Sheldon Evans Net Worth, Height, Bio, Birthday, Wiki

Also known as a professional photographer, Sheldon Evans is now a crypto influencer. Started his YouTube channel in 2014, Sheldon Evans is famous as the crypto guru among many. His content is liked by many, making him one of the best crypto analysts.

Here is all you need to know about Sheldon Evans, the crypto guru.

Sheldon Evans Net Worth

Sheldon Evans is also a professional photographer other than working on his YouTube channel. He also gives online trading courses and training. His estimated net worth is about $1.5 million.

What does Sheldon Evans do for a living?

Sheldon is a professional photographer and an entrepreneur. However, he rose to fame by sharing content about the crypto market and how it works. His content is highly informative.

Other than this, he provides online crypto training courses for beginners and new traders. He also offers photography and editing online courses. He has also featured in other content creators’ podcasts and videos.

How much does Sheldon Evans make a year?

Sheldon Evans has not disclosed any exact information about his annual income anywhere. However, in a video on his YouTube channel, he mentioned that he earns $750 a day. By calculating it makes his yearly salary is around $300k.

Biography of Sheldon Evans

Born on October 18, 1994, Sheldon Evans is a South African influencer. Sheldon Evans likes to keep his personal life private and hasn’t disclosed any information about his family and upbringing. None of his followers have any information about his siblings and partner.

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However, Sheldon started growing a passion for photography from an early age and then persuaded it as a career. He then started as a crypto trader, analyst, and financial adviser.

Starting with his YouTube channel in 2014, Sheldon Evans now has about 736k subscribers and around 19 million views. His content features cryptoanalysis and all you need to know about it. However, he also owns another channel to give knowledge about photography and editing.

Sheldon Evans Crypto Portfolio

Sheldon Evans has kept his crypto portfolio restricted from the public. However, you will be given an inside look if you want to become a trader and become his patron.

He offers different membership plans according to your requirements. For beginners, he provides a plan for $37 per month. However, for serious investors, there is also a plan for $1,997 per month.

You will be given a very detailed insight into the crypto market, and if you want to talk to Sheldon Evans on a 1-1 call, you can. Only if you are a member of the $1,997 plan. You will also be offered a look at his crypto portfolio and see by yourself he makes money from crypto, and you can go as well.


Is Sheldon Evans married?

He has not mentioned any information about his present or past relationships.

Is it worth investing according to Sheldon Evans plans?

If many people trust him and have invested, you should as well.

Final Words

Here is your complete guide to Sheldon Evans. We hope this helped you to get to know more about Sheldon.

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