Dr Darren Naugles – Net Worth, Bio, Ethnicity, Gay?

Married to Medicine, the hit American television series features seven successful women in Atlanta that are either doctors’ wives or doctors themselves. If you stumbled upon this series, you might have seen Dr. Darren Naugles quite a few times.

In this article, we will talk about a man that is inclined to not only the field of medicine but also a bit to the limelight because of his successful wife. He is none other than Dr. Darren Naugles.

We will discover Dr. Darren Naugles – net worth, bio, ethnicity, gay?

Dr. Darren Naugles Net Worth

Dr. Darren Naugles net worth is an estimate of $8 million. Even if Darren Naugles didn’t release his official net worth, an emergency doctor’s average income is an estimate of $100k plus in the United States.

On the other hand, his wife Lisa Nicole, knowing that she is also successful in her field, has an estimate of also $8 million net worth.

Darren and Lisa Nicole Cloud have around $16 million of net worth.

Dr. Darren Naugles Biography and Early Life

Dr. Darren Naugles was born on July 20, 1973, in the United States of America. His ethnicity is African American.

When he was younger, Darren Naugles really wants to work with people in any way; that is why he probably chose a profession where he can achieve this.

Also, he was a very bright student, and through the course of time, he realized that he wants to be a doctor, and this eventually became his passion for fulfilling this dream.

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Dr. Darren Naugles earned his medical degree in 1999 from Boston University School of Medicine. Aside from this, there is no other data where he finished his grade school or high school days.

Personal Life (Wife, Children, and Family)

Darren Naugles is married to a prominent personality, Lisa Nicole Cloud. Lisa was born on October 15, 1973, and she is now 47 years old.

His wife, Lisa Nicole Cloud, is known to be a well-known entrepreneur, coach, and businesswoman.

Lisa had a huge success in sales and marketing. Dr. Darren’s wife also does a lot of coaching and received various favorable feedback from her clients, stating that they really earned a lot from their small capital.

She is a proud wife who owns a few successful businesses that added to her net worth, such as The Lisa Nicole Collection. Later on, she produced Lisa Nicole Diamond Collection and Lisa Nicole Signature Collection; not only that but also that but Lisa has also been blessed by having two amazing kids.

MLM Millionaires also recognized Lisa as a “Ms. Millionaire Maker” for her achievements in the progress of the said business.

There is not much data about how they met or got married, but they have kids—one son named Dj and one daughter named Amira Faith.

He is a good husband that is inclined in his family in terms of his kids. Dr. Darren Naugles is vocal, saying that he loves his children so much, and they are his most significant back-up.

Dr. Darren Naugles is a very private individual; there is not much data about his parents or if he has any siblings. He is very keen on not discussing in public his personal matters.

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Dr. Darren Naugles was born on July 20, 1973. He is now 47 years old,


Dr. Naugle’s height is 5’6.


His weight is 88kg.

Birth Sign

His birth sign is Cancer; this type of birth sign is known to be positive and has an incredible gift of understanding others’ feelings and thoughts.


Dr. Darren Naugles has almost two decades of practice experience in his profession as an emergency medicine doctor that made a huge impact on his net worth. Darren is also included in one of the 50 doctors at Northside Hospital Cherokee, who specializes in Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Darren Naugles has been diagnosing and treating patients ever since he graduated from Boston University School of Medicine. He saves people from life-threatening diagnoses such as excessive bleeding, an overdose of drugs, heart attack, and any related.

Aside from his profession as a doctor, he is also somehow inclined to stardom because of his wife, Lisa Nicole Cloud. His wife, Lisa Nicole, is appeared from season two to season four of the Married to Medicine series. Dr. Darren Naugles became popular due to this show.

However, Darren Naugles also faced an issue of allegedly having an affair with Damen Wayne.

In an interview with Damen, he said that they met during the night of season two (Married to Medicine). This is where it all began, he said; later on, Darren Naugles gave him financial support for 30 days, paying for Damen’s car loan, groceries, and rent.

This event made a huge blow in their marriage, they have gone through a lot of counseling, and fortunately, they were able to patch things up and even decided to have a baby. Darren may have faced various ups and downs as a doctor and as a husband, but the couple made sure to fight for it.

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In the reunion of the Married to Medicine series, Dr. Darren Naugles addressed the issue.

In 2017, Lisa Nicole Cloud released that she decided to depart from Married to Medicine. She needs more time for her business and family. However, she hinted that she might return to the show with Darren Naugles.

Conclusion on Dr. Darren Naugles

The Field of Medicine is not an easy profession. It takes a lot of guts, effort, money, and patience to achieve that reputable career, but you will taste the sweetness of success once you are there.

Of course, some may have to start from scratch, but all in, you will not just be helping various people, but it may also add a hefty amount to your net worth, just like Dr. Darren Naugles.

Luckily, he was even married to a successful wife, Lisa Nicole Cloud. Together with their kids, they are living a luxurious life.

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