

Tip #3: Be the hero of your Kingdom

Lil Pump writes his style of music and his personality has a lot to do with it as well. We can see from his social media account that how he is he appears and creates, thus being the king on his own world. When you can put yourself out there as authentic as you can be, then you’ll be the hero of your Kingdom, and nobody will be able to take your own essence away from you.

Tip #4: Stick into peoples’ head

Lil Pump well knows how powerful the concept of repetition is. He applied this in his song “Gucci Gang” for example whereby repeating “Gucci Gang” many times and by only saying simple words that almost everybody knows, then a ringtone that’s always on people’s head is not so difficult to produce.

Tip #5: Get people’s attention

Unless you become good at grabbing people’s attention, nobody will ever listen to you. That’s one of the basic principles of marketing & sales as everything starts from making people’s only care about your product for enough seconds to make them interested in it. Lil Pump does this by creating short songs that do not bore people to the bone, apart from transposing the same tactic in his social media posts.

Favorite Quotes

  • “I’m the best SoundCloud rapper.”
  • “I want to be the biggest thing that’s out because I’m different from everybody. I don’t sound like nobody.”
  • “I just do what I do.”
  • “If you clean a vacuum cleaner, are you a vacuum cleaner?”


  • When he was in high school, he once started such a massive riot that police helicopters had to come over.
  • After getting kicked out of many high schools, he got into an opportunity school but got kicked out also from there.
  • He got his backpack robbed once out of which some guys found his passport and discovered his real name.
  • He got his twitter account suspended twice because of his outlandish content.
  • His most popular music video “Gucci Gang” has over 1 billion views on Youtube and to date is certified four times platinum in the US.
  • He has dyslexia and has trouble reading according to a post written by him on social media.
  • He has an expensive car collection including a Porsche and a Lamborghini.


Lil Pump is one of the youngest rappers of America that made it big in such a short amount of time. Thanks to his simple music, originality, and polarizing personality, he managed to accumulate a fortune of $9 million.


Carlos Slim’s Net Worth (Updated 2019)


Net Worth:$63.1 billion
Name:Carlos Slim Helú
Nickname None
Occupation: Businessman, Investor, Philanthropist
Born:28 January 1940
Spouse:Soumaya Domit (1967 – 1999)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Last Updated:2019

Interesting Inception 

It’s time to talk about one in the top 5 richest men in the world. The man that always knew that wanted to be an entrepreneur and that only aged 11 invested in government bonds. Carlos Slim is a Mexican business magnate, engineer, inventor and philanthropist best known for being the CEO of Telmex, América Mòvil and Grupo Carso. He has an estimated net worth of $63.1 billion, and from 2010 to 2013 he was ranked as the wealthiest person in the world by Forbes. 

Early life

Carlos Slim Helù was born in Mexico City on 28 January 1940. He first learned about business from his father Juliàn (of Lebanese descent) that taught him management, finance and how to read financial statements.

At 11 he was already investing in government savings bonds, at 12 he made his first stock purchase in the Mexican back, and at 15 he became a shareholder of the largest Mexican Bank.

He majored in civil engineering in 1961 at the National Autonomous University of Mexico even though his passion was economics. Nonetheless, his mathematics studies made during college helped him become a better reader of profitable investments.

Career and Struggle

After college, he started his career as a stock trader in Mexico, working several hours per day. While working, he learned a lot about investment strategies and business, so much that he started investing his private funds that in just 4 years rendered him $400,000. With this capital, he had enough economic strength to start Inversora Bursátil. 

His Success

Five years after founding Inversora Bursátil Carlos accumulated a Net-Worth of $40 million, with which he founded Inmobiliaria Carso. The following years he mainly focussed on his investments in various industries like the soft drink, construction mining, real estate. During the rest of the 70’s he expanded into the hotels, manufacturing of cables and wires, airlines, telecommunications and mineral industries.

