Joe Rogan’s Net Worth

Net Worth:$25 Million
Born:August 11, 1967
Spouse:Jessica Ditzel
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Last Updated:2019

Joseph James Rogan born August 11, 1967) is an American stand-up comedian, mixed martial arts (MMA) color commentator, podcast host, businessman and former television host and actor. You might know him from being one of the most famous UFC commentators or maybe from his youtube podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” where he hosts influent speakers from all over the world in the realm of personal growth and human potential development.

Early life

Born on August 11, 1967, in Newark, New Jersey. He is 1/4 Irish and 3/4 of Italian descent. He developed the interest for martial arts in his early teens in fact, as he said: “It was really the first thing that ever gave me hope that I wasn’t going to be a loser. So I really, really gravitated toward it”. 

He started with karate and then moved onto tae-kwon-do. At nineteen, he won a lightweight US Open Championship tournament, giving him hopes to pursue such a career but he later retired from fighting competition at 21 due to frequent headaches and fear to suffer injuries. After that, he decided to pursue a university career, and he enrolled in the University of Massachusetts Boston from which he dropped out as he found it useless. 

Joe Rogan’s Career and Struggle

He started with his career in kickboxing as this was his first intention, but he later started working as a stand-up comedian, under the suggestion of his tae kwon do friends that thought him to be very funny.

At 21 he performed his first comedy routine while he was teaching martial arts at the same time. Later he moved to New York, working at bachelor parties and strip clubs but it’s wasn’t a comfortable life for him as he struggled a lot financially.

After that he had various jobs, for example, he landed a television spot on the MTV comedy show “Half-Hour Comedy Hour. Then he worked with Disney and as a backstage & post-fight interviewer.

His Success

His success arrived when he met UFC president Dana White, that offered him the color commentator job. At first, Joe had refused it as he wanted to go to the fights, drink, and have fun. Then he started working for free in exchange for prime events tickets. Eventually, after 15 gigs, he started doing it getting paid. The rest is just history as thanks to his excellent TV presence and personality, he managed to achieve the success that he deserved.

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Later in 2001, he was offered to host the American edition of Fear Factor that subsequently accepted to obtain observations and anecdotes for his stand-up comedy, in fact, he managed to get a lot of visibility in the whole nation.

After Fear Factor, Rogan focused his career on his stand-up comedy, so he hired people to film him around while he was doing his sketches on tour with which he managed to sign various deals.

Another great success of Rogan is the famous “Joe Rogan Experience” that he launched in 2009 as a free podcast with Brian Redban. In his podcast, he hosts influent speakers from all over the world where they talk about topics like politics, philosophy, and personal growth.

5 Tips to Succeed from Joe Rogan

Tip #1: Don’t Settle

Life is not supposed to be a path where you get to a specific goal after which you stop improving yourself. Life is always supposed to be lived at the end of your comfort zone so that you still have that feeling of expansion and growth that makes you feel triggered and motivated to go forward. If you understand this and take life as a never-ending journey of self-discovery and development, then you will always be on the right track as the goal is not right there in the future, but it’s in the process of getting there.

Sometimes you have to push forward in life even if all you want to do is stay comfortable in bed. Those are the times where things will start to change, and you will begin to not only to improve yourself as a man but also to feel better. 

Tip #2: Do Stuff and have a Purpose

We are not designed to live the lives we’re living today like staying sit all day. He says that even if you have everything from life, you still need to fight for something, to have a goal and a reason to wake up in the morning. It’s not only about having fun and eating and doing nothing else but to have a different reason to live that makes you feel better.

It could be writing a book, a song, starting a business, helping people, or experiencing something meaningful. All of this is much more fulfilling than just getting by and living without a purpose by doing nothing. You will never enjoy relaxing unless you knew what hard work means, that’s why you need to have something to fight for instead of just living an “easy” life.

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Tip #3: Help other people

True happiness only comes when you can help other people get out of their problems. When you have a purpose that is also linked to making other people’s lives better, then you will know what true happiness means, and because of that, you’ll enjoy life much more. Do not make your life about collecting mundane things, because as humans we’re not hardwired to find happiness in the satisfaction of our own needs only.

Tip #4: Expand your self-image

“My whole life as a young man, I was convinced I was a loser until I started getting good at martial arts I had never thought I was good at anything.” He said that he struggled with low self-esteem his entire life and that he was getting defined by what other people thought of him. This prevented him from truly expressing his fullest potential as a man and becoming a fulfilled individual. He says that you can be limited by your perceptions of someone’s definition of you, but you can break through that with discipline, focus, and concentration.

Tip #5: Be the hero in your own movie

What you should do as a man is to do things for yourself and your personal growth. Don’t do things so that others will respect you, do them so that you will respect you. If you were your hero in your movie, what would you do? If your life was a movie, what would you do? Then little by little, you will build momentum and grow. If you do things just to be liked, you will get into a trap where you do something only for other’s benefit and happiness rather than your own.

Best Quotes from Joe Rogan

  • “One of the worst decisions a man can make is to be comfortable. What you should do is try to earn comfort.”
  • “Sometimes, in life, you have to get up and get s**t done.”
  • “We can alleviate a lot of how we deal with this life if we treated people the way we would treat them as if they were ourselves living another life.”
  • “What would the hero of your life’s movie do now? Do that.”
  • “Unless you’re kind and friendly and loving, you’re not going to enjoy this life. You’re just not.”
  • “Everyone encounters difficulties. There is no easy road. It does not exist”
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3 Lessons we can learn from his story

Lesson 1: Exploit Your Talent

Joe never considered the idea of becoming a stand-up comedian until his friends advised him on trying this path as his goal was to become a professional fighter. Nonetheless, he was blessed with the talent of entertaining people both with his presence and fun personality. If he hadn’t had enough self-awareness, courage, and dedication to exploiting this talent of his to create a career out of it, he probably wouldn’t have gotten to where he is now as fast as he did.

Lesson 2: Be Flexible

Joe wanted to become a professional fighter, but when things got complicated, and he faced various injuries that prevented him from keeping up with this path, all he could do was to be flexible enough to consider other directions in life rather than the one he wanted to take at first. Many people are stubborn and keep fighting for a path of their life that really wouldn’t bear any fruit. His flexibility and alignment with his real purpose made him a successful man both inside and outside.

Lesson 3: Be Honest

He was always clear about his intentions even when this meant being completely honest on “Working as a commentator only to get free tickets and get drunk” or refusing gigs he didn’t want to do. If you’re not honest with the people around you, they will have a biased perception of who you are and, sound than later, they will be disappointed when your true self and intentions will shine through. 


  • Worked as a construction worker, limousine operator, private investigator helper
  • He won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award for Best Television Announcer twice. 
  • He was named MMA Personality of the Year four times by the World MMA Awards.
  • The Joe Rogan Experience is in the list of the Top 100 podcasts on iTunes.”
  • His wife, Jessica Ditzel, is a former cocktail waitress.
  • He owns a $5 million home in California.
  • He has vitiligo on his hands and feet.


Joe Rogan with his net worth of $25 million is one of the most acclaimed web personalities, thanks to both to his previous visibility given him by UFC and to his Joe Rogan Experience show that reaches a high enough critical mass of people to be called an influencer. 

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