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In the mid-’90s, Britpop, industrial rock, grunge, and various alternative rock music dominated the decade. However, in that time, a star made way to the people’s heart by his one-of-a-kind music. He is no other than Daryle Singletary.

Daryle Singletary is one of the singers that made famous contemporary music in the mid-’90s. Daryle showcased his humble, authentic songcraft and unique vocals that added a lot to Daryle Singletary net worth.

In this article, we will know more about Daryle Singletary net worth, biography, wife, cause of death, and his albums.

Daryle Singletary Net Worth

Daryle Singletary net worth is estimated of $1.2 million. Most of Daryles’ net worth came from his music career and his children’s retail store “Tater Bugs”. His net worth wasn’t this a lot before, but he earned it because of his diligence.

Daryle Singletary Biography and Early Life

Daryle Bruce Singletary, or just the name Daryle Singletary, was born on March 10, 1971, in Cairo, Georgia, United States of America. He came from a humble home in Georgia. His father, Roger Singletary, was a postal worker while his mother, Anita Singletary, was a hair dresser.

Ever since Daryle Singletary was a kid, he took great interest in music. He frequently sang gospel music together with his cousins and brother. When Singletary was in high school, he began taking vocal classes.

When he graduated, he found work on a tractor dealership and stayed there for quite a while, but in 1990, things started to turn around.

Daryle Singletary decided to pursue his passion, and that is music. In the year 1990, he moved to Nashville and told his father that he envisioned himself to make his living, singing total country music for the people who also like country music but little did his father know what Daryle achieved is more than that, aside from having a lot in Daryle Singletary net worth!

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Personal Life (Wife, Kids, and Family)

Daryle Singletary was married to singer Kerry Harvick in 1995, but they got divorced in 2002. They do not have children.

Kerry Harvick is also an American country music singer. She was featured in the Oxygen Network show called “The Bad Girls Club” in the first season.

Daryle Singletary once again finds true love with Holly Mercer. They tied the knot on August 16, 2003. Holly admitted that she was not into Daryle at first because of his quiet demeanor, but later on, she discovered that Daryle was just intimidated because he really liked her a lot.

After that they had a happy family and much fun, the two decided to open a children’s retail store located in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. They named it “Tater Bugs” that became a success and added to their net worth.

Daryle and Holly were blessed by four children. In 2010, Holly gave birth to twins named Jonah Michale and Mercer Ellis. After two years, she gave birth again and named it Nora Carolina.

In 2014, the two had another daughter, and they named it Charlotte Rose.

Age, Height, Weight, and Birth Sign

Daryle Singletary was born on March 10, 1971, and was supposed to be 49 years old this year. There was no information about his height and weight, but his birth sign is Pisces. Pisces’ birth sign is musical, artistic, wise, and compassionate, which best describes Daryle Singletary.


In 1990, when Daryle Singletary moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and decided to pursue his music career, he chose to play in various local nightclubs. The singer won Broken Spoke’s $100 talent show for ten weeks, which made him a regular face at the club.

In 1992, Singletary secured a deal with Evergreen Records, and after a few years, in 1995, Daryle released his self-titled debut album and from here his net worth will continue to grow.

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From the self-titled debut album, Daryle had a lead-off single entitled, “I’m Living Up to Her Low Expectations,” stayed almost one week in the Top 40 Billboard Country Charts. The next is “I Let Her Lie,” which reached the most prominent hit by no. 2. The “Too Much Fun” was in the no. 4 and the last one entitled, “Working It Out,” reached no. 50. Unfortunately, even it was able to hit the country charts when it was released, it didn’t turn out well in selling the album.

After that, Daryle was able to release a lot of albums. In 1996, he released his next second album entitled, “All Because of You.” This album released became his platform to be recognized as one of the country music’s fresh-traditional artists.

In 2000, Singletary transferred to Audium Entertainment. He released two albums entitled “Now and Again” and “That’s Why I Sing This Way,” followed by another released album “Straight from the Heart” in 2007, and in June 2009, he released another album entitled, “Rockin’ in the Country.”

Singletary had a six-year hiatus from recording, but he occasionally performs live that still added in his net worth. In 2015, he came back with a new album “There’s Still a Little Country Left.” In 2017, he released a song entitled “American Grandstand” in this album, he had a duet with singer Rhonda Vincent.

Cause of Death

Daryle Singletary died young. He was just 46 years old when he passed away due to a blood clot on February 12, 2018, in Lebanon, Tennessee. It was reported that the singer just performed a few days ago before he died. February 12, 2018 came as a total shock to his fans.

Issues After His Death

Also, in 2018 after his death, the Platinum Records Nashville released Daryle’s posthumous single entitled, “She’s Been Cheatin’ On Us.” The label said that all of the proceeds of the album would go to the family and all of those associated with the singer. However, the family representative revealed that there was no consent to release the album, there were added funds to their net worth as well, and the album was just a demo that is not meant to be released.

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Conclusion on Daryle Singletary

Daryle Bruce Singletary is an American country singer who dared to dream of making a living from making country music and made it happen. His aim is not to have a huge net worth but to just make a living from music no matter what the net worth will be, but through his hard work, Daryl Singletary net worth expanded!

Daryle Singletary was born on March 10, 1971, in Cairo, Georgia. He came from a humble home, his father is a postal worker, and his mother is a hairdresser. Ever since he is in high school, he sang straight from the heart. Who would believe that the kid that sang gospel music before is now a country singer.

He just didn’t release music; he released pure, unique country music that was loved by his fans. Daryle may no longer be with us, but he left a treasure to be enjoyed by the next generations to come.

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