Alessio Rastani Net Worth, Height, Bio, Birthday, Wiki

Starting as an independent trader, Alessio Rastani is now one of the biggest crypto influencers and traders. Living in Portugal, Rastani has motivated people to start their businesses and trading. His primary source of communication to his followers is through his YouTube channel and social media platforms.

Here are some quick facts that you need to know about Alessio Rastani.

Alessio Rastani Net Worth

Alessio earns most wealth from working on his YouTube channel and crypto trading. However, he is also the CEO and founder of Leadingtrader. There is some conflicting information about his net worth, but it is estimated around $8 million – $15 million.

How much does Alessio Rastani make a year?

Having around 351k subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel and about 37 million views, Rastani makes around $1 million – $3 million per year. However, these figures are estimated as Rastani has not disclosed any exact information about his annual income.

How does Alessio Rastani make money?

Besides working on his YouTube channel, Alessio Rastani is also a crypto trader and CEO of Learningtrader. The company provides stock market and forex trading to all those eager to be traders. Having such net worth, Rastani must-have investments to keep his net worth secure,

Alessio Rastani Biography

Rastani is around 44 years old. However, he has never shared any information about his early life but mentioned his college. First, he studied law at the University of Wales. Then he worked for a financial firm for some time.

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Rastani started trading in 2006 as an independent trader for himself. Experienced traders played an essential role in his life and taught him the trading systems.

According to Alessio Rastani, 2008 and 2009 were the years that changed his life. The boost in the market made him wealthy and successful. He is praying for a boost like that again.

Alessio Rastani now works as an educationist in the trading industry and mentors many young traders. But, despite the immense success, Rastani likes to stay under the shade and doesn’t like much publicity.

Learningtrader by Alessio Rastani

The company founded by Alessio Rastani is now the most popular among those who want to trade. He founded this company to ensure that people who are insecure about their jobs can secure their future by trading. Now it seems he has achieved his goal.

The company has now formed a community for all the global traders. You can be a part of their research community and chart analysis. Other than you can also find free videos on the company’s website. Learningtrader is now successful in creating young and energetic traders worldwide.


Where was Rastani brought up?

Alessio Rastani was brought up in the UK.

Is Rastani married?

He hasn’t mentioned anything about his marital status. However, in an interview, he mentioned his son.

How long has Alessio worked in the trading industry?

Alessio Rastani has been a trader and analyst for the past 18 years.

Final Words

This was all you need to know about Alessio Rastani. We hope this article has helped you to learn more about him.

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