Marie Yovanovitch Net Worth

American diplomat and former ambassador Yovanovitch served as a senior advisor and ambassador in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan. After President Donald Trump fired her, she testified in an investigation against Trump. Let’s reveal Marie Yovanovitch net worth and other details from her biography and career.

Who Is the Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch?

Former ambassador Marie Louise “Masha” Yovanovitch was born on November 11, 1958, in Montreal, Canada, in a family of language teachers who escaped from the Soviet Union. Later the family moved to Connecticut, and Marie became an American citizen. She graduated from Princeton with a BA in Russian studies.

In 1986 she joined the United States Foreign Service and got her first assignment in Ottawa. In 1998 she became Deputy Director of the Russian desk and stayed in that position till 2000. Then she became a member of the Senior Foreign Service and worked as Deputy Chief of Mission in Ukraine until 2004. During her early career days, she also served as International Advisor and Deputy Commandant and was dean of the School of Language Studies. After that, Yovanovitch became the senior advisor to the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

Ambassador Yovanovitch

From 2004 to 2008, she was the US ambassador in Kyrgyzstan, after that, from 2008 to 2011, she was the ambassador in Armenia. When Yovanovitch returned to Washington in 2011, she started working as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, and in 2016 she became Career Minister and soon after became the US ambassador in Ukraine, and that is when the conspiracy driven smear campaign against her has started.

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The Trump Scandal

The Trump administration was accusing her of interfering in a corruption scandal, and in 2019, they recalled her. Trump was trying to convince Ukrainian officials to investigate his opponent Joe Biden, and he thought Yovanovitch was sabotaging his efforts. Later in 2019, Yovanovitch testified in the impeachment hearing against Donald Trump. During her testimony, Trump was bashing her on Twitter, trying to intimidate her. Take a look at this video to get the highlights of Yovanovitch’s speech in the impeachment inquiry.

 How High Is Marie Yovanovitch Estimated Net Worth?

As someone who worked for the US State Department and worked abroad as an American diplomat, there is no doubt that the former ambassador in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch had a high income until President Trump recalled her. Overall, her estimated net worth is now around $6 million.

Quiet Retirement of Marie Yovanovitch

After the saga with Ukraine was officially over, Yovanovitch became a Senior State Department Fellow at Georgetown University. In January 2021, it was announced that she retired. According to the sources, Yovanovitch doesn’t have a husband, she never was married, and she is not active on social media.

That’s All We Got on Marie Yovanovitch Net Worth and Career

Although pretty much every career diplomat expressed their disagreement with the recall of the ambassador Yovanovitch, there was not much to do. The career of a senior member of the United States Foreign Service was over. In Armenia, she received the Secretary’s Diplomacy in Human Rights Award, an award that is only given to ambassadors who show dedication and commitment to defending human rights.

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