  • During the 80′ the Mexican economy contracted rapidly bought many Mexican companies at depressed valuations and resold them at a higher value. With this strategy, he has been able to accumulate a significant part of his fortune. He adopted this strategy in many different industries, making him almost invulnerable to recession because if one market went down, he always had another one to capitalize on.
  • His large fortune accumulation though occurred during the nineties, when His business Grupo Carso acquired Telmex from the Mexican government. It was a time when the government was starting to privatize much public business. Carlos Slim, being one of the initial investors, managed to leverage on that, making him huge profits out of it.
  • He continues with his investments in various business until our days, expanding his hand in other markets like the US and Europe.

5 Tips to Succeed

Tip #1: Learn from other’s mistakes

Everybody says that you should learn from your mistakes. Carlos brings this concept to the next level, saying that you should also learn from other’s mistakes to maximize your success.

Tip #2: Success is Internal, not External

Carlos says that success is not an external opinion, but it is an internal state of being. He puts much importance on honesty and authenticity that he considers being human values superior to any professional, social, or political success. This means that you shouldn’t worry about what others think of you. You might have the best solutions to your problems, but if you don’t act on them because of fear, you’ll never know your outcome.

Tip #3: Be Eclectic

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur is essential for you to know as many things as possible. Not only about life but also about your environment as your brain will be able to create much more associations between ideas and find solutions that, with a narrower view, would be hard to see. 

Tip #4: Personal Life & Professional Life go Together

If you carry out a successful personal life, then it will all reflect in your professional life as well since everything is linked. He says that a good personal life makes you stronger for the challenges that your professional life will give you. 

Tip #5: Find your gift

Everybody is born with some inborn talents, but success is a combination of the talents you have and of the education/training you put yourself into. If you can tap into your own talents and work hard to make yourself a cutting-edge individual in the world, then you’ll be successful. 

Favorite Quotes

  • “Wealth is like a fruit tree. The product of the tree are the fruits that you should give away to grow more trees.”
  • “Success is the harmony between our soul and our emotions.”
  • “A businessman cannot be only business. You have to have more interests. Life offers a lot of interests, to feel, to learn, to live.”
  • “When you live for others’ opinions, you are dead. I don’t want to live thinking about how I’ll be remembered.”

3 Lessons we can learn from his story

Lesson 1: Live happily and without fear

You can’t let fear control you because it will make you lose in life in its many aspects. If you can live without fear or have the courage to smash your fears, then the rewards will be huge in any area of your life.

Lesson 2: Enjoy competing

Have you ever notices that when you don’t have competitors, you usually underperform? This happens because as humans we like to surpass our limits by nature and when we see that somebody else’s doing something that we believed impossible, there are internal resources start to activate and we get to new heights and personal records.

Lesson 3: Be humble

Carlos has achieved huge success over its lifetime, and despite being one of the richest men in the world, he always kept himself humble and lived an authentic life based on what he really desired more than impressing other people.


  • He prefers to keep all his financial data in hand-written notebooks.
  • Slim’s wealth is the equivalent of roughly 5% of Mexico’s annual economic output.
  • He has no interest in becoming the world’s richest person.
  • He met his wife when he was 24, and she was 16.
  • He donated at least $4 Billion into the Carlos Slim Foundation since 2006.
  • His influence in Mexico is so high that many Mexicans said they live in “Slimlandia.”
  • The companies he owns account for 40% of Mexico’s stock market.
  • He loaned $250 million to the New York Times.


Carlos Slim is and has been one of the wealthiest men in history and influencers of markets. His most famous strategy to become that wealthy has been to acquire assets at a low price to resell them at high prices thanks to his massive financial strength. If there’s a man from which you can learn successful business investing, this is one of them.

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Daymond John’s Net Worth (Updated 2019)


Net Worth:$300+ million
Name: Daymond Garfield John
Nickname None
Occupation: Businessman, Investor, TV Personality, Author, Motivational Speaker.
Born:February 23, 1969
Spouse:Heather Teroz
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Last Updated:2019

Interesting Inception 

You probably know Daymond John from being the CEO of the famous clothing brand “Fubu” that he founded or as the investor in the popular TV Series “Shark Tank.” This great businessman, investor, and author managed to accumulate, as of 2019, a net worth of more than $300 million by doing what he loved.

To discover more on him and how he did it keep reading. 

