Jake Paul’s Net Worth

Basic Information

Name:Jake Joseph Paul
Nickname:Jake Paul
Birth Date:January 17, 1997 (age 22)
Occupation:YouTuber, Actor.
Net-Worth:US $13.5 million
Spouse:Tana Mongeau
Zodiac Sign:Capricorn


Jake Joseph Paul is an American Youtuber, Actor and web personality. He went from wanting to become a respected Navy Seal to becoming one of the greatest entertainers of the web. Thanks to his comedy skills, looks, and charisma, he amassed an estimated fortune of US $13.5 million. I’m Sal Damiata from Success Titan and that’s Jake Paul’s story.

Early life

Jake Joseph Paul was born in Cleveland Ohio, son of a realtor that later got divorced from his mother, eventually getting remarried with a doctor. He is the brother of Logan Paul, another internet personality and youngsters celebrity that you also probably know.

Since an early age, Jack had always been a sports fan. Being driven by his unstoppable competitive spirit, he participated in local school football leagues, apart from taking on other competitive sports in the future like wrestling.

Once he was in his middle teens, he got a camera gifted from his dad with which he and his brother Logan used to fool around. They started recording short funny scenes of their days and uploaded their videos on youtube, resulting in low view counts at the beginning.

After the youtube experiment, the two brothers decided to leave it for the moment, so Jake decided to try out wrestling. It was his sophomore year at the time and even though he liked what he was doing, he found himself lost, without a clear future vision to pursue.

Career & Hustle

After careful thinking, he made up his mind and decided to join the Navy Seals as this career path seemed to offer Jack what he needed; a competitive spirit and a purpose, like serving the United States. 

He started training for the program while still at home but then, persuaded by his brother Logan, he second-guessed himself and went back to Youtube. Things again didn’t work out well for the brothers with Youtube but the hopes didn’t seem to be lost as a brand new social media platform had just come out; Vine.

He started making videos on Vine with his brother Logan, challenging him to get the highest follower count. Video after video their popularity rose, until one, became viral and made them local celebrities first, then worldwide ones with several million followers.

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How about making money? According to Jake, while he was getting paid through sponsoring products on Vine, he made more money than his parents.

This made him understand that probably he could make it even bigger just by creating videos. That’s when he decided to move to LA to further advance his acting career, with the full support of his incredulous parents.

The Turning Point

Landed on LA, he started taking acting classes and subscribed to improvisations comedy. Those activities led the foundation for a solid acting career, apart from helping him get new and key connections in the industry.

In fact, not surprisingly, after that period he got his first acting scene in the movie “Mono” produced by Fox, later he got into “Dance Camp” with YouTube Red.

Success Knocks on Jake Paul’s Door

Jake can seem to be pretty superficial at first and not to possess any business mind whatsoever. Well, that’s totally wrong in fact he didn’t stop his career only to acting but created his own social media marketing company “Team 10” to help other creators and brands interested in getting popular grow their following.

Parallel to that, he kept going on with his acting career and auditioned for Disney Channel to participate in the show “Bizaardvark” that he eventually managed to get. He thus became one of the first social media influencers to regularly appear on the small screen.

From there, things skyrocketed even more until today where Jack Paul is one of the youngest and biggest stars on youtube and other social media.

3 Lessons we can learn from Jake Paul’s story

Lesson 1: Be Competitive

Jake never stopped to pursue the things he wanted, even if this meant failing big in many of his endeavors. His competitive spirit moreover never settled for average things but pushed him to show up as a better version of himself every time he had he had the opportunity to show up. We know that being competitive and being on a journey for success most often than not makes people succeed over who gives up soon; what’s vital anyway is being competitive with oneself and not getting caught in the fruitless competition with other people.

Lesson 2: Experiment new things

As said before Jack didn’t only choose one path to pursue until he was convinced that it was what he truly wanted. From wanting to become a youtube star to a pro wrestler to a Navy Seal and until he became an entertainer and actor, Jake has tried many things. When you experiment with new things every day, it’s inevitable that your brain will develop new and more complicate neural connections that, one day, might turn out to be useful to you when a new business idea must be executed with a particular set of skills.

