Sam Riegel – Net Worth, Wife (Quyen Tran) & Biography

What’s there to learn from Sam Riegel? What makes him stand out in a world where everyone is a self-proclaimed guru on living large and having it all?

I don’t usually buy into the whole guru setup where there’s someone who’s supposedly a paragon of life – critical success, financial comfort, a great family, and an altogether stellar existence. I always tell myself that when something – or in this case, someone – sounds too good to be true, then chances are they’re not the real deal. It’s more likely that it’s all just smoke and mirrors instead of a life that offers real value to other people, a life that I can learn from. But then, there’s Sam Riegel and his surprising net worth.

The million dollar question now is, what can we learn from Sam Riegel? What makes him so successful in theatre, in voice acting, as a director, and as a family man? And how did he gain a net worth of millions?

“The million dollar question is, what can we learn from Sam Riegel?”

Who is Sam Riegel?

Sam Riegel is not your regular household name, despite his net worth, but you’ve heard his voice in a million shows, including my favorite one, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as the smart gizmo-turtle Donatello. I grew up watching Sam Riegel’s shows without knowing I was listening to him as a voice actor, from the more mainstream TMNT and Naruto to the cult favorites Code Geass and Ghost in a Shell.

 Despite being everywhere in pop culture and animated media, Sam Riegel is famous more for his work as a director. Sam Riegel appeared from behind the scenes and into the spotlight when he won a Daytime Emmy Award for his directorial work with the Amazon Prime animated series Danger & Eggs.

 Sam Riegel shares his love for TV production and directing with his wife, Quyen Tran, a Vietnamese-American cinematographer who recently released the quirky romantic comedy Palm Springs in Hulu.

 “Sam Riegel quietly garnered a net worth of millions, and there’s nowhere to go but up.”

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 Even with his critical success, Sam Riegel has mostly flown under the radar. He has quietly garnered a net worth of millions as of 2020, and it looks like there’s nowhere to go for Sam Riegel except up. So how did this quiet voice actor achieve so much success?

Sam Riegel’s Early Life

Born Samuel Brent Oscar Riegel, Sam Riegel was born in Washington D C, grew up in North Virginia, and eventually moved to New York City to pursue a career in theatre. Sam Riegel didn’t have what you would call a regular kid’s life. He started acting very young and had quite a few theatre appearances in popular Broadway shows like The Sound of Music and Les Miserables.

Even before booking these amazing productions as a child, Sam Riegel had already been bitten by the theatre bug and he and his sisters, Tatiana S. Riegel and Eden Riegel (incidentally also a Daytime Emmy Award Winner for her role in All My Children) would already put on their own productions at home.

Despite his growing interest and talent, Sam Riegel was never forced into show business. In fact, his mother regularly asked him if this was something that he still wanted to do, making sure that his heart was still in it. Acting, and the world of acting, was very challenging for a young child, especially one that had to juggle two worlds. As a young man, it was like there were two different Sams – one was the young actor who was treated like an adult by the cast of the shows, and the other was a regular teenager with schoolwork, and grades, and regular friends.

Because he had started working so young, Sam Riegel did not have what you would call a normal school life and actually ended up skipping a year in eighth grade. While he did well in school, his thoughts were already somewhere else, looking forward to a career in acting – all different kinds of acting as it turned out.

“Sam Riegel continued to pursue his interests relentlessly.”

Sam Riegel’s Twisty but Steady Path to Success

What was the secret to Sam Riegel’s net worth and success?

His path to success wasn’t exactly straightforward but we can’t say that he stumbled and got lost along the way either. In fact, Sam Riegel’s secret to success is quite simple – he was sincere about what he enjoyed doing, he poured himself into it completely, and he kept doing it consistently.

“Sam Riegel was sincere about what he enjoyed doing, he poured himself into it completely, and he kept doing it consistently.”

A lot of people will tell you that taking on so many different things will only distract you and make you less effective at doing it than people who are more focused on that one thing. Sam Riegel is living proof that it’s okay to try more than one thing, and see where that path takes you.