Early life

He was born in Brooklyn, NY, on February 23, 1969, growing up in the neighborhood of Hollis with his mother and grandmother as his father died when he was only 10. During his childhood, he worked as a flier deliverer, but his entrepreneurial spirit soon started to manifest after high school, where he began his commuter van service. 

Career and Struggle

His idea to start with a clothing business came out when he saw that wolf hats were sold for $20 each. He thought those hats to be overpriced and so, together with a friend of him, he started FUBU. H only had $40 in Hollis, Queens where she taught him how to sew the hats. 

They started selling their hats for $10 each, making $800 in one single day. His business seems like it had a future, but Daymond still couldn’t fully support himself by selling hats only. That’s why he accepted a job at Red Lobster while working at FUBU when he had the time. 

Apart from hats, they started selling printed screen t-shirt. Feeling like the business could become successful, Daymond and his mother mortgaged their house for $100.000 to get enough startup capital. Later he hired his friends Jay Alexander Martin and Key Parent into the business.

They started sewing sweaters, hockey jersey and other clothing items with the logo FUBU. How did FUBU become famous then? Their marketing plan was one of the significant factors that helped them succeed as they started loaning around 10 of the hockey jerseys out to rappers for their music videos for 2 years. 

Thanks to their positioning, they started to be perceived as a big company.

The big turning point occurred when he convinced LL Cool J to wear his FUBU T-shirt in a GAP promo campaign. GAP later found out that he was promoting the brand FUBU and fired the executives responsible for the ad. This was an excellent move from Daymond’s side; in fact, it gave him enough visibility to make the brand even more famous so that he got 300.000 in orders in 1994. 

Now FUBU earns more than $6 Billion.

His Success

Things weren’t easy; they needed to take another mortgage on their house as the orders were very high. They were also turned down from 27 banks being almost broke. In the end, his mother decided to use the money for another promotional campaign that turned out to be very successful that ended up in a deal between FUBU and Samsung textiles. 

In 2009 he was proposed to become part of Shank Tank’s cast that he accepted. To date, he invested more than $8 Million of his capital. His favorite investment is reportedly the once on Bubba’ s-Q Boneless Ribs where he helped grow the company from $154,000 in sales to $16 million in just 3 years.

Apart from his exceptional skills as an entrepreneur, Daymond also works as a motivational speaker, giving speeches at AT&T history makers tour and Babson College School of Entrepreneurship. In 2015, John co-founded a program designed to teach business owners and entrepreneurs business skills and how to bring up their companies.

5 Tips to Succeed

Tip #1: Understand your Why

What you have to ask yourself is why you’re doing what you’re doing. Especially if you want to become more aware of who you are and get a boost on motivation. Understanding your why is what comes before the reach of every goal because they should be a consequence of your why’s. 

Tip #2: Adapt your Mind to Circumstances

The world is in constant change, and if you keep thinking (and thus acting) in the same way forever, then your results will probably be unsatisfying. That’s especially true in our fast-changing world where there’s innovation everywhere and new demands from people. Reprogram your thinking so that you start accepting new ideas and new ways of doing things and you’ll have many more chances to succeed by thinking differently. 

Tip #3: Apply the 80/20 rule

Understand that 80% of your results in life are only dictated by those 20% activities related to those results. He stresses a lot the importance of applying this rule to his business activities as that’s the best way to get the maximum returns with the least possible focussed effort. He doesn’t apply this rule only on business anyway as he says that you gotta find what those 20% things that give you also joy, time, etc. are. 

Tip #4: Don’t chase money

“A lot of people out there chasing their dream but their dream is just to be rich, that’s not a dream” He says that if your only purpose is to be rich and you only go after money, you might end up in the wrong place and you’ll also probably feel unfulfilled even if you’ll get rich one day.

Tip #5: Create a Great Team

Daymond John claimed to have excellent team-building skills, and that’s undoubtedly obvious; otherwise, he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is. He claims that it’s essential to pick the right people and choose the ones that have a vision and a clear direction to take in life. His advice on building your team is looking for people that think outside the box, are driven and can communicate with the rest of the team. 

Favorite Quotes

  • “Everybody in the world has to reprogram the way they think.”
  • “Don’t focus on you; focus on what you can give others.”
  • “If you want something, stop chasing it.”
  • “The only difference between you and me is that I have a camera on me.”

