DDG Net Worth

American rapper and YouTube star DDG started filming his first YouTube video while he was just a student in 2015 and after that started working on his music career. Today he has his own record label, but he still posts on his YouTube channel. Let’s reveal more about his biography details, personal life, and, of course, DDG net worth, stay tuned.

DDG – Early Life

The famous rapper’s real name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., and he was born on October 10, 1997, in Pontiac, Michigan. He has one younger sister and four brothers. Unfortunately, his older brother got murdered in 2014. He went to International Tech Academy and was a class valedictorian. After that, he enrolled at Central Michigan University. But since with time, his YouTube earnings went up, he decided to drop out and relocate to Hollywood.

DDG – Quick Bio Facts

  • Full name: Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr.,
  • Date of birth: October 10, 1997,
  • Birthplace: Pontiac, Michigan,
  • Age: 24,
  • Occupation: YouTube star, rapper,
  • Ex-girlfriend: Kennedy Cymone,
  • DDG net worth: $4.5 million.

DDG’s YouTube Career

When DDG posted the very first video on his YouTube channel, he probably didn’t even dream of becoming such a YouTube personality as he is today. He actually runs several channels, all with millions of subscribers. He mostly films pranks, reaction videos, skit videos but also has a special vlog channel. His former girlfriend Kennedy Cymone is also a popular YouTuber and Instagram model. These are his channels you should take a look at:

  • GamingWithDDG,
  • PontiacMadeDDG VLOG,
  • DDG Family.
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One of his most popular videos is the cousin’s girlfriend prank, so take a look at that video below:


DDG’S Music Career

Besides being a YouTube star, DDG is also making some popular songs. His dad was an audio engineer, so he was into music from a young age, but started his music career with a diss track on Lil Yachty called Big Boat. The music video for a song from his debut EP, Givenchy, has more than 26 million views on YouTube. In November 2019, he released his debut album named Valedictorian.

DDG’s Net Worth Revealed

DDG has several income sources that boost his net worth, from his YouTube channel, music, sponsorships, and collaborations, money keeps on coming. YouTube, as his biggest social media platform, brings the most. Thanks to this platform, his estimated net worth is around $4.5 million. Besides that, he also invests in small businesses and crypto, such as Bitcoin, to ensure a high net worth.

DDG’s House and Cars

The famous rapper owns a luxury house in Los Angeles and drives an expensive Mercedes G-Wagon and BMW i8. Rare and expensive watches are also his passion, as well as diamond jewelry.

That’s All We Got on DDG’s Net Worth, Music, and YouTube Career

Although still very young, DDG is focused on working hard and having fun on his road to success. He has a huge following base across all social media platforms, but YouTube is his number one, and there you’ll see his real face.

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