Tay Roc Net Worth

American battle rapper Tay Roc started his rap battle career when he was only 16 and is now one very famous rapper with an impressive net worth. Today we will share all we got on Tay Roc net worth and details from his biography and personal life, so keep reading for more details from the life of this popular rapper.

Tay Roc – Early Life

The American rapper was born on April 28, 1988, in Baltimore, Maryland, which he often mentioned during his rap battles. He doesn’t reveal much about his family and private life, so we don’t know anything about his childhood, except for what he says in his songs.

Tay Roc – Quick Bio Facts

  • Real name: Donte Richardson,
  • Birthday: April 28, 1988,
  • Place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland, US,
  • Tay Roc’s age: 33,
  • Birth sign: Taurus,
  • Occupation: American battle rapper,
  • Tay Roc’s girlfriend: unknown,
  • Kids: two,
  • Tay Roc net worth: $300K.

Tay Roc’s Career of a Fighting Rapper

Tay Roc started battle rapping at a young age when he was only 16. Just two years later, he became a big name and was all over the headlines in New York, which is known as the capital of battle rapping. Loaded Lux booked a table for his battle league and helped Tay Roc taste a bit of that battle rap fame.

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Over the years, Tay Roc was a member of several battle rap cliques. First, he was one of the infamous Dot Mom members, then he joined the Cave Gang, and the rest was history. His battles have millions of views on URL’s YouTube channel. Take a look at this video to watch a legendary rap battle between Tay Roc and Murda Mook that battle rap fans love to watch over and over.

Tay Roc’s Net Worth Revealed

There is a rumor among battle rap bloggers that this battler earns from 5 to 8K per fight, but that is still unconfirmed. What is sure is that the estimated net worth of Tay Roc certainly is not small. According to some sources, it is around $300K, but we think that Tay Roc’s net worth could actually be much higher. Maybe he doesn’t earn as much as some other famous people, but for his league, he certainly gets enough.

Tay Roc’s Personal Life

Although it is unknown who Tay Roc’s girlfriend is, it is known that he has two daughters from a past relationship. He is no longer together with his baby mama, and there are rumors that he is seeing someone else. However, since he is so good at keeping his personal life private and off social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, we don’t know much about it. There were also rumors that he is gay since he mentioned certain things in a rap battle or two.

That’s All We Got on Tay Roc Net Worth and Battle Rapper Career

He might not be the richest rapper, and his estimated net worth won’t be sky-high, but Tay Roc is one of the best rap battlers out there, and that is something respect-worthy. Take a look at some of his rap battles and see it for yourself.

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