Lesson 3: Change Environment

Jake knew that he couldn’t have become that successful by staying around the same people in the same place all the time. He understood the power of effective networking and that’s why he moved to L.A. There he imagined he would have met many people that could help him advance his career, apart from having better learning opportunities with better local institutions. He wasn’t wrong and once there he used as much of the city as he could, both from a learning point of view (the classes he subscribed) and from a networking one (the friends he made). That was surely a huge factor contributing to his success.

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5 Tips to Succeed According to Jake Paul

Tip #1: Put in the work

In life, nothing comes for free. If you don’t put in the work, realize nobody is going to make it for you, unless you pay that person or offer something else in exchange. This doesn’t mean you must necessarily be a workaholic as this can cause you more harm than good. Anyway, you should put hours on your craft and probably work much more at the beginning, especially when money and fame still didn’t come. If you want to succeed start working smart and producing like a machine, then you’ll have all the time you want to relax and enjoy your life.

Tip #2: Surpass your own limits

Being the best version of yourself has been his motto during his personal development years. He understood that in order to achieve greatness we must confront ourselves with our worst enemy, that is, ourselves! Sometimes we think that others are here to destroy us when in reality it’s most of the time us that let them influence our lives. Compare yourself to the version you were yesterday and always show up as your best version from a physical, mental and spiritual point of view.

Tip #3: Set Goals

Setting goals has helped Jake overcome his problems when he was in high school and got bullied. He said that using affirmations and having a clear direction where to go help him stay focussed and avoid getting distracted (or even worse dragged down) by unhappy people and haters. Setting goals is a way with which you can really decide what your standards are and thus, become the master of your own fate. When you set your standards too high some people will start hating you and will try to bring you back to their level. What you should do instead is keep going because at this new level you’ll meet people with which you’ll resonate better and that will help you get even higher.

Tip #4: Rise Above Haters

Haters gonna hate, most of the time. As Jake Paul said, his haters told him the worst things you can ever imagine “You name it, they said it to me”. What do you think would have happened if he got influenced by the words of his haters? He would still be in his garden trying to figure out how to become successful or, worse, he would be in a job he didn’t like, just because of his fear of other’s opinions. Luckily that wasn’t his reality, that’s why we see him shine through the media critics and the thousands of insults he gets on his social media channels. Rise above haters because haters gonna hate.

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Tip #5: Keep Moving and Thing Big

As the author of the book “The magic of thinking big” points out, having huge dreams is not for fools but for huge minds. That’s what Jake has always been about, in fact, he always dreamed of becoming one of the greatest actors in the Hollywood scene. Maybe he is not one of the biggest names out there yet but who knows if one day he’ll make it? In any case, the quote “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.’ sounds perfect in this case as he still achieved great success by shooting for something big.

7  Curiosities About Jake Paul

  1. One day he was invited to a party at the white house and to entertain his youtube followers he made a video of him escaping from a toilet in the night without being caught by the guards.
  2. He claims that once he has seen a ghost during a trip.
  3. He claims never to have liked school and still doesn’t’.
  4. Once he moved to LA he bought a motorbike than later sold because it was too dangerous.
  5. He wrote a book called “you gotta want it.”
  6. He released a music video on youtube that is the third most disliked video ever on the platform.
  7. Since 2019 he dates Tana Mongeau to whom he’s not officially married.

10 Quotes from Jake Paul

  1. “Nobody’s life is perfect, and each individual will have their own struggles and stipulations.”
  2. “You can become whoever you want to be. You can do what you want to do.”
  3. “You’re only one video away from going viral and changing your life.”
  4. “I get to do what I want. And I get paid millions of dollars to do it.”
  5. “When I stopped caring about every other content creator, I became the best one.”
  6. “I had to overcome bullies and other people. I overcame this with positive affirmations and setting goals.”
  7. “I’m gonna forget all the negative press and focus on being the best version of myself.”
  8. “Off-camera I’m chill and laid-back. I don’t know if the word is shy or reserved but I’m always thinking.”
  9. “Don’t believe the fake media”
  10. “I’m not here to hurt anyone or harm anyone”


Jake Paul is one of the greatest examples of a guy coming from nowhere that eventually made it to success exploiting his talents. Thanks to his skills as an entertainer and a business-minded attitude he managed to accumulate a fortune of US $13.5 million.

Your Take-Away for Today 

Now that you know how Jake Paul made it, what can you apply in your life from what he has done? I believe one of the greatest takeaways that we can learn is to never give up and to always shoot for your dreams by taking risks, even if this might hurt at times.

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