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Motivational speaker and author Brother Polight is one of those whose life story was not easy. After spending some time in prison, he decided to change his destiny and help others stay on the right track. Now, instead of counting days to get out of jail, he is counting money, and we are here to reveal Brother Polight net worth and other details from his personal life.

Brother Polight Early Life

Brother Polight was born on August 10, 1983, in New York City, and he grew up without his mom, which is something he often mentions. Unfortunately, he met his mother just a week before she died, and he was 17 at the moment. Besides that, there is no other information on the Brother Polight family relationships. When he turned 18, he got involved in numerous criminal activities and ended up in jail.

Brother Polight Biography Quick Facts:

  • Real name: Michael Noak Jr,
  • Date of birth: August 10, 1983,
  • Birth place: New York City, United States,
  • Brother Polight age: 38,
  • Nationality: American,
  • Brother Polight height: 5 ft 4 in,
  • Brother Polights girlfriend: N/A,
  • Previous years net worth: $3 million.

Brother Polight’s Career After Getting Out of Jail

After being involved in criminal activity and sentenced to prison, he became known as Brother Polight in the Black Community. He opened up a YouTube channel where he now has a bit over 100,000 subscribers and more than 8 million views. He is also sharing his story on Instagram and other social media platforms, trying to build a community that will be inspired by his story. In one of his recent posts and videos, he talks about how a healthy diet can help you boost your immune system, so take a look at this video to see his point of view.

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Personal Life and Controversies

In an interview with DJ Vlad, Brother Polight stated that he is a polygamist, so he is in a relationship with four wives at the moment. Besides that, he also has four kids with two of his wives. However, he was recently accused of sexual battery of the daughter of his ex-girlfriend, and many of his fans started canceling him.

Brother Polight Estimated Net Worth

Was Brother Polight arrested? Yes. But is he trying to change his lifestyle and say goodbye to his gang member past? Also yes. Although we can question his decision to live in a polygamous community, the fact is that he is living his life the way he wants it. At the moment, his estimated net worth is $3 million, but we are not entirely sure what his main income source is.

That’s All We Got on Brother Polight Net Worth and Career

Rough upbringings and the fact that as a black person with a criminal record, he had a hard time coming back and trying to rebuild his image are all some circumstances we need to keep in mind when speaking of Brother Polight. But the most important thing is that he is trying to be the best version of himself.

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