Ryan Upchurch – Net Worth, Wife, Songs, Bio

Various famous singers, songwriters, or even rappers treat music as a powerful tool to overcome adversity in life. It is usually utilized as a voice to express feelings or thoughts to people or an individual.

This is what Ryan Upchurch did. Aside from discovering his luck in music, he also used it as a way to mend his heart from the most significant pain he received, and that is breaking up with his long-time partner.

Ryan Upchurch became well-known as a rapper, country singer, social media influencer, YouTuber, and comedian that eventually added to his net worth.

In this article, we will learn more about Ryan Upchurch net worth, wife, songs, and bio.

Ryan Upchurch Net Worth

Ryan Upchurch net worth is an estimated $4 million. Most of his net worth came from the music he releases, especially from the album Chicken Willie, Cheatham County, Son of the South, and more.

The performer owns a clothing line called RHEC, and the ads from his Youtube Channel.

As of the moment, Ryan has over 2.18 million subscribers and 342 videos uploaded. The Youtube channel has over 1 billion views; this explains his immense amount of net worth.

Ryan Upchurch Biography and Early Life

Ryan Edward Upchurch, or just Ryan Upchurch, is an American. He was born on May 24, 1991, in Cheatham County, Tennessee. He was born in a middle-class family, but he was not able to finish high school.

Ryan stated in his interview that he dropped going to high school and ended up doing construction labor but little did Ryan know that someday Ryan Upchurch net worth will accumulate.

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Personal Life (Wife, Kids, and Family)

Ryan Upchurch made sure to keep his personal affair private, but he was in a relationship with Brianna Vanvleet, there are no reports of how and when they met, but Brianna was his longtime partner.

In 2015, his relationship with Brianna Vanvleet surfaced. After that, Ryan became very vocal about his feeling towards his partner.

The country singer will often post a tweet of how he loved Brianna and how he wishes to be his partner and have kids with her someday. However, in 2016, it was reported that the two broke up, leaving Ryan in pieces. There are no details about the reason why the two broke up. Brianna is also not active in her social media accounts.

He has a brother named Austen; you will see Austen in Ryan’s music video called, Summer Love but other than that music video, there is no additional data released.

Age, Height, Weight, and Birth Sign

Ryan Upchurch was born on May 24, 1991, and he is now 29 years of age. He stands 5’9 ft and weighs 60kg. Ryan has blue eyes and wavy brown hair. He has a birth sign of Gemini. Gemini individuals are known to be smart and get along well with others.


Ryan Upchurch is very fond of autos; since he is quite active in his social media, you may see different vehicle types he posts in his accounts.

After that, he decided to create a Youtube Channel along with his good friend, Shade Glover and became a YouTuber. The Youtube channel is named “Upchurch the Redneck” he started posting videos in 2014, where he called it Upchurch Talks. Eventually, the channel gained 100,000 subscribers.

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The two started in various comedy videos, and in 2014, Ryan Upchurch chose to continue his music career. He used his Upchurch the Redneck Youtube Channel and uploaded his music together with his other video, which further added to his subscribers.

In 2015, he widened his content offering a sequence of soundtracks such as rock, rap, and comedy gigs. This year, Ryan also released his first extended play entitled Cheatham County. In 2016, he then released his first full-length album entitled Heart of America.

The album, Heart of America, reached the Billboard Top Country Albums chart; he received a lot of views and secured over a thousand copies of the album in the first week since the release.

The same year, Ryan released his second album entitled Chicken Willie. The second album was also able to reach the Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, even the Rap Album Chart. Ryan secured over two thousand copies of the album in the first week.

In the following years, he released various albums such as Summer Love, Son of the South, Kind of Dixie (includes 19 tracks), and his first rock album entitled, Creeker. Supernatural, River rat, and Creeker 2.

Aside from his passion for music, he is also keen on ending bullying. Ryan Upchurch is the head ambassador and spokesperson of R.I.S.E and Stand. It is a non-profit organization that aims to end all acts of cruelty.

Ryan also established his clothing line called RHEC. RHEC means raise hell and eat cornbread. Since then, his fan base continues to expand.

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Conclusion on Ryan Upchurch

Ryan Upchurch is a well-known singer, rapper, and comedian. He was able to produce a unique fusion of country rap, hip hop music, and used social media platform as a stepping stone. Even though he didn’t finish his study, he knows his worth.

Ryan Upchurch also used music as his own tool to overcome his heartache and turn it into a hefty amount of net worth. He didn’t just dominate the indie charts but also the hearts of the people that listen to his songs.

I will just be leaving you one of his quotes saying, “I like creating something that people can look at and say – wow, that is amazing.”

If you’re feeling discouraged in life, be it heartache or such, then maybe you can also use music to help you get up on your feet, and who knows, it may also add a lot to your net worth?

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