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Sam Riegel was allowed to try things at a young age and was encouraged to pursue them professionally when he wanted to. When he gained an interest in voice acting, he was also allowed to try doing that. And when he wanted to try his hand at directing, he was also able to do it, because of his genuine interest in these things but also because he clearly danced to his own beat and didn’t believe in coloring inside the lines.

The other side of Sam Riegel’s secret to success and his net worth was how prolific he is in his work. Sam clearly enjoyed his work because his filmography credits him for close to a hundred bodies of work. Whether as a voice actor, director, or crew member, he didn’t shy away from jobs and from working opportunities that he enjoyed.

Sam Riegel’s Net Worth

Sam Riegel’s net worth is currently worth $2 million. Most of Sam Riegel’s net worth comes from his voice acting career and also from his work as a director. As mentioned earlier, he has a filmography list that’s longer than what most actors would have in a lifetime – and he’s still at his peak as an entertainer and actor. He certainly didn’t peak at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Many Talents of Sam Riegel

Sam Riegel has the huge advantage of being prolific in his work, he just loves what he does and he keeps doing it! He has lent his voice to traditional animation like Duck Tales and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to English-dubbed anime like Code Geass and One-Punch Man to name a few. He also has a regular role in the web series Critical Role where famous personalities play the tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons. And of course, he is also a director which one him the highly coveted Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program.

Sam Riegel clearly doesn’t place himself in a box or limits himself. He is willing to try anything that appeals to him and he chooses his projects based on the value that they have for him and not just its face value. As a result, Sam Riegel has an enviable net worth, and he has a body of work that is fun but also worthwhile and just genuinely good.

Sam Riegel and the 9/11 Attack

Sam Riegel and his wife, Quyen Tran, were also among those unfortunate enough to witness the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City up close. They were in Manhattan when the attacks happened and were caught in the dust cloud that resulted from the fall of the South Tower. After escaping the dust cloud, they were eventually able to make it out to Battery Park where they were able to capture the events on camera as they unfolded, taking key video footage of the incident. The video footage that Sam Riegel and Quyen Tran were able to take that day were later used in a number of 9/11 World Trade Center documentaries detailing the event.

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Conclusion on Sam Riegel’s Work and Biography

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that Sam Riegel is the real deal. Sam Riegel’s net worth is envied by many, and he has the critical success and the prolific body of work to go with it. Sam Riegel has an equally successful and passionate wife, Quyen Tran, to share his interests and ideas with, and two lovely kids to complete his family.

Sam Riegel is proof that you don’t have to follow one set path to success – you can simply hone your craft and success will find you.

Quick FAQs

What are some of Sam Riegel’s best known roles?

  • Voice actor for Donatello in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Voice actor for Clovis la Britannia in the English dub of Code Geass
  • Voice actor for Shirou Emiya in the English dub of Fate/Stay Night
  • Voice actor for Faust III in the English dub of Shaman King
  • Voice actor for Yajiro Kojima in the English dub of Grenadier – The Senshi Smiles
  • Voice actor for Seishou in the English dub of The Twelve Kingdoms

Who is Sam Riegel’s wife/spouse?

Quyen Tran, Cinematographer

What is Sam Riegel’s net worth?

$2 million as of 2020

Who are Sam Riegel’s siblings?

Eden Riegel and Tatiana S. Riegel

What are the video game series that Sam Riegel voiced for?

  • Final Fantasy IV
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Fallout 76
  • The Amazing Spider-man 2
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  • Minecraft: Story Mode

What is the most famous video game series role that Sam Riegel had?

  • Minecraft: Story Mode
  • The Amazing Spider-man 2
  • Resident Evil: the Darkside Chronicles

What did Sam Riegel win a Daytime Emmy for?

Regal won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program for his work in Dangers & Eggs

Are Sam Riegel and Liam O’Brien married?

No. Sam Riegel is married to cinematographer Quyen Tran.

Is Sam Riegel colorblind?

Yes, Sam Riegel is colorblind.

What ethnicity is Sam Riegel?

Sam Riegel is American.

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