6ix9ine’s (Tekashi69) Net Worth


Name:Daniel Hernandez
Nickname:6ix9ine, Tekashi69, Tekashi 6ix9ine
Birth Date:May 8, 1996 (age 23)
Occupation:Rapper, Songwriter
Net-Worth:$4.5 million
Zodiac Sign:Taurus


Daniel Hernandez a.k.a. 6ix9ine is an American rapper and songwriter, best known for his outlandish style and for his most successful single “Fefe”. He quickly rose to fame after just 3 years of activity, becoming one of the youngest and most controversial rappers to make it big in America. Nowadays, after his musical success, he managed to accumulate a fortune of $4.5 million.

Early life

He was born in Brooklyn son of a Mexican mother and a Puerto Rican father that was unfortunately shot to death when Daniel was just 13. This changed his life completely as since he had to help out his mother with finances, he started selling drugs on the streets while doing odd jobs in the meantime.

He has always had the reputation to be the class clown even though he never got bullied. This made him very popular, in fact, he knew many people in his school that helped him in establishing his influence. 

His early life wasn’t a calm one as he developed his rebel personality after his father’s death. This trait put him into troubles many times, like when he assaulted the owner at a place where he was working. He also got caught while selling heroin and later got to jail but likely he managed to save himself because he was a minor.

Career & Hustle

His career didn’t start as a typical one, in fact, he started producing songs just for fun. That fun, combined with his appreciated songs and with his popularity, helped him rise through the ranks and getting views on Youtube. 

After the early youtube popularity, he got some following in Slovakia where he even got his first tour. His first sold-out performance occurred in Prague instead, turning out to be a huge success.

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The Turning Point

The turning point of his career occurred when he started to become known in the hip hop industry after his single “Gummo” was released in 2017. Gummo became quickly viral and hit the top 15 billboard charts and even got a platinum certification, making it his first major success that catapulted 6ix9ine into the spotlight.

Success Knocks on 6ix9ine’s Door

His success didn’t stop there anyway as in February 2018 he released his first album that eventually got at number 4 on the Billboard 200 album chart, surpassing his previous limits. This made him even more respected and influential so that he started collaborating with big names such as Nicky Minaj, Young Tug, A Boogie with Doodie, Trippieredd and many more. 

The rest is just history, in fact unfortunately in 2019 he pled guilty to nine charges and potentially sentencing him to a 47 years period in prison unless he testifies against his fellow gang members in the ongoing investigations.

3 Lessons we can learn from 6ix9ine’s story

Lesson 1: Get people’s attention

Everything can be said about 6ix9ine but not sure that he’s not good at getting people’s attention. With his face completely covered in tattoos and his rainbow-like hair, he is for sure one of the funniest yet unique web characters of the latest years. He probably did this both because that’s a part of who he is and also because he knew that by looking this way he would have caught people’s attention.

Lesson 2: Go where you are appreciated

6ix9ine might have had the ambition to become famous in the United States and in fact, he managed to get famous there eventually. Anyway, his first fanbase was in Slovakia that probably wasn’t the place where he imagined to make his greatest shows. Anyway, since that was the place where his music was appreciated, he let go of the idea of fighting to get his music heard where he wanted and instead he went with the flow and wit what people wanted. That behavior eventually paid off as from there he got more confident and became bigger and bigger until he eventually got successful in the United States as well.

Lesson 3: Leverage your Popularity

One smart thing that 6ix9ine did was to leverage his connections and popularity to get him famous as soon as possible. Many people nowadays don’t understand how powerful having a strong network can be in almost any business area. Apart from that it also feels good (apart from being fun) to have many friends to which we can count.

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5 Tips to Succeed According to 6ix9ine

Tip #1: Think Different

If you want to be successful in life you can’t just be like anybody else or you’ll end up being a copy of somebody who has already existed. 6ix9ine maybe didn’t read 100 personal growth books but for sure this mindset has always been embedded in the way he thought. In the end, if we think about it, only the people who can effectively differentiate themselves from others are the ones that we remember the most, even if our memory of them is a negative one. Be different and you’ll probably be successful in life, apart from being remembered as a unique individual, just like Steve Jobs had done.

Tip #2: Don’t care about what others think

If you care too much about what others think you’ll be paralyzed due to your fear to act and will hardly achieve any success. If you really want to be a person of success, start to think for yourself and to do the things that are the closest to your values instead of always being drifted away from other’s opinions of you. In the end, the people that managed to become successful haven’t been the ones that were constantly looking for others’ approval but the ones that had a so firm belief in themselves that nobody could demolish it.

Tip #3: Do what you want

6ix9ine hasn’t been the classic artist that created the type of songs that people wanted. He rather focussed on creating a product that was unique and that resonated with him, regardless of what the market trends were. That actually was a genius move because in art you can’t predict how people will respond, thus the best way to maximize your success is to truly be yourself. 

Tip #4: Some attention is better than no attention

That’s why we often hear 6ix9ine talking that he likes when people hate him. This makes him feel important and more than anything, gives him, even more, exposure and attention. That’s proof that he understands that when people hate you they’re actually feeding your energy and influence rather than putting you down that would be better accomplished with indifference. Hate and love are two faces of the same medal that melts under the act of indifference. The majority of artists know that indifference is what will kill them one day or another, that’s why they often use provocations or other means to keep their names high.

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Tip #5: Be yourself

Finally, the best tip he gives to people is just to be unapologetically themselves and to express their true identity without feeling ashamed of it, even if this could make somebody upset. When you are yourself it’s inevitable that some people will like you for who you are and others won’t. It’s simply the way things work in our world, so make it a priority to be yourself first because that’s how you’ll be happy and happy people always serve the community better. 

7  Curiosities About 6ix9ine

  1. Due to his crimes, he will possibly face a 47-year prison sentence.
  2. Due to his snitching in court he has lost a lot of his credibility and trust from other rappers.
  3. He once choked a 16 years old boy at a mall.
  4. In July 2018 he was kidnapped, beaten up and stolen $785.000 worth of goods.
  5. The mother of his daughter is Sara Molina.
  6. He got deleted many of his Instagram accounts due to inappropriate content.
  7. He reportedly slept with an underage girl without her consent.

10 Quotes from 6ix9ine

  1. “I can’t sit here and satisfy the world”
  2. “I don’t really want no friends”
  3. “There is a difference between being a gangsta and a stupid”
  4. “People hate me because I’m arrogant”
  5. “I take no loss.”
  6. “I’m running the game”
  7. “I’m ready to die and I’m ready to kill”
  8. “I came out of nowhere and passed many people real quick”
  9. “Just be yourself”
  10. “I know who I am”


6ix9ine is surely one of the most discussed artists of the latest years both due to his appearance and crazy actions. Unfortunately, he lost the opportunity to further develop his career due to his bad temper and immature behaviors, anyway if he will ever come out of jail soon we might see him again triumphing over the screens.

Your Take-Away for Today 

If 6ix9ine will be here to stay or to go will only be discovered with time, for now, we can say that despite the bad behavior that put him into trouble, this man has been able to create a career for himself out of nowhere. That’s not something everybody can do, so let’s take the positive things he’s done and get inspired by his courage and for the loyalty to his true self.

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