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Dr. Tony Evans is a true success story, not just in terms of net worth but also in how far he has come from his humble roots. From being a chauffeur to an affluent Jewish family to being the first African American man to receive a doctorate in theology at the Dallas Theological Seminary, he is a real-life story of where perseverance, tenacity, and faith can take you. As a Christian pastor and religious leader who has influenced hundreds of thousands if not millions, his influence and the strength of his goodwill has touched many families and individuals worldwide.

I myself don’t believe in gurus, especially those that I stumble on while browsing the internet, but Tony Evans is a whole different story. His success is strongly based on his character, and he’s not afraid to use modern technology and social media to make sure that his voice is heard. He has covered all bases – from books to radios to live streaming to podcasts – and he continues to persevere to this day. As much success he has as an evangelical speaker, he has also met with secular success – his net worth is currently $0.75 million, and I believe it is well deserved.

Even viewed separately, these successes aren’t easy to come by. If you group them all together, it’s even more daunting. It is awe-inspiring that he has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.

Tony Evans’ Net Worth

Considering how prolific his works are, from movies to books to his successful Youtube channel, it is not surprising that he has a considerable net worth. As of this year, Tony Evans’ net worth is estimated at $0.75 million.

Tony Evans’ Early Life and Career

Dr. Tony Evans is one of the most respected evangelical speakers and religious leaders of our time, but he also had his humble beginnings.

 He was born on September 10, 1949, in the United States.

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Before his success, he was a chauffeur for a prominent Jewish family. He speaks of being pulled over in a white neighborhood by an officer, experiencing racial discrimination.

In 1972, he earned a BA at the Carver College in Atlanta, GA, where he was named student of the year. In 1976, he went on to study theology in the Dallas Theological Seminary and became the first African American man to complete a doctorate of Theology degree in the same institution.

Tony Evans was also the former chaplain for NFL’s Dallas Cowboys and is the current chaplain for NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

Tony Evan’s Wife and Children

Tony Evans was married to the late Lois Irene Evans. They had four children – Chrystal, Priscilla, Anthony Jr., and Jonathan.

His children also found success in different ways.

Chrystal co-wrote a book with her father and is also currently a religious leader.

Priscilla is a New York Times Bestselling Author and is also a Christian speaker.

Anthony Jr. is a Christian music artist.

Jonathan was a professional football player in the NFL but has retired from the field to become the chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys.

Without even considering his net worth, we can say that Tony Evans has met with great success just to see the success of his children. All have followed in his footsteps and have flourished in their roles.

The Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

In 1976, Tony Evans established the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas. Initially, he had a total of 10 people in the congregation, meeting only at their home. By 2020, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship will have over 10 000 members, with more people joining the number each day.

Tony continues to serve as a Senior Pastor to the fellowship, where he still speaks as an evangelist and a religious leader.

Tony Evans’ the Urban Alternative

As Tony Evans’ sermons at the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship grew in popularity, the demand for it also grew, with more and more people sending requests for his sermons. Soon, the Houston and Dallas broadcasts of his sermons could not keep up with public demand.

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Mrs. Evans, his wife, and co-founder of the ministry took it upon herself to begin fulfilling these orders. This was the early beginnings of what was going to be a bigger and wider outreach of Tony Evans’ ministry. In 1981, Dr. and Mrs. Evans founded the Urban Alternative with Dr. Tony, a radio and podcast broadcast that shares Tony Evans’ national ministry.

Soon, the Urban Alternative with Dr. Tony became one of the biggest Christian broadcasts of the country. Broadcasts of the alternative reached hundreds of thousands of people, attracting even more new listeners by the day.

During this time, he was only 32 years old. Thanks to his and his wife’s hard work, his success in ministry was also slowly also being met with secular success. His net worth began to reward their efforts, and it would keep climbing after that.

Tony Evans in Social Media – Podcasts and Youtube

As a modern religious leader that is not shy about tackling current events and issues such as racism, Dr. Evans also does not shy away from using modern platforms such as podcasts and Youtube to further grow his national ministry.

Aside from the Urban Alternative, Dr. Evans also has a podcast called Experiencing National Revival, which calls for a Christian revival of the whole nation. In this podcast, he speaks of how Christianity is seemingly going out of style in America side by side with his belief that the country can be led back to God.

He also has a Youtube channel where he broadcasts recorded videos of his sermons aired at the Urban Alternative as well as other sermons of his ministry. Established in 2007, Dr. Evans’ channel has gained more than 21 million views and almost 180 000 subscribers.

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By brilliantly utilizing social media, he has also added to his net worth. Tony Evans’ net worth at this point was estimated at close to half a million dollars. At this point, he was 58 years old.

Tony Evans Celebrates 50 Years of Ministry

In 2019, Tony Evans celebrated 50 years of evangelical ministry and received the incredible honor of being the first African American to write a full Bible commentary and study bible in the United States. He is considered one of the most successful and prolific religious leaders of our time and was duly honored by his alma mater, the Dallas Theological Seminary.

As of date, Tony Evans has written over 100 Bible studies, booklets, and books.

Quick FAQs

What is Tony Evans’ estimated net worth?

Tony Evans’ estimated net worth is $0.75 million.

Where did Tony Evans get his doctorate in theology?

He got his doctorate at the Dallas Theological Seminary.

When was Tony Evans born?

September 10, 1949

Who was Tony Evans’ wife?

Lois Irene Evans

Who are Tony Evans’ children?

Chrystal Evans, Priscilla Evans, Anthony Tyrone Evans, and Jonathan Evans

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