Scump: Net worth, Personal Life, Career And More

Scump real name Seth Аbnеr is one of the most popular YouTubers and a professional Call of Duty player. He has gained a lot of popularity because of his YouTube videos and twitch streaming where he can be seen playing call of duty. As he is a professional call of duty player, you can only imagine how good he must be. He plays in different gaming leagues. He is member of the Chicago Huntsmen. The team is owned by NRG esports

Scump Net Worth

Scump is not only a professional call of duty player but also a great YouTuber. His ventures in the word of professional call of duty and his YouTube career has helped him amass a staggering net worth of $2 million. With such an amazing net worth, you might think he is the highest paid call of duty player but that wouldn’t be true. Crimsix beats him in that department.

Scump Height, Weight, and Age 

Scump’s height is around 1.6m and he weighs only around 60 KGs. He was born in 1995. He is currently 26 years old

How much does Scump make a year?

He does not have a fixed yearly income but on average he earns around $10000 per year, this number does go up and down every year but mostly it is around 100K.

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What does Scump do for a living?

What does he do for a living? Well! He plays games. Scump is living a life that we all can only dream of living. Who doesn’t want to earn money by playing games? If you have never seen a professional call of duty player then you can look at Scump.

Scump Early Life

Scump was born in Pennsylvania USA. He is married however he like to keep his personal life private. So a lot isn’t known about his family. He went to Cumberland valley high school. After school he thought about pursuing his passion of gaming especially Call of Duty. So instead of pursing his education and going to college he decided to improve his call of duty skills and became a professional call of duty player. This is one decision that his parents might not have supported but they would definitely be happy and proud of him now.

Scump Career Accomplishments & Awards

He has millions of subscribers of YouTube and has won several different awards for his performance in Call of Duty tournaments. He is a world champion in the world of call of duty. Not just that he has also won a lot of gaming awards for his performance. He has also been an all-star of the game for 3 consecutive years.

Scump FAQs


Yes he is married to Elizabeth Scump.

What games does Scump play?

Scump is a world champion when it comes to call of duty. So he does play other games but his main focus and interests have always been call of duty.

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Is Scump the richest Call of duty player?

No there are others who are even richer than him.

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