What is the Magician Criss Angel’s Net Worth?

In 2018, Criss Angel’s net worth is estimated to be around $220 million. At the age of 14, Angel’s father gifted him a magic set and he started performing at local birthday parties and events. It was in the early 1990s when he became popular and caught the attention of celebrities.

Angel became a household name after his television show “Mindfreak” aired on A&E network in 2004. He has since appeared on many shows such as NBC’s America’s Got Talent, ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and Animal Planet’s Tanked.

In 2007, he became a Guinness World Record holder after having suspended himself 16 feet above ground without safety ropes.

Who is Criss Angel? Biography and Early Life

Criss Angel is a famous magician and illusionist. He became famous for his show “Mindfreak” on A&E.

Born as Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, Criss Angel was born in West Paterson, New Jersey. He was the youngest of five children. Growing up he had a passion for magic and illusions and by the age of three years old he could do card tricks with a deck of cards.

He has been performing magic tricks ever since his childhood days.

In 1985, at the age of 17, he began to perform as a street magician from city to city to save money for college tuition fees. In 1989, at the age of 22, he became a professional full-time magician after beating David Copperfield in an audition in front of Copper.

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Criss Angel’s Career Highlights

Criss Angel is a magician, illusionist, and stunt performer. He was born on Friday the 13th of September 1967 in West Point, New York. Criss had a humble childhood with his family living in poverty. When he was about five years old, his father left them for another woman.

He wanted to make the most out of this life by becoming famous and it came true when he auditioned for the sixth season of America’s Got Talent in 2006. This audition led to him getting two million dollar contract with Cirque du Soleil to perform at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

Criss Angel’s Accomplishments and Awards

Criss Angel is a famous entertainer and illusionist. He has gone on to achieve many feats in his life, some of which are listed below:

-He is the only human being to ever hold four Guinness World Records simultaneously.

-He has won multiple awards for his work, including the Emmy Award for Best Magic Performance in 2008 for his television series “Mindfreak.”

-He has been awarded with an honorary doctorate degree from the International University of Professional Studies.

Angel’s accolades are quite formidable, but it should be noted that there are other magicians who have also achieved similar feats to him. Some other famous magicians include David Copperfield and Teller.

How Much did Criss Angel Earn from Shows?

Criss Angel is the world-renowned and most famous magician. He has been performing for more than two decades.

In 2006, Criss Angel invested $650,000 in a magic theater in Las Vegas and established the Luxor Theater as the home of his magic productions.

He earns around $5 million per year, as reported by Forbes. But this amount may not be entirely accurate as he also charges for his live shows and charges admission fee to visit his museum.

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Criss Angel Collaborations with Others

Criss Angel is a famous magician and illusionist. He has been written about on the TV show, “The Week in Review,” for his unique magic tricks.

In his career, Criss Angel has collaborated on many projects with other famous magicians and illusionists. In some of these collaborations, he was the leading force behind the project while in others he was a participant.

We will be discussing a few of his most popular collaborations and watch some videos of these performances so that we can analyze what made them so successful.

A lot of people think that Criss Angel’s success derives from the fact that he collaborates with other magicians, but there are other factors to consider as well such as new ideas and special effects not available to him before collaborating with another magician.

Who are the Great Inspirations Behind Criss Angel’s Success?

The magician, Criss Angel is a household name. He has been able to make a mark in the world of magic and entertainment by being an inspiration for many people.

Here we will be looking at the Great Inspirations Behind Criss Angel’s Success. We will be discussing how he has been able to inspire people and achieve much over the years.

Some of the inspirations that have helped him come up with his mind-blowing tricks and illusions include: David Copperfield, Harry Houdini, Merlin the Magician, The Amazing Randi, Houdini’s Water Torture Cell Escape, David Blaine’s Street Magic.

Interesting Facts About Criss Angel

Criss Angel is an American illusionist, musician, actor, and director who rose to fame in the early 2000s. He has become a popular figure in the world of magic.

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Angel was born Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos on December 19th, 1967 in East Meadow, New York. He started performing magic at the age of 18 when he was still a student at Penn State University.

One thing that distinguishes Angel from other performers is his trademark hair color which is blue-green. Apart from doing magic for audiences all over the world Angel also hosts his show “Criss Angel Mindfreak” on A&E network which has been running since 2004. The show won an Emmy award in 2005 for Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming and has been nominated for another three awards.

What Can You Learn from Criss Angel’s Success?

Criss Angel is a famous illusionist, who has been performing with his team of 4 people for 22 years. He is very talented in his profession, but he also learned how to use the power of the mind to create illusions.

He has created his own unique style of magic that combines different elements from different cultures and religions. Some say that he is an artist that creates with his mind, body and soul.

He became very successful by doing what he loved and was passionate about, not following others’ paths or standards.

His success story teaches you to be passionate about your work, believe in your talent fully and do not make compromises with it or sell it short!

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