Kevin Hart Biography: Who Is Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart is a comedian, actor, writer, and producer. He has been praised for the authenticity he brings to his performances.

He was born on July 6th, 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to parents William and Mary Louise. He attended an alternative school called Neumann-Goretti High School in Philadelphia which helped him develop his sense of humor.

Hart’s career began as a joke writer at age 18 when he created a sketch with his childhood friend Jeff Ross that aired on Comedy Central’s “Short Attention Span Theater.”

Kevin Hart Net Worth: How Rich is Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart is one of the most successful comedians in America, raking up an estimated net worth of $150 million. Here are some interesting facts about his career and personal life.

Kevin Hart’s Childhood: The Insecurity and Struggle

Kevin Hart is a household name. But what was his childhood like? This section will focus on the insecurity and struggles that Kevin faced and how he overcame them.

Kevin Hart was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 6, 1979. He grew up in North Philadelphia’s Wynnefield neighborhood. His father abandoned his family when Kevin was just seven years old. There were three other siblings; two sisters and one brother who also had the same mother as him.

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The Kevin Hart Effect: Behind the Scenes of the Comedy Superstar’s Career

Kevin Hart is a comedy superstar and one of the most influential figures in entertainment. But what most people don’t know is that Kevin Hart’s success can be attributed to his hard work and determination.

Kevin Hart was able to start his career as a comedian from scratch with no connections. He overcame many obstacles, including losing his job at an ice cream store, being shot in the foot and being robbed at gunpoint. All of these events only made him more determined to follow his dream of becoming a comedian.

It took years for Kevin Hart to become successful but he did it with perseverance and hard work, which is something anyone can accomplish if they put their mind to it.


Kevin Hart has won 7 Grammy Awards, 8 BET Awards, 5 MTV Movie Awards and 3 People’s Choice Awards along with other awards for his stand-up performances on stage and on the screen. He also holds the record for being the first comedian to sell

5 Interesting Facts About Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is a famous American comedian, actor, producer, and writer. He has won several awards for his performances in the comedy series Kevin Can Wait as well as in the film Central Intelligence.

He has also played a role in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Night School.

He is also the voice of Barnacle Boy in SpongeBob SquarePants as well as hosting the Comedy Central television show The Real Husbands of Hollywood.

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Hart has won a total of 12 Emmy Awards, three Grammy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and five People’s Choice Awards.

How Tall Is Kevin Hart? Kevin Hart Height

Kevin Hart is six feet three inches tall.

Kevin Hart identifies himself as being six feet three inches tall on his Twitter profile, which would make him 197 centimeters in height.

Kevin Hart Wife: Who Is Kevin Hart’s Wife?

Kevin Hart is a comedian, actor and producer. He has won three Primetime Emmy Awards for his role in the sitcom called “The Kevin Hart Show”.

Hart’s wife is Eniko Parrish. The couple was married on August 17, 2016. Eniko and Kevin had their first child together on April 12, 2018, a daughter named Kenadie.

Kevin has also been named as one of the best stand-up comedians of all time by Comedy Central.

Kevin Hart’s Career Highlights

Kevin Hart’s career highlights can be found in this article.

Kevin Hart is an American comedian, producer, actor and writer that has been active in the field for over 25 years now. He is best known for his role as a stand-up comedian and his production of the game show “Beat Shazam”.

Hart was born on July 6th, 1979. He attended high school at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, Kentucky where he developed his style of comedy by working as a DJ at parties which led to him being given a job hosting at a radio station. He was then discovered by comedian Jeff Ross who encouraged him to start performing as a stand-up comedian.

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What Can You Learn From Kevin Hart’s Success?

Kevin Hart is a popular comedian, actor, and producer. He is an inspiration for many people. From his childhood to his career, Kevin has accomplished a lot in life. His journey can teach people how to achieve success and overcome obstacles that come with it.

Kevin Hart’s story is about as unlikely as they come: he was born into poverty; got kicked out of school for bad behavior; started out as a teen working in shoe stores and mall record shops; quit his day job (as an accountant) after only two weeks on the job because he hated it so much; gave up on comedy after bombing at an open-mic night at age 20 (thinking it wasn’t his thing); then took up acting instead…

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