Unbox Therapy: Net Worth, Personal Life, Career And More

Are you fond of new technological gadgets and eager to learn about them? Then I guess you must have checked the Unbox Therapy YouTube Videos. Known for its durability test and crazy ideas Unbox Therapy has created a following among every teenager and adult.

Started in December 2010, Unbox Therapy has been a success since then and has achieved above 18 million subscribers till date.

Here is all you need to know about this crazy channel.

Unbox Therapy Net Worth

The YouTube channel is owned and run by Lewis George, and has a net worth of estimated $24 million.

Unbox Therapy Age, Height and Weight

Lewis is 36 years old and weighs 75kgs. He has a height of 1.68m.

How Much Does Unbox Therapy Make A Year?

The Unbox Therapy owner earns around $3 million annually through YouTube advertisements and sponsorships both.

What Does Unbox Therapy Do For A Living?

Unbox Therapy earns mostly through his YouTube channel. Lewis has kept his professional life away from limelight and only his friends and family are aware of what he does except YouTube.

He earns around $3 million annually just by YouTube and that’s all what he wants everyone to know about his sources of income.

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Unbox Therapy Early Life

Lewis was born in the year 1985 in Ontario, Canada. He did his high school from a local school in his hometown. For further studies he went to Toronto to study digital arts, photography and video editing at School of Art.

That’s all he wants his fans to know and hasn’t revealed any other information about his personal life.

Unbox Therapy Career Accomplishments and Awards

Unbox Therapy hasn’t received any awards but that’s not needed. Lewis has gained so much love through his fans that the award won’t make a difference now.

However, he has received the Play Buttons from YouTube for his recognition. His content is so informative that as soon as a new gadget is launched people prepare themselves to learn about it from his channel.

He challenges the products of Multi-National Companies through his durability tests. That’s what made people like his content. He shows the real truth of those gadgets and that helps his fans a lot.


Is Lewis Canadian?

Yes, he is.

How many kids that he has?

In his videos only one son appears and mostly everyone including his followers only knows him.

Is there any other channel of Lewis?

No, Lewis only works on his channel named as Unbox Therapy.

Does Lewis own a repair shop?

Yes, he owns an Apple repair shop located close to Ryerson University.

Final Words

If you like to learn more about new gadgets and devices Unbox Therapy is a channel you should subscribe to. The content is very informative. If you are looking to buy a new device do look at its review on this channel and it will help you.

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Here was a complete guide to the Unbox Therapy.

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