Dan Martell Net Worth, Bio, Wiki

If you’re interested in the financial world that is full of investors and entrepreneurs then we are sure you have heard the name of Dan Martell. If you haven’t then you will definitely remember the name. This is because Dan Martell is a successful Canadian investor, who has, in fact, won awards for it and also a social entrepreneur. Here is everything you need to know about Dan Martell.

Dan Martell Net Worth

Dan Martell came from humble beginnings and started off by learning how to code. It was after learning how to code that he launched a software company on his own, which helped launch him into his millionaire status, that too, at just the age of 27 years. After then went on to finding and investing several businesses that are worth millions and billions of dollars. Now, Dan Martell has an estimated net worth of more than 47 million dollars.

Early and Personal Life of Dan Martell

Dan Martell was born in the year 1979 on the 26th of December. While his life now might seem incredible, his early years were quite difficult. While being incredibly creative, Dan struggled with anger issues and ADHD during his teen years and eventually moved to a group home specifically for troubled children after he was kicked out at the mere age of 15. There he discovered drugs and started dealing them while struggling to attend school. Only a year later, Dan was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle and driving under influence. In fact, after being discovered, he was chased by the police which led him to crash into a house, ready to shoot with a gun in his possession. He then spent six months in prison and was then sent to rehab, where he finally took control over his life in a positive way. He had found a new addiction, which was computer programming. He moved in with his father who moved to a better neighborhood where Dan could start afresh.

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Where Does Dan Martell Live Now?

Dan Martell had previously moved to San Francisco where he launched Clarity.fm. However, he has since then sold his share and now has moved back to Sussex in Canda.

What Is Dan Martell Doing Now?

He is currently in New Brunswick, where he now teaches fellow and aspiring entrepreneurs as a way to give back. He specifically teaches entrepreneurs his ways of growing businesses using his channel on YouTube. Specifically, he helps founders to launch and grow profitable SaaS like Mainpage.me and many other profitable Software-as-a-Service companies. That is not all, he has also launched several e-learning programs and after every quarter he pays a visit to the rehab center where he turned his life around.

What Companies Has Dan Martell launched?

Dan Martell has owned and launched several companies. His first company, Flowtown was acquired in the 2012. He then acquired Clarity.fm in the year 2015, which he then sold off. Currently, Dan Martell owns SaaS Academy.

Apart from that Dan has also invested in several companies, over thirty-three to be precise. These companies include many renowned companies, such as Shopify, Unbounce, Intercom, and several others.

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