3 Lessons we can learn from his story

Lesson 1: Take calculated risks

When FUBU had some potential, he decided along with his mother to mortgage his house. This anyway wasn’t a move that was done just for the sake of taking a risk. He knew that FUBU had a lot of potentials, and even though he risked a lot with this action, the results eventually paid off. Life is always a risk, what’s important is which risks we decide to get ourself into and usually the craziest, but calculated ones are the best.

Lesson 2: Be endorsed by influencers

Daymond understood the power of influencers back then, even when Facebook and Instagram didn’t exist. At their place were the TV channels only that were the most platforms with the highest influencing capabilities, just like many marketing experts understood. He leveraged the power of personal brands to make his FUBU brand even more impactful as, after all, people don’t buy products per se but the perceptions that they have of the products along with the perceived benefits they’ll give them. 

Lesson 3: Help others succeed

If you do it just for yourself then it you’ll hardly feel fulfilled in your life


  • He is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal, best-selling author
  • His favorite books are “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and “Think and Grow Rich.”
  • He wrote 3 books even if he has dyslexia. 
  • In 2015, he was appointed as an ambassador from President Obama to promote underserved entrepreneurs.
  • He first lost $750k on the first season of short tank


Daymond John is undoubtedly a great entrepreneur but what he exudes the most out of himself is the drive and passion for helping others in their life. He understands that everybody has untapped potential within himself with which great goals can be achieved. 

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Joe Rogan’s Net Worth (Updated 2019)

Net Worth:$25 Million
Born:August 11, 1967
Spouse:Jessica Ditzel
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Last Updated:2019

Joseph James Rogan born August 11, 1967) is an American stand-up comedian, mixed martial arts (MMA) color commentator, podcast host, businessman and former television host and actor. You might know him from being one of the most famous UFC commentators or maybe from his youtube podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” where he hosts influent speakers from all over the world in the realm of personal growth and human potential development.

Early life

Born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey. He is 1/4 Irish and 3/4 of Italian descent. He developed the interest for martial arts in his early teens in fact, as he said: “It was really the first thing that ever gave me hope that I wasn’t going to be a loser. So I really, really gravitated toward it”. 

He started with karate and then moved onto tae-kwon-do. At nineteen, he won a lightweight US Open Championship tournament, giving him hopes to pursue such a career but he later retired from fighting competition at 21 due to frequent headaches and fear to suffer injuries. After that, he decided to pursue a university career, and he enrolled in the University of Massachusetts Boston from which he dropped out as he found it useless. 

Joe Rogan’s Career and Struggle

He started with his career in kickboxing as this was his first intention, but he later started working as a stand-up comedian, under the suggestion of his tae kwon do friends that thought him to be very funny.

At 21 he performed his first comedy routine while he was teaching martial arts at the same time. Later he moved to New York, working at bachelor parties and strip clubs but it’s wasn’t a comfortable life for him as he struggled a lot financially.

After that he had various jobs, for example, he landed a television spot on the MTV comedy show “Half-Hour Comedy Hour. Then he worked with Disney and as a backstage & post-fight interviewer.

His Success

His success arrived when he met UFC president Dana White, that offered him the color commentator job. At first, Joe had refused it as he wanted to go to the fights, drink, and have fun. Then he started working for free in exchange for prime events tickets. Eventually, after 15 gigs, he started doing it getting paid. The rest is just history as thanks to his excellent TV presence and personality, he managed to achieve the success that he deserved.

Later in 2001, he was offered to host the American edition of Fear Factor that subsequently accepted to obtain observations and anecdotes for his stand-up comedy, in fact, he managed to get a lot of visibility in the whole nation.

After Fear Factor, Rogan focused his career on his stand-up comedy, so he hired people to film him around while he was doing his sketches on tour with which he managed to sign various deals.

Another great success of Rogan is the famous “Joe Rogan Experience” that he launched in 2009 as a free podcast with Brian Redban. In his podcast, he hosts influent speakers from all over the world where they talk about topics like politics, philosophy, and personal growth.

