Marques Brownlee Net Worth

Professional ultimate frisbee player and American YouTuber, Marques Brownlee, became known after his technology videos and reviews. In the tech review niche, everyone knows about MKBHD, but if you don’t, we’re going to introduce you to this tech YouTuber and reveal all about Marques Brownlee net worth and other details from his biography and personal life.

Marques Brownlee – Early Life

The YouTube star was born on December 3, 1993, in Maplewood, New Jersey. While he was still in high school, he opened a YouTube channel back in 2008 and uploaded his first tech review video in 2009.

Marques Brownlee – Quick Bio Facts

  • Real name: Marques Keith Brownlee,
  • Birthday: December 3, 1993,
  • Place of birth: Maplewood, New Jersey, US,
  • Age: 27,
  • Occupation: Ultimate frisbee player, YouTuber,
  • Girlfriend: Nikki Hair,
  • Marques Brownlee net worth: 12.5 million.

When Marques Brownlee Started Uploading Videos

The famous tech YouTuber uploaded his first video in 2009, back then, he filmed mostly hardware tutorials. Slowly but surely, MKBHD YouTube channel reached more than 14.5 million subscribers, and he became a real tech influencer. Brownlee’s initials MKB and HD were combined to create the name of this now legendary YouTube channel.

He also runs an MKBHD podcast focused on consumer electronics. As a crown of a successful career, in 2018, he received Shorty Award for Creator of the Decade. The same year, he got the opportunity to interview Tesla CEO Elon Musk and got featured in YouTube Rewind.

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Smartphone Awards

In 2014 he started a series called Smartphone Awards, where he picks the best phones in several categories, and from 2017, he sends awards to brands who win in his little competition. The awards ceremony takes place in December after all the phones released during that year were tested and compared. Take a look at the last year’s edition of the Smartphone Awards in the video below.

Marques Brownlee’s Net Worth Revealed

YouTube earnings are definitely his main source of income, but as a social media personality, he is also earning a lot of money from brand deals, YouTube ad, and other collaborations. Every YouTube video he posts online becomes a steady source of passive income, so it is no wonder that his estimated net worth is 12.5 million. He started his own merchandise, so he sells hoodies, shirts, and all sorts of stuff, now that’s a good example of how a YouTube career pays off. Plus, he is also earning as a professional ultimate Frisbee player.

Marques Brownlee on Social Media

Although YouTube is his primary platform where he has the most subscribers, he is also present on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

That’s All We Got on Marques Brownlee Net Worth and Career

Even if you’re not into tech, sooner or later, you’ll want to buy a new phone or smartwatch, and the best place to check out what is good and get the latest news is the MKBHD YouTube channel. So make sure you become a subscriber and follow Marques’s videos.

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