Bo Burnham: His Career, Net Worth, Success, Bio, Personal Achievements

Bo Burnham is an American comic and musician who has quickly risen in the ranks of internet fame. He is also the youngest comedian to do a special with comedy central. He has been regularly featured on comedy central and he also came first in the Standup Showdown arranged by Comedy Central. Burnham also did a special on Netflix named Bo Burnham: Inside which got very positive reception.

Bo Burnham Net Worth 

Bo Burnham has a net worth of $4 million which he has amassed with his career in comedy. He also has a very successful YouTube channel. In addition to comedy and YouTube he is also a musician. So all of these things have helped him reach $4 million in noteworthy. With the way pace at which he is succeeding in life we can only imagine that this number will only increase.

Bo Burnham Height, Weight, and Age 

Bo Burnham is 31 years old but he achieved more success than many people who have been in the industry for way longer time. He weight around 73 Kgs. Bo Burnham is 6ft 4 inches tall which is around 196cm.

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Bo Burnham Biography and Life

Bo Burnham has listed many amazing acts like George Carline and Steve Martin as some of his inspirations. He is also very fond of music which led him to write the song New Math as a tribute to the great singer Tom Lehrer. He lives in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Lorene Scafaria.

How Much Does Bo Burnham Ear In a Year?

It is not a disclosed information however we can only speculate that the amount is in hundreds and thousands of dollars. It is not known how much he got from Netflix for his documentary Inside but we can only imagine that the number would be near a million.

What does Bo Burnham do for a living?

With the way his career is going we can only say that he will be able to make a lot of money with his comedy and music. He has said in an interview that for him music was like a hobby but it seems like he is taking his music very seriously.

Do Bo Burnham Have a Girlfriend?

He does have a girlfriend named Lorene Scafariea. She lives in Los Angeles and the couple appears to be happy together. They often post photos of themselves enjoying various activities.

Bo Burnham Career Accomplishments & Awards

Since the start of his career Bo has won several different awards for directing, screenplay and directing. Most of his awards were for the documentary Bo Burnham: Inside and Eighth Grade. He has also won several awards for his comedy.

Bo Burnham FAQs

Is Bo Burnham Married?

He is not married but he does have a girlfriend and they both live happily in Los Angeles.

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Did Bo Burnham Grow His Beard?

He let his hair and beard grow when he was filming his special documentary inside.

Has Bo Burnham Quit Comedy?

No Bo Burnham hasn’t quit comedy. He just took a break a little time back but now he is back.

Does Bo Burnham Live Alone?

From his latest documentary ‘Inside’, it may seem like he lives alone in the house however that is not the case as he lives with his girlfriend.

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