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Canadian video game journalist Geoff Keighley became famous while doing probably the coolest job ever, which is being a video game TV presenter. If you’re curious to find out more about him, for example, is he the richest journalist, today we bring you everything we know about Geoff Keighley net worth, bio, and other details, so stay tuned.

Geoff Keighley Before He Became a Famous Journalist

Television presenter and host Geoff Keighley was born on June 24, 1979, in Markham, Canada. Popular journalist likes to keep his personal life private, which is why there is not much available information or facts about his early life. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California, and in 2005 started making his first steps towards a successful career as a video game journalist.

Geoff Keighley Quick Bio Facts:

  • Date of birth: June 24, 1979,
  • Current age: 42,
  • Nationality: Canadian,
  • Occupation: Video game TV presenter and producer,
  • Height: N/A,
  • Weight: N/A,
  • Marital status: Unknown,
  • Geoff Keighley income source: Famous journalist, freelance writer, producer,
  • Geoff Keighley net worth: Anywhere from $1 to $5 million.
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First Steps Towards a Career of a Successful Journalist

The famous journalist was only fourteen years old when he had his first professional experience as some sort of a video game journalist slash freelance writer. Back in 1994, when the Cybermania ’94: The Ultimate Games Awards was held as the first event of that kind broadcasted on TV, he was responsible for writing lines that celebrity hosts were reading. Later on, this event inspired young Keighley to come up with an equivalent for Academy Awards in the video game industry.

Freelance Writing Days

Back in the ’98, when his estimated earning was not even worth mentioning, Keighley started writing previews, reviews, and unveiling what was going on behind the scenes in the video game industry. While working as a writer for GameSpot, he wrote monthly columns, which later evolved into a series of articles called The Final Hours. He had exclusive access to numerous studios and had the privilege to follow their work on creating a video game from scratch.

The Collaboration Between the Famous Journalist and Spike Video Games

In 2006 the popular journalist was a producer and host for numerous video game launch specials on Spike TV, including the one where Ozzy Osbourne had a performance, but also the one with Linkin Park performing when Halo 3: Launched. Producers of Spike’s Video Game Awards invented him to help them develop the program, which he did as an executive producer until 2013, when he changed the format and rebranded the entire thing.

Working With MTV and Discovery Channel

Together with MTV, he produced two special series, Gears of War: Race to E3 and Gears of War: Race to Launch, both of which gave the viewers an insider perspective on how Microsoft created the famous Xbox 360. In 2007 he was a consulting producer for Discovery Channel’s documentary on new releases in the industry, which certainly contributed to his estimated net worth.

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Geoff Keighley Taking His Own Path

When he felt that things became more commercial instead of a celebration of the video game industry, the successful journalist left the show. In 2014 he got the support of giants such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Sonny, and other big names in the video game industry and started a new video game award show simply called The Game Awards. Take a look at this YouTube video for the full story and find out why television presenter Geoff Keighley founded this new game award.

E3 and Its Host Geoff Keighley

E3 is an annual video game show, a live streaming event, and the successful journalist was a part of it since its beginnings. In 2017 he got his own live stream show called E3 Coliseum was a place where he interviewed many publishers and developers.

Geoff Keighley Net Worth Revealed – Is He the Richest Journalist Ever?

Canadian video game journalist and television presenter gained widespread popularity as a host of many game-related shows, but is that enough to make him the richest journalist ever? Not every video game TV presenter is a famous person, but host Geoff Keighley certainly is. But is that enough to skyrocket his estimated net worth? Many don’t like to reveal their estimated earning or income source, but since Keighley is not an actor or singer, it is hard to say what Geoff Keighley’s net worth is.

How High Is His Current Net Worth?

Since his main income source is his career as a popular journalist, Geoff Keighley’s net worth is currently estimated to be anywhere from $1 to $5 million, which is certainly a lot more than those of other journalists’ current net worth. Especially when we take into consideration that dude to the pandemic E3, Gamescom, and other events like the Summer Game Fest got canceled. Based on that, it is safe to say that his current net worth is more than good.

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Geoff Keighley on Social Media

Like every other famous person, Keighley is also present on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. So, if you would like to get a glimpse of what he’s doing, maybe catch some new game announcements, make sure to follow him on social media.

That’s All We Have on Geoff Keighley’s Net Worth and Career

As you saw, this Canadian video game journalist is not your regular famous person, but if you’re into video games, you will undoubtedly know how to appreciate his efforts. From a freelance writer to executive producer of Spike’s Video Game Awards, Keighley’s career is impressive, and we hope that the best is yet to come.

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