Drew Gemma From Marrying Millions: Net Worth, Personal Life, Career And More

Drew Gemma was one of the participants of the hit reality television show Marrying Millions. There have been 2 seasons of the show. The show has a very unique concept which keeps the fans hooked. Even though the show is quite popular none of the participant shave been as popular as Drew Gemma. Who is literally a millionaire? He has won the hearts of over thousands of people.

Drew Gemma Marrying Millions Net Worth

Drew Gemma has amassed a whopping $10 million through his different business ventures including his main business i.e. construction and landing company. He has a net worth of $10 million which made him the perfect person to be in the reality show marrying millions. HE was also the most popular person on the show.

Drew Gemma Marrying Millions Height, Weight, and Age 

Drew is 40 years old. His height and weight are uncertain but from looking at his pictures, we would say he is a well heighted man with well-maintained body.

How much does Drew Gemma Marrying Millions make a year?

As a successful landscaping and construction business owner, he might be making $60,000-$70,000 per year or even more than that depending on the amount of contracts he gets every year. This is how he has made his millions.

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What does Drew Gemma Marrying Millions do for a living?

He provides professional, commercial and residential lawn care services. He owns a successful construction and landscaping business. He has been doing this for years even before he became part of the popular show. His net worth of $10 million makes him the richest man on the show.

Drew Gemma Marrying Millions Early Years 

Not much is known about the past of Drew Gemma. Some of the information known to the general public is that he is a divorcee. He made his millions through his landscaping and construction company. One other thing that the couple mentioned in the show was about how both of them met each other. Both Drew Gemma and Rosie met at a sugar daddy website and over the years there relationship has blossomed into something more wonderful. The couple is currently engaged to be married. Many people though that their relationship wouldn’t last long but the couple proved everyone wrong.

Drew Gemma from marrying Millions FAQ

Are Drew and Rosie From Marrying Millions Still Together?

Yes, the couple is still together and they are very much in love. When asked about their relationship Drew said that they are still going strong.

Is Drew Gemma from Marrying Million actually rich?

Yes, he is a millionaire. He has a net worth of around $10 Million.

What Happened to Drew Gemma’s Eye?

He had a medical condition when he was a baby. This is why his eye droops on one side.

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