Ibram X Kendi Net Worth, Height, Bio, Birthday, Wiki

An author, historian, professor, antiracist activist, and much more, Ibram X Kendi has made tremendous impact in each sphere of his career. Born in 1982 in Jamaica, New York, United States, the African American writer and historian has made his mark in this world. He is also considered one of the most influential personalities in the world, and has garnered a sizeable net worth for himself.

Ibram X Kendi Net Worth

Over the years, Ibram Kendi has seen significant changes in his income and net worth. Today, his net worth is approximately $1 million, if not more. There’s no denying that a lot of hard work has gone into where he stands today. It’s also expected that his overall net worth will grow further in the coming years.

What does Ibram X Kendi do for a living?

Ibram Kendi’s main source of income is through his job as a professor at American University in Washington, D.C. Other than that, he’s also a writer and historian that adds to his overall income level. He has written multiple books that have generated quite the roar since 2012, allowing him to earn through more than one channel.

The early and personal life of Ibram X Kendi

Ibram Kendi was born in a household of black American activists that were intrigued by the idea of liberation. While he was born in New York, much of his time was spent in Manassas, Virginia as his parents moved there when he was only a teenager.

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X Kendi enrolled in the journalism program at the Florida A&M University and worked his way into understanding racial justice. Ever since, he’s played a major role in anti-racist movements and agendas. He studied journalism and African American studies throughout his time at university and worked on various research throughout his time there. He further did his doctorate in African American studies in 2010, showcasing his curb to kill racist ideas and indulge in antiracist research.

After attaining his doctorate, the author married Sadiqa Kendi in 2013. Sadiqa Kendi is a pediatric emergency medicine physician, who has been a source of constant support for Dr Kendi. Sadiqa Kendi and Kendi tied the knot in Jamaica, and added a new surname, “Kendi”, to their name.

Ibram X Kendi Career

Ibram X Kendi has had an outstanding career. His entire journey revolves around antiracism. He established the Antiracist Research and Policy Center in Washington, which is quite a remarkable feat to achieve. Not only has he continued to teach at the American University, but he’s also had the opportunity to write multiple books on racism and academic journals based around the antiracist research.

His career came to a standstill when he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2018. However, he was cancer-free after six months of continuous chemotherapy. Some of his top published books include The Black Campus Movement, How to Be an Antiracist, STAMPED: Racism, and Antiracist Baby.

Ibram X Kendi accomplishments and awards

Ibram X Kendi won for the category of non-fiction in the 2016 National Book Award for his books on racism. Along with this, he has published a large number of essays that are present in books and academic journals.

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