Doctor Mike Net Worth

It is not so common for a medical doctor to become a YouTube star, but that’s exactly what happened to Dr Mike. So, is he now the richest doctor out there? Well, he certainly is not working for minimum wage. We went through his net worth, biography, family, and education background and have some interesting details to share with you, and, of course, reveal Doctor Mike net worth.

The Early Life of Doctor Mike

The hot doctor was born on November 12, 1989, in Saransk, Soviet Union, and has one older sister. His mom was a mathematics professor, and Varshavski’s father was a physician, and when he was 5 years old, they moved to Brooklyn, New York. After relocating, his dad went to medical school, and his mom worked as a cleaning lady.

He was exposed to osteopathic medicine thanks to his dad, and even his high school friends called him Dr Mike because he knew so much. He got a bachelor’s degree in life sciences and a doctoral degree from a medical school.

Dr Mike – Quick Bio Facts

  • Full name: Mikhail Varshavski,
  • Birthday: November 12, 1989,
  • Place of birth: Saransk, Soviet Union,
  • Age: 32,
  • Nationality: American,
  • Occupation: medical doctor, YouTube personality,
  • Doctor Mike’s net worth: $2 million.

Dr Mike YouTube Channel

In 2015 People Magazine gave Dr Mike the title of The Sexiest Doctor Alive, and his Instagram account then went viral. That’s when his YouTube channel also got a lot of new followers, and now there are almost 8 million of them.

His YouTube channel videos are all about educating people, sharing tips, and family medicine, so he successfully managed to combine social media and a career as a doctor. He also has social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and is a true celebrity doctor. Take a look at one of his videos and see why everybody loves this doctor.

Doctor Mike’s Net Worth Revealed – Is the Hottest Doctor Also the Richest?

Although no one really knows what is the estimated earning of Dr Mike, it is certain that his annual earnings are certainly higher than those of any other average doctor. He doesn’t just get a regular salary but also a pretty high YouTube income that increased his estimated net worth up to $2 million.

Dr Mike’s Personal Life

The sexiest doctor out there is currently single. He used to date Miss Universe 2015, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, then he also had another celebrity girlfriend, Fox News reporter Jennifer Lahmers, but at the moment, he is not dating. In 2018 he was nominated for the Shorty Award in the category of Health and Wellness.

That’s All We Have on Doctor Mike’s Net Worth and Career

Dr Mike is living proof that there is room for everyone on social media, as long as you’re interesting enough and know how to present your topic to the audience. Although his doctor salary was probably good enough, opening a YouTube channel helped him become a celebrity doctor and increased his net worth more than he could have ever imagined.

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