Peter Marco – Net Worth, Wife (Esmerel), Biography

If you are into flexing and obtaining some ice, then you will never miss the Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills! There is a notable man located in that legendary place, and he is very serious about providing a world-class piece you can get! He is no other than Peter Marco.

Peter Marco is in the jewelry business for more than 40 years; indeed, you can rest assured of what he can offer to the table. You will be surprised that he came from a very humble start and eventually became a successful person in this line.

Want to learn more about him, especially Peter Marco net worth? Then you are on the right track!

In this article, we will talk about Peter Marco net worth, wife (Esmerel), and his biography.

Peter Marco Net Worth

Peter Marco is one of the most respected store jeweler owners in Rodeo Drive, Beverley Hills. For all the popular and affluent people, his VIP jewelry Business is. His clients were many high-net-worth persons who are looking for world-class jewelry. Rare and expensive gem and diamond pieces are some of his most sought-after creations.

Peter Marco net worth is an estimate at $200 million. Peter Marco net worth came from most of his jewelry pieces and by being the proprietor of Peter Marco Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills. Also, Peter Marco‘s diamond bracelets, diamond rings, and several other gems are held with a $10 million price tag and a quality certificate for every single diamond.

Peter Marco Biography and Early Life

Peter Marco, or also the name Peter Voutsas, was born on January 1, 1962, in Beverly Hills, California. His nationality is American.

There is no further information about Marco’s childhood. Still, one thing is certain, Peter Marco grew up in the poor suburbs of New York City and obviously, doesn’t have anything worth citing about Peter Marco net worth.

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As mentioned, Peter Marco started from humble beginnings. He can attest that he has done a big amount of hard work in his life, combined with love, passion, and determination.

There is also not much information about his education, but Peter Marco started as a messenger boy from a very popular New York jeweler when he was fourteen years old. He took all of the extra hard work he can do.

Peter Marco was very eager to learn that he could take night classes to study everything about the jewelry world and how it works, such as manufacturing.

Everything was worth it when he finally started working as a salesman. Peter Marco did not stop learning, and he acquired various knowledge in the area of the brand. Eventually, he became confident about the work of trades. By the age of 20 years old, Peter Marco made his million-dollar.

No doubt, this is the start of Peter Marco net worth expanding!

Personal Life (Wife, Kids, and Family)

Peter Marco is married to his lovely partner, Esmerel Voutsas. They are blessed in life with two sons.

There was not much information about how the two met or when did they get married.

Age, Height, Weight, and Birth Sign

Peter Marco was born on January 1, 1962, and he is now 59 years old. He stands 5 ft 9 inches. His weight is 75 kg. Peter Marco’s birth sign is Capricorn. They are known to be very creative, charming, and hardworking.


As mentioned, Peter Marco got inclined in the business of jewelry when he was only 14 years old. Peter was able to work in summer cleaning services for the jewelry stores and laboratories for a notable jewelry store in New York.

Since the business of stones and diamonds surrounded his life, he slowly got hooked on it, and he decided to study the details of the jewelry market. He even took night classes for that one. Eventually, his natural gift in selling and passion for learning the craft paved the way for his dream life career.

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When he was 17 years old, Peter was referred to a jewelry production department. By the age of 20, he got a million-dollar! After that, Peter Marco didn’t stop until a lot of people know that he is an established jeweler in Beverley Hills.

Peter Marco is presently the owner of a famous jewelry store located in Beverly Hills, California. It is called Peter Marco Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills. He offers his clients a wide range of jewelry from diamonds, rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, and other accessories you may think of.

Peter Marco is proud to present that every diamond that he offers are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified. GIA certified means that all of the diamonds have undergone laboratory processes, including the standard clarity, color, and cut grading scales.

So, people may rest assured that what they pay for is real and has a high value all the way!

Peter Marco’s net worth didn’t stop expanding, especially when most of his pieces are worn by a lot of renowned clients like:

  • The Former International Basketball Player, Shaquille O’Neal
  • Michael Blakey
  • Snoop Dogg
  • Paul Pierce
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Same Cassel
  • The Weeknd
  • Ricky Martin
  • Cardi B
  • Offset from the Migos

Gepco, Ltd. reported in April 2014 that it had signed a letter of intent with the jeweler, Peter Marco, LLC (owned by Beverly Hills’ Peter Marco Extraordinary Jewel) to purchase 100% of its outstanding equity interests that are owned by Voutsas. On October 15, 2013, Gepco, Ltd. entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement.

Peter created the documentary “We Are the Pearls” in 2016.

A $10 million diamond bejeweled jacket was co-created in March 2019 by millionaire businessmen Farrah Gray and jeweler Peter. The precious item comes with Peter’s “two-year all-inclusive warranty,” for those people who like to acquire the jacket.

Peter unveiled his self-titled Youtube account on May 9, 2019.

In December 2019, to have the roughly $50,000 Cephus owes him, Marco filed a lawsuit against rapper Offset (real identity Kiari Kendrell Cephus).

In May 2020, jeweler Peter filed a lawsuit against Rich the Kid for allegedly failing to pay for jewelry worth $234,000. Both have been in business since October 2017, according to records.

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Marco launched a “Purple Planet” mining and digging strategy game on Google Play in June 2020. The renowned jeweler unveiled Demi Lovato’s engagement ring to star Max Ehrich in July 2020. The piece is worth approximately $2.5 and $5 million and holds between 12-20 carats of diamonds. Marco confessed, “He put a huge amount of love and effort into this ring.” “He added: “For six weeks, we have been talking about it.


Peter Marco is a top international jeweler. He owns Peter Marco’s Extraordinary Jewels of Beverly Hills and has an estimated $200 million in his net worth. Marco is married to Esmerel Voutsas and was blessed with two kids.

Peter Marco is proud that all of his wealth came from his humble beginnings and his love for his craft. In his 40 years in the industry, Peter has learned a lot in his life and career. Jewelry was his dream. He’s passionate about giving his clients exceptional services. Peter Marco has accomplished countless goals throughout the years and has brought joy and laughter to several people.

I will be leaving you with his inspiring quote that says, ”Do everything in your power to stay productive and keep moving forward.” If Marco can, then you can!

Quick Facts

Name: Peter Marco

Age: 59 years of age

Wife: Esmerel Voutsas

Career / Industry: Renowned jeweler and owns a jewel business named Peter Marco Extraordinary Jewel of Beverly Hills

Birthplace: Beverly Hills, California

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