5 Tips to Succeed from Joe Rogan

Tip #1: Don’t Settle

Life is not supposed to be a path where you get to a specific goal after which you stop improving yourself. Life is always supposed to be lived at the end of your comfort zone so that you still have that feeling of expansion and growth that makes you feel triggered and motivated to go forward. If you understand this and take life as a never-ending journey of self-discovery and development, then you will always be on the right track as the goal is not right there in the future, but it’s in the process of getting there.

Sometimes you have to push forward in life even if all you want to do is stay comfortable in bed. Those are the times where things will start to change, and you will begin to not only to improve yourself as a man but also to feel better. 

Tip #2: Do Stuff and have a Purpose

We are not designed to live the lives we’re living today like staying sit all day. He says that even if you have everything from life, you still need to fight for something, to have a goal and a reason to wake up in the morning. It’s not only about having fun and eating and doing nothing else but to have a different reason to live that makes you feel better.

It could be writing a book, a song, starting a business, helping people, or experiencing something meaningful. All of this is much more fulfilling than just getting by and living without a purpose by doing nothing. You will never enjoy relaxing unless you knew what hard work means, that’s why you need to have something to fight for instead of just living an “easy” life.

Tip #3: Help other people

True happiness only comes when you can help other people get out of their problems. When you have a purpose that is also linked to making other people’s lives better, then you will know what true happiness means, and because of that, you’ll enjoy life much more. Do not make your life about collecting mundane things, because as humans we’re not hardwired to find happiness in the satisfaction of our own needs only.

Tip #4: Expand your self-image

“My whole life as a young man, I was convinced I was a loser until I started getting good at martial arts I had never thought I was good at anything.” He said that he struggled with low self-esteem his entire life and that he was getting defined by what other people thought of him. This prevented him from truly expressing his fullest potential as a man and becoming a fulfilled individual. He says that you can be limited by your perceptions of someone’s definition of you, but you can break through that with discipline, focus, and concentration.

Tip #5: Be the hero in your own movie

What you should do as a man is to do things for yourself and your personal growth. Don’t do things so that others will respect you, do them so that you will respect you. If you were your hero in your movie, what would you do? If your life was a movie, what would you do? Then little by little, you will build momentum and grow. If you do things just to be liked, you will get into a trap where you do something only for other’s benefit and happiness rather than your own.

Best Quotes from Joe Rogan

  • “One of the worst decisions a man can make is to be comfortable. What you should do is try to earn comfort.”
  • “Sometimes, in life, you have to get up and get s**t done.”
  • “We can alleviate a lot of how we deal with this life if we treated people the way we would treat them as if they were ourselves living another life.”
  • “What would the hero of your life’s movie do now? Do that.”
  • “Unless you’re kind and friendly and loving, you’re not going to enjoy this life. You’re just not.”
  • “Everyone encounters difficulties. There is no easy road. It does not exist”

3 Lessons we can learn from his story

Lesson 1: Exploit Your Talent

Joe never considered the idea of becoming a stand-up comedian until his friends advised him on trying this path as his goal was to become a professional fighter. Nonetheless, he was blessed with the talent of entertaining people both with his presence and fun personality. If he hadn’t had enough self-awareness, courage, and dedication to exploiting this talent of his to create a career out of it, he probably wouldn’t have gotten to where he is now as fast as he did.

Lesson 2: Be Flexible

Joe wanted to become a professional fighter, but when things got complicated, and he faced various injuries that prevented him from keeping up with this path, all he could do was to be flexible enough to consider other directions in life rather than the one he wanted to take at first. Many people are stubborn and keep fighting for a path of their life that really wouldn’t bear any fruit. His flexibility and alignment with his real purpose made him a successful man both inside and outside.

Lesson 3: Be Honest

He was always clear about his intentions even when this meant being completely honest on “Working as a commentator only to get free tickets and get drunk” or refusing gigs he didn’t want to do. If you’re not honest with the people around you, they will have a biased perception of who you are and, sound than later, they will be disappointed when your true self and intentions will shine through. 


  • Worked as a construction worker, limousine operator, private investigator helper
  • He won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award for Best Television Announcer twice. 
  • He was named MMA Personality of the Year four times by the World MMA Awards.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience is in the list of the Top 100 podcasts on iTunes.”
  • His wife, Jessica Ditzel, is a former cocktail waitress.
  • He owns a $5 million home in California.
  • He has vitiligo on his hands and feet.


