Eva Shockey Net Worth, Biography, Height, And Weight

Eva Shockey, who is becoming more and more prevalent in mainstream media, is not just a social media star on the rise but also so much more. She is a famous Canadian TV personality, a lifestyle influencer, a brand ambassador, an author, a conservationist, and even a bowhunter.

Eva is most known for her work as an outdoor lifestyle blogger, where she was even recognized by Forbes. If you would like to know more about this upcoming star who is incredibly multi-talented, then keep on reading.

Eva Shockey Net Worth

It is estimated that Eva Shockey’s net worth amounts to around two million dollars, where all of her income comes from her multiple careers. She also co-hosted a show about hunting with her father, which added significantly to her net worth. That is not all; Eva has also worked on several other types of reality shows, where her monthly income comes up to be more than eleven thousand from her activities.

Eva Shockey Height, Weight, and Age 

Eva Shockey was born on the 5th of January, in the year 1988, which means that she is 33 years of age this year. It is estimated that Eva is around 5.6 meters and weighs 121 lbs.

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How much does Eva Shockey make a year?

It has been reported that Eva Shockey makes 130 thousand dollars in a year, where most of her income is generated by her gigs on tv. These mainly comprise of working on reality shows.

What does Eva Shockey do for a living?

Eva Shockey has several different professions with which she makes her living income. Her major source of living is working as a presenter on TV reality shows; she also works as a hunter and model.

Eva Shockey Early Life

Eva was born on Vancouver Island to Louise Johann and Jim Shockey, who is a hunter. This is why, from an early age, she learned and honed the art of bowhunting. Before the age of 20, Eva would only accompany her father on his hunting trips. She also trained as a Latin ballroom dancer and entered several competitions, and began to teach dance. Finally, at the age of twenty, Eva officially began to hunt.

Eva Shockey Career Accomplishments and Awards

Here are some accomplishments that pertain to Eva Shockey’s career.

  • Eva became the first woman after a period of thirty years to be featured on the magazine cover of Field & Stream.
  • Eva co-hosted a show with the infamous Michael Waddell, known as Outdoor Channel.

Eva Shockey FAQs

To help you get to know more about this rising star, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Eva Shockey.

Who Is Eva Shockey Married To?

Currently, Eva Shockey is married to Tim Brent. The two tied their knot back in the year 2015 and are still going strong.

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Does Eva Shockey Have Any Kids?

Eva Shockey has a child with her current husband, Tim Brent. The couple gave birth to a baby boy and named him Lennon Bow Brent.

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