Optic Hecz: Net Worth, Personal Life, Career And More

Known for his contribution to the gaming world, Optic Hecz is an inspiration to many individuals. Hecz is a vlogger and a gaming champion of Call of Duty. Started his career in the gaming world in early 2000s and has been a success since then.

Here is all what you need the to know about the gaming guru.

Optic Hecz Net Worth

Optic H3cz has an estimated net worth of $3million.

Optic Hecz Age, Weight And Height

Optic H3cz is 41 years old and weighs 80kgs. He has a height of 1.68m.

How Much Does Optic Hecz Make A Year?

Optics Hecz owns various companies and earns hefty amount from $800k-$1million, and this has been rising due to his success.

What Does Optic HeczDo For A Living?

He is currently the owner, and the CEO of Optic Gaming. This company came into existence in 2006 and was founded by Hecz and his partners. Ever since he has worked hard on the growth of this company and everyone can see how good he has been at it.

Optic Hecz also owns an advertising agency known as Econ Interactive. He is also a vlogger and a gaming influencer for many of his fans.

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Optic Hecz Early Life

Hecz was born in 1990 as Hector Rodriguez Jr. He was born in El Paso, Texas. He has an elder brother named Pedro who also has a career in the gaming world.

No parents or schooling information is available of Optic Hecz.

Optic Hecz Career and Accomplishment

Started his career in the early 2000s, Optic Hecz is now just not title but known as a brand in the gaming world. Optic Hecz is the founder and co-owner of Optic Gaming. He started this company with his friend named Chris Chaney in 2006.

Like we mentioned that he owns an advertising agency, in fact he developed it himself and worked on it very closely. Optic Hecz works on his YouTube as a vlogger and does appear on other influencers podcasts.

Optic Hecz is one the self-made entrepreneur in the world. His hard work and dedication has led him to this stage of his life and yet has to achieve a lot.

He hasn’t won any awards yet but you need an award to keep your game up. He has earned the title of Esports Champion in combat gaming around the world.

Optic HeczFAQs

Is Optic Hecz married?

No, he is not.

Is Optic Hecz in a relationship?

Yes, he is in a relationship for the past 13 years with an interior designer named Judd.

Does he play CS-GO?

No, Hecz is an Esports Call of Duty player.

What type of content does Optic Hecz publish on his YouTube channel?

He publishes information about gaming on his channel and does livestream on to exhibit his gaming skills.

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Final Words

Optic Hecz is a self-made entrepreneur and is an inspiration to many. Here is a complete guide to his life.

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