Joe Rogan with his net worth of $25 million is one of the most acclaimed web personalities, thanks to both to his previous visibility given him by UFC and to his Joe Rogan Experience show that reaches a high enough critical mass of people to be called an influencer. 

Entrepreneurs Net Worth

Kevin O’Leary’s Net Worth (Updated 2020)

Net Worth:$400+ Million
Born:9 July 1954
Spouse:Dee Devlin (2 children)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Last Updated:2019

Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian Businessman, Author, and TV personality best known for being an investor at the “Shark Tank.” He rose from a modest background until he got to become a multi-millionaire and magnate thanks to his many business ventures.

Early Life

He was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is half of Lebanese Descent and half Irish Descent. He started his first business with the 10k dollars that his mother lent him when he was young that he used to create an educational software called SoftKey. His mother was a skilled investor; she invested one-third of her capital in various funds that returned a high yield to Kevin after her death.

Kevin wanted to study photography at first, but his stepfather advised him to pursue a business career instead. This fact brought him to graduate in Environmental Studies and psychology in 1997 and later in 1980 an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

Career and Struggle

After a short internship in marketing between the two degrees, Kevin worked as a television producer after which, together with two former MBA friends of him, cofounded Special Event Television (SET), an independent television production company. He later sold his share in the company for $25.000 that reinvested into his next business venture SoftKey in 1986. It was a company that published and distributed CD-ROM based personal computer software for Windows and Macintosh.

His Success

SoftKey grew more and more during the next years until in 1995 it acquired “The Learning Company” for $606 million. Eventually, The Learning Company was acquired by Mattel in 1999 for US $4.2 billion that was one of the worst business acquisitions ever made.

He later participated in many business ventures and projects. For example, he became an investor in StorageNow Holdings, a Canadian developer of climate-controlled storage facilities in 2003. In January 2007 Kevin went for the race of conservative leadership he eventually dropped out of the race in April 2007. Instead in 2008 cofounded O’Leary Funds Inc., a mutual fund company focused on global yield investing. 

In 2009 he started participating in the TV show “Shark Tank” where he got his nickname of “Mr. Wonderful.” His business preference as an investor is notably to take a percentage of the future revenues of the business funded, rather than taking a share in the company.

O’Leary has been a successful man also as an author, in fact in 2011 he released his book Cold Hard Truth: On Business, Money & Life, where he shows his view on entrepreneurship, money, and life. To date, he is interested in politics and trade amongst countries, promoting his ideas and opinions on how things should be managed. 

5 Tips to Succeed from Kevin O’Leary

Tip #1: Don’t do everything by yourself

Learn to delegate your tasks to other people that can do them better than you. As an entrepreneur, it’s impossible that you can do everything by yourself. If you think about it, every organization, by its definition is something that has an organization. Don’t use your time for the things other people can do as that’s what you hired them for.

Tip #2: Always be at your best

“Whatever you do somebody can do it better, you gotta bring your A-game every single day.” He says that every individual is unique only concerning their passion and their ability to execute and meet targets. Whenever you lose that ability, you’re out of the game (in the realm of capitalism he says). Executional skills are what matter to succeed much more than a vision and an idea.

Tip #3: Enjoy the Process 

Being an entrepreneur is a daunting task itself already; that’s why you might get caught up into a spiral of performance only instead of enjoyment. Remember to have fun along the way and enjoy the process itself that will bring you towards your goal; otherwise, it’s very likely to suffer from psychological burnout apart from highly lowering the chances of success.

Tip #4: Work for Yourself

If you want control over your destiny, you have to work for yourself, he says. That’s the truth as in life you either work for somebody or you work for yourself. “There’s nothing better to wake up in the morning and do whatever you like. It’s about Freedom.” Nothing against being an employee but being an entrepreneur is much better than being an employee, according to Kevin O’Leary. Don’t do it for the money, do it for the Freedom that becoming successful will give you.

Tip #5: Focus on what matters

With the enormous distractions of social media, people are wasting their time into things that do not bring money to them since, after all, that’s what you have to fight for on this planet to support both you and your family. If what matters is not given the importance that deserves, then failure is almost inevitable because of the law of cause-effect.

