Reed Robertson Net Worth, Height, Bio, Birthday, Wiki

This 25-year-old reality star belonging to the famous Robertson family is well known for his role in the American series, “duck dynasty” has a net worth of almost $1-5 million. His salary is said to be approximately $30 thousand per month and $330 thousand annually. Read on below to find out more details of Reed Robertson’s life.

What does Reed Robertson do for a living?

Reed Robertson made his debut in 2012 in the “High Tech Redneck” episode of the well-known duck dynasty show. He has made an appearance as a guest in other reality shows such as The Insider and the outdoor experience as well. He shifted towards the music industry and dropped his first album known as, “The Crimson Gospel” in 2017 apart from that recently he has taken interest in being more active on social media especially Instagram, and is focusing on working on his acting skills by taking classes and playing small roles for now. He also does endorsements for different brands and tried his luck with modeling.

The early and personal life of Reed Robertson

He was born as the eldest son on May 15, 1995, in Louisiana to a middle-class family with parents named; Jase and Missy Robertson, two younger siblings namely; Mia and Cole, and his grandparents being Phil and Kay Robertson. He went from facing family business struggles to being one of the richest reality star and has kept his humbleness regardless of his fame.

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He attended high school in West Monroe then moved on to Harding University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Arts. Reed has always been private about his personal and dating life however he revealed proposing to his long term girlfriend, Brighton Thompson in 2015 during their trip to New York City on Instagram by posting a picture captioned as I couldn’t be more excited to marry this amazing woman,” he wrote. “My fiancée is a babe in every way.” He couldn’t contain his excitement about this big step in his life and wanted his fans and followers to join in on the happiness. Those two have moved to Los Angeles, California for now and have plans to move to New York someday. They have been happily married for about four years with no plans of having children till yet.

Back in 2013, Reed disclosed about his mental health issues that he had reached a low point in his life where he became suicidal and almost jumped into the darkness but he stayed strong and took help from his family, and slowly regained his faith and belief in God which made him strong.

Reed Robertson Accomplishments & Awards

Even though his career as a reality star was very successful, he unfortunately still couldn’t land any nominations or win awards but that hasn’t let his spirits down as he’s still working on himself to become an even better actor and get the awards he know he deserves.


  • Is Reed Robertson still alive?

Yes he is.

  • Is Reed still married?
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His marriage to Brighton Thompson is still going strong!

  • How tall is he?

He is known to be 6 ft 0 inch.

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