Tiffany “Monie” Cashette – Net Worth, Bio, Age, Husband, Son

You may have already heard about the popular hit lifetime reality series Little Women: LA. It revolves around little but empowered women of Los Angeles, California. In it, you will see their personal lives, day-to-day struggles, and achievements.

The show became a massive success that it produced a spin-off series entitled Little Women: Atlanta (Little Women: ATL). Now, from the title itself, it shows the lives of little women residing in Atlanta, Georgia.

One of the main cast members of the popular Little Women: Atlanta is Monie Cashette.

This article will dig deeper into Tiffany “Monie” Cashette net worth, bio, age, husband, and son.

Tiffany Cashette Net Worth

Monie Cashette’s net worth is an estimated $0.35 million. Besides acquiring wealth from her series Little Women: Atlanta, she has a production company, a luster skin care line, a t-shirt line, show line called MonieRose. This explains her net worth.

Tiffany Cashette Biography and Early Life

Tiffany Cashette, also known as Monie Cashette, was born on October 26, 1982, in Houston, Texas, United States of America. She is an African-American descent, and she was born with a rare case of Dwarfism named NPR 2.

There is not much information about her early life, especially where she graduated, but when Monie Cashette was 19 years old, her mother, Felicia Andrea Wardsworth, died due to Scleroderma. Monie Cashette supported non-profit organizations that help raise awareness and treatment for the disease as the years passed.

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Personal Life (Husband, Children, and Family)

In 2016, Monie Cashette and Morlin Ragaland were engaged. Morlin Ragland is also a fellow Little Women: Atlanta.

In 2017, Monie Cashette married fellow Little Women Morlin Ragland. The couple met on a dating website called plentyoffish com.

The Atlanta cast member Morlin Ragland appeared in season 1 of the series. The two don’t have a baby yet. However, in Morlin’s past relationship, he had four kids while Monie Cashette has a son from her former marriage named Derrick Eugene Bector Jr.

For almost three years, Monie Cashette tried hard to get her full custody of her son, Derrick. Monie has been traveling back and forth to Atlanta and Houston just to bond with her child and try to let Derrick live with her and Atlanta cast member, Morlin.

However, Monie Cashette lost her child’s custody, which made her leave the series, but she will be back in season 6. Unfortunately, in 2019, in her Instagram account, she stated that she and her married fellow Little Women: Atlanta cast member, Morlin, would be having a divorce.

Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements and Birth Sign

Reality star, Monie Cashette was born on October 26, 1982, and she is now 38 years old. Tiffany’s height is 4’6. There is no information about her weight and body measurement; however, her birth sign is Scorpio.


Before, Monie Cashette was a medical claims examiner, and then she became one of the main stars in the reality series Little Women: Atlanta. She worked alongside various stars of the hit series.

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Monie Cashette acquired national recognition as one of the stars of the hit lifetime reality series Little Women: Atlanta. She also started a production company called “Little Women, Big Business.” Through this company, Monie Cashette released her very own fragrance-line called “Cashette” (Soft as Silk, Hard as Diamond) and became a brand ambassadress for Luster Skin Care Line; she also added her t-shirt line.

The Little Women: Atlanta cast member also plans to have her show line called MonieRose.

Aside from the business, she also appeared on “Nubbin & Friends,” a popular children’s show. In addition, Monie Cashette is the voice actor for the character “Monie the Ladybug.”

Lastly, reality star Monie Cashette became a part of The Atlanta Social Club (a diverse and driven group of women in Atlanta.)

Based on all of this, for sure, you are eager to know her net worth.

Conclusion on Tiffany Cashette

Tiffany “Monie” Cashette is a Little Women: Atlanta cast and a businesswoman. She was once a medical claims examiner. She started a production company called Little Women, Big Business. She supported non-profit organizations because of her mother.

She is one of the little people that showed the world that size never really mattered for your huge goals.

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