Kevin O’Leary’s Best Quotes

  • I’m not trying to make friends; I’m trying to make money.
  • Money tears families apart for lack of, and for too much. It’s a very powerful force, and you have to understand it and respect it.
  • “If You Want to Control Your Own Destiny, Work For Yourself!”
  • “I actually argue that what matters the most is execution skills.”
  • “Vision is easy; Execution is hard.”

3 Lessons from Kevin O’Leary we can learn from his story

Lesson 1: Do It for the Freedom

You have to be driven to reach your goals by something beyond money. In his case, Kevin did it for the Freedom that would come out after the tremendous initial efforts of building the business.

Lesson 2: Be rational in business but follow your gut

When you create a business, your focus should be in your business first, and you can’t let your emotions get in the way between you and business success. You have to serve your customers (or shareholders) first as they are what will bring their business on. Nepotism is what kills business more than ever as; usually, the best employee is not often your best friend or relative. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to your gut anyway, as successful entrepreneurs have high self-awareness. You have

Lesson 3: Diversify your Businesses

As we can see from how he acted during his business years, he first became successful in one business (SoftKey) but then expanded into other areas once he had enough resources and success gotten with his previous ones.


  • He refuses to spend his money on Starbucks coffee, and he would fire any of his interns drinking it he would fire them. 
  • He closes every big deal at the same table with the same pen
  • He has one of the most valuable wine collections in the world and has his own wine line.
  • He claims to have been to every beach on the planet
  • He is a guitar player and photographer
  • He doesn’t intend to give his children any of his money
  • Many of the investment lessons he got came from his mother, including the practice to save 1/3 of his money. 


He is one of the most fierce entrepreneurs out there, a real shark we could say that has really had a business mindset. He might seem ruthless and very cynical in his behavior, but as an entrepreneur and investor, you can’t get caught up too much in emotions. 

Athletes Net Worth

Conor McGregor Net Worth

Net Worth:$170 Million
Born:July 14, 1988
Spouse:Dee Devlin (2 children)
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Last Updated:2019

1: Short Description & Profile (Wikipedia,, IMBD,

Conor Mc Gregor. One name, one legend. The Irish man who proved them all wrong and that redefined the rules of the fight game. You might know him for his crazy fights or from his funny and outlandish interviews. No matter what, this man has something to teach to all of us, especially to the ones that want to win because from the tough neighborhoods of Ireland he made his way up to become one of the biggest influencers in the fight industry. 

2: Early life

Conor Mc Gregor was born in Crumlin, Dublin on 14 July 1988, raised by his two-parent belonging to the working class of the city. 

He has always been passionate about sports, but his passion for the fighting game started when he was 12 when he started boxing in a local boxing club.

With his family, he moved to Lucan, Dublin where he started a plumbing apprenticeship. There he also met the UFC fighter Tom Egan with which he started training.

3: Career and Struggle

On 17 February 2007, aged 18, he made his first mixed martial arts amateur debut that won by (TKO) in the first round after which was signed by the Irish Cage of Truth promotion. His professional MMA fighter career started then in 2008 at the Straight Blast Gym in Dublin. Always in 2008 on the 9th of March, he made his professional MMA debut at Cage of Truth 2, defeating Gary Morris by second-round TKO.

His longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin supported him during his early years even though he was still struggling financially. In 2008 he continued fighting professionally and, even though he enjoyed more triumphs than losses, he considered changing career path. After that, his mother contacted John Kavanagh, his coach, and he persuaded Conor to keep fighting.

The waters of success were about to move, in fact, Dana White, the current UFC president, made a trip to Dublin in February 2013 where he was requested to sign McGregor to the UFC. Days later, he was offered a contract; the second one offered to an Irish fighter, that was the real turning point of Conor’s life.

4: His Success

His first UFC debut was a success as Conor managed to defeat Marcus Brimage through a series of uppercuts that eventually brought him to the ground only after 1:07 minutes. 

