Jennifer Houghton Net Worth

Jennifer Houghton is known to be a phenomenal interior designer with a net worth of almost $1.6 million. She’s made a name for herself in Texas as many people drive by to check out her extremely well-decorated mansion in Dallas.

How much does Jennifer Houghton make a year?

Her earnings are not specified as she takes on projects which vary yearly. What can be measured is that her net worth is bound to increase over the years as the demand for her designing skills increases over time.

What does Jennifer Houghton do for a living?

She is famous on social media for decorating her home in extraordinary ways during holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s, birthdays, etc. which she shows off in her posts.

She’s garnered thousands of followers that are looking forward to the holiday festivities on her social media. She goes on Instagram by the name of Turtle Creek Lane where she showcases all her finds for the new season and decorates her home like no other. Not only does the interior look beautiful, but she extends her decorations to the outside of her mansion as well where onlookers can enjoy the view.

Her vision is phenomenal as she creates a masterpiece inside and outside her home using her exquisite design skills. She also gives home tours during the holiday season for people who wish to enjoy the holiday spirit without having to travel too far.

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The Early and Personal Life of Jennifer Houghton

Grown-up in Bountiful, Utah this home decorator pursued her education from Brigham Young University and Southern Methodist University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in English. Currently living in Dallas, Texas, she got married to Steve Houghton who was the CEO of his own investment firm but later on sold it and is a mother to five children, three boys, and two girls.

Jennifer’s passion lies in giving houses a makeover, you can tell by the way she decorates her house especially during festivals. Her home set-up for Christmas became the talk of the town when she changed her University Park mansion consisting of 5 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms into a Christmas paradise! She placed twelve trees lit up by 15,000 lights surrounded by various ornaments and embellishments. The whole family works together along with extra helping hands to create the masterpiece Jennifer visualizes.

Jennifer Houghton Career

Jennifer Houghton’s passion for designing her home had been prevalent since the start. This passion took shape when she started decorating her home during the holidays. Once she started using social media to showcase her skills, her career sky-rocketed.

Now, you’ll find that she consistently works on new ideas for home designs and also showcases her family in her posts. Her career as a designer is highly fruitful and is only getting further attention through social media.


  • Does Jennifer Houghton Have an Interior Designing Degree?

No, she has a bachelor’s degree in English, but she’s passionate about interior designing.

  • What are Jennifer Houghton’s Hobbies?
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Jennifer enjoys baking, skiing, decorating and planning events in her free time.

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