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Since the beginning of time, people were intrigued by the lives of successful individuals, not to mention rich and famous. How do they do it, how they manage to accomplish so much at such a young age and become prominent? We will try to explain it with the example of one multi-talented artist, Hopsin, so today we bring you everything about Hopsin Net Worth, Salary, Mansion, Cars, Biography, and more, stay tuned.

Everything You Should Know About Hopsin Net Worth

Whenever someone gets famous, their net worth skyrockets to an insane height, and the same happened with Hopsin net worth.

So, how much is Hopsin worth? Hopsin net worth is currently estimated at around $4 million.

Who Is Marcus Jamal Hopson, AKA Hopsin?

Those of you who are not so familiar with the career of this artist are probably wondering who he is and what is so special about him. So, let’s start from the very beginning. Marcus Jamal Hopson, also known as Hopsin (stage name), was born on July 18, 1985, in Los Angeles, California. We can’t use only one word to describe him, so here’s a brief (yet impressive) list of his occupations:

  • Rapper,
  • Singer,
  • Songwriter,
  • Record producer,
  • Music video director,
  • Actor. 
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What We Know About His Early Life

Before his net worth became a burning topic, Marcus Hopson (stage name Hopsin) spent his childhood in Panorama City, a Hispanic neighborhood in the northwest parts of Los Angeles, California. He attended special education classes at the local James Monroe High School and was a huge fan of skateboarding which reflects in many of his music videos.

Baby Steps Towards His Rap Career

Hopsin is an American rapper who started raping when he was only 16, but his first project saw the light of the day in 2002. That year he self-released his first demo album named Emerge, but it took a few for him to find its road in music.

Young and Reckless

An event that is frequently mentioned is the one from 2004 when Hopsin and his friends vandalized James Monroe High School and got arrested. Due to this school prank, he spent a year in Los Angeles County Jail.

The Beginning of Hopsin’s Career as a Rapper

After he was released from Los Angeles County Jail, he bought his first microphone, and in 2007 he was signed with Ruthless Records. Ruthless Records is a popular record company from California, founded in 1987. Quickly after, in 2009, he released his debut album named Gazing At the Moonlight.

Founding His Very Own Label

The same year he released Gazing At the Moonlight, he founded his own record label Funk Volume. Next year, in 2010, Hopsin released the album called Raw, and one particular single stood out. That song has more than 37 million views on YouTube and became a hit because it is a sort of a controversial diss track on Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, Lupe Fiasco, and Soulja Boy.

How Did Hopsin Get Famous? Noteworthy Career Milestones

In 2013 Hopsin released the album Knock Madness, which got onto 7. position on the US rap chart. Later, in 2015, Hopsin released another album, Pound Syndrome. Pound Syndrome was a major success and got to 4. place on the US rap chart. 

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When Was the Last Time He Released an Album?

Until today, the last studio album he released was the one in 2017, No Shame. If you would like to understand hip hop and Hopsin a bit better, we recommend these songs from his latest studio album:

  • Sag my pants,
  • Hop is back,
  • Crown me,
  • Fly,
  • Ill Mind of Hopsin 5,
  • Ill Mind of Hopsin 7,
  • Ill Mind of Hopsin 8.

How Did Hopsin Get So Rich?

The truth is, Hopsin net worth started growing the second he was signed to Ruthless Records and released his first studio album. Due to numerous collaborations with some of the most popular names in the industry, he became one of the most popular hip hop artists with a massive fan base in California. Don’t forget he also founded Funk Volume early on, so that played a role too.

What Car Hopsin Rides

With a net worth so big, he could ride anything, right? Hopsin actually has a very low-key lifestyle for a celebrity, so he bought his first Lamborghini in 2018. According to some resources, this record producer is also riding a Bentley, a classic among celebrities.

Hopsin and His Covid Mansion

Even the famous record producer, video director, and actor couldn’t stay immune to the current situation, so if you were wondering did Hopsin retire, the answer is no. After long 9 months, he finally released a new single in 2020 called COVID Mansion. Showing that despite insane Hopsin net worth, he was also quarantined like the rest of us.

Does This Mean Hopsin Is Back?

Many thought that Hop is back, but we are still waiting for an official confirmation or a hint that there’s a new album on the horizon, maybe. If you’re still in some sort of quarantine, play some of the good old hits from Knock Madness album or from his last one, No Shame, while waiting for some new releases and tracks.

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How Did Hopsin Become an Actor?

So we mentioned already that he doesn’t have only one profession. He is a record producer, rapper, songwriter, music video director, and actor. Although he’s most known for his music career and noteworthy contributions to the music industry, his acting skills are also noteworthy.

In 2001 he released his debut comedy film called Max Keeble Big and appeared as an actor in projects like That’s So Raven, Murder In The First, and Fame. Recently in 2020, he got his first major TV role in the popular drama series Paradise City. Besides that, it is also important to mention that he directed some of his music videos. 

Some Fun Facts About Hopsin

  • He was featured in two video games,
  • Wears white colored eye contacts,
  • Hopsin dropped out of school,
  • He hot on the cover of XXL magazine,
  • Height: 5 ft 8 in,
  • Eminem was the rapper who inspired him to get into hip hop music.

Who Hopsin Really Is?

To briefly summarize, Hopsin is an American rapper, born as Marcus Jamal Hopson, but mostly known after his stage name. He released five studio albums, and although his primary profession is music, he also shined as an actor. If you didn’t know much about him, now you know why Hopsin is a name you should remember. Sure, there are celebrities with higher and lower net worths, but the founder of Funk Volume and successful rapper was our today’s choice. We recommend you play Ill Mind of Hopsin 5 and get into his mind for a moment.

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