Later he fought against Max Holloway winning the fight by the unanimous decision even though it was later discovered that he had torn the anterior cruciate ligament that kept him away from fights for ten months. He later enjoyed many successes during 2014 that brought him to set huge goals like fighting Jose Aldo eventually. 

Here we come to the year 2015 where Conor was supposed to face Jose Aldo, an event that didn’t occur later as Jose reported a rib fracture. For that reason Conor went on to fight with Chad Mendes, another great fighter of the UFC, making the bout very appealing with a gate record of $7,200,000.

Eventually, McGregor won the fight via TKO, winning the UFC Interim Featherweight Championship. The story doesn’t end here anyway as the fight between Conor and Aldo actually took place.

If the previous fight produced a gate record, this other one surpassed the previous with a gate of $10,100,000. As you probably know, the fight ended in just 13 seconds, the fastest finish in any UFC title bout, with McGregor triumphing as the winner with his left-hand shot that brought Aldo to the ground. 

He later challenged Nate Diaz to obtain the lightweight belt, but he lost his match with Diaz. Later he had a rematch with Diaz that won and Confirmed McGregor as a champion of the two divisions.

He later took some time off the fights, only to come back to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov to which he lost in the fourth round in Las Vegas.

At to date, he is retired but is this really true, or we’ll see him back to the stage soon?

5: 5 Tips from Connor (Evan Carmichael, quotes)

Tip #1: Have the courage to speak your vision

He says that “If you can see it here (pointing to his mind) and you have enough courage to speak it, then it will happen.” He does a lot of visualization but what he stresses is that you should also speak what you see in your mind without being afraid.

Tip #2: Be grateful for the small things

Like many spiritual teachers, Conor recognizes the importance of gratitude in everyday lives. He says that being grateful, even for the smallest things is essential to living a fulfilling life and to attract more of what we already have.

Tip #3: Love what you do

Be curious about what you do and love it as much as you can. As he says fighting is all he thinks about and he can’t think about anything else. “I love what I do; that’s why I’m doing what I love.” 

Tip #4: Inspire others

Connor is always inspired to inspire others because he knows how it feels like to be small yet have huge dreams. In many of his interviews, he explains how he likes to show off his accomplishments, not for ego but to push others into their rise. Some will rise and some won’t, that’s just how things are, but if you believe and put in the hard work, you will make it.

Tip #5: Think outside the box

Conor McGregor had many coaches throughout his life, and they were all pretty standardized. They were all like that until he met one that encouraged him to try out different moves in different ways that eventually contributed to the development of his style.

6: Best Quotes

  • “Life is about growing and improving and getting better.”
  • “Doubt is only removed by action. If you’re not working, then that’s where doubt comes in.”
  • When I say something is going to happen, it’s going to happen.”
  • “All that matters is how you see yourself. If you see yourself as the king, with all the belts and everything, and no matter what no one else says, as long as you see that, and really believe in it, then that’s what’s going to happen.”
  • “I stay ready, so I don’t have to get ready.”

7: 3 Things we can learn from his story

1: Believe in yourself

I believe that this is one of the greatest takeaways we can get out of Connor’s life. He was the only one to believe in his ambitions to become the UFC champion, even though nobody in Ireland made it until this point. If he didn’t have the belief at first, all that he has accomplished would have never happened.

2: Persist until you win

Having the belief to win is not enough of course as life can put resistance between us and the goals we wanna reach. For that reason, persistence has been another key element in Conor’s life that helped him achieve success.

3: Learn how to sell yourself

ConorMc Gregor is not only a great fighter but also an astute businessman. We can see this from how he sells himself during press conferences and on what business moves he has made to secure himself an abundant financial life. Selling is everything in this world, and if you don’t learn to sell yourself, then you’ll have many difficulties in coming out as a winner.


  • Conor McGregor bought a yacht he named “188,” after the quantity of Euros he used to receive for his weekly welfare checks.
  • Conor fought 25 matches, out of which 21 were wins (18 by knockout), and 4 were losses.
  • In September 2018, McGregor launched Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey in Ireland and the United States. 


Conor Mc Gregor is an Irish fighter and businessman that is considered one of the greatest influencers ever in the fighting industry. He started from the bottom and thanks to his passion, hard work, and dedication; he made it to the top where he’s having the time of his life.