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Joji is a famous singer, rapper, producer, and songwriter. He was known for his hit songs such as Slow Dancing in the Dark, Sanctuary, Gimme Love and Run. Aside from that, did you also know that he is behind the viral Harlem Shake dance craze that was trending for quite a long time, and even before that, he had been raiding YouTube in 2011 as Filthy Frank.

In this article, we will know more about Joji net worth, age, house, and height.

Joji Net Worth

Joji net worth is an estimate at $8 million. Joji net worth of million comes from being a singer, rapper, producer, internet personality, social media accounts, and YouTube channel.

Joji Biography and Early Life

George Kusunoki Miller or also known as the name Joji, was born on September 18, 1992, in Osaka, Japan. Joji is half-Australian and half-Japanese descent.

In 2012, he finished his studies at Canadian Academy International School in Kobe, Japan. When he turned 18, he left Osaka, Japan, and moved to the United States. He earned a degree at the New York Institute of Technology.

Personal Life (Girlfriend, Kids, and Family)

Joji is no exemption when it comes to being private in his personal matters, especially his relationships and family. However, there are reports of Joji and Lily Maymac being seen together for a long time. They have yet to confirm their relationship.

There is no additional information about this topic.

Age, Height, Weight, and Birth Sign

Joji was born on September 18, 1992. He is now 28 years old. He stands 5 ft. 8 inches. Joji weighs 72 kg. Joji ‘s birth sign is Libra. Libras are known to be enchanting, beautiful, and generous.



In 2008, George Miller or the name Joji already created a Youtube channel before he was known as the singer songwriter Joji. It was named DizastaMusic that has sketch comedy content. In 2012, the channel garnered a lot of subscribers and viewers when he introduced a character named Filthy Frank. Filthy Frank, who was also played by Joji himself, is an anti-vlogger.

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In 2014, Joji announced that he would not be posting further video content for the channel anymore because it has various copyright and community strike. As of 2020, the channel still has 992,000 subscribers, 88 videos posted and 170 million views.

This prompted Joji to create a YouTube Channel named TV Filthy Frank as DizastaMusic ‘s secondary channel. The content is more focused on Filthy Frank show doing different funny and odd content. TV Filthy Frank series includes Wild Games, Loser Reads Hater Comments, Japanese 101, and Food. TV Filthy Frank currently has 7.49 million subscribers, 157 videos posted and 1 billion views.

The boom of his Youtube account expanded his net worth.

In 2014, Joji created a third channel named TooDamnFilthy; it contains two series, Cringe of the Week (COTW) and Japanese 101. It has 2.28 million subscribers, 103 videos posted 300 million views.

In 2017, Joji released his first-ever book entitled Francis of the Filth, which is mainly about the things in the Filthy Frank Show.

Unfortunately, In 2017, fans of his comedy content expressed their dismay when Joji announced on Twitter that he would no longer produce comedy, as well as Filthy Frank. He revealed that it was because of his “serious health conditions.” He is also not interested in continuing the series anymore.

In 2018, George Miller said in an interview that he had no other choice but to halt the comedy content because of his health condition but his net worth will continue to grow.


George Miller is very vocal when it comes to his passion for music career, even before the boom of his YouTube channel. He said that his channels are mainly a means of promotion for his music composition but ended up being bigger, and he had no other choice but to go with it.

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Pink Guy is a comedy rap stage name that didn’t stray away from the nature of his YouTube; no wonder that the music is mostly comical. He released his debut album called Pink Season, which reached number 70 on the Billboard 200. Pink Guy produced one album (Pink Season), one mixtape (Pink Guy), and one extended play (Pink Season: The Prophecy).

In 2017, George Miller got the chance to perform at SXSW as Pink Guy. This was a success when he released that they are plans to have a long-overdue tour, another Pink Guy album, he stopped producing every FilthyFrank content together with Pink Guy music.

After this comes the birth of name Joji, Joji produces serious music career that is very different from Filthy Frank and Pink Guy. George emphasized that “Joji ‘s just me.” Even when he was growing up in his hometown, Osaka, Japan, he occasionally produces music and jam with friends. When he moved to New York, this gave him more opportunities to start as a Pink Guy, then as Joji.

In 2014, Miller was supposed to release an album for Joji together with the first Pink Guy album, but he subtly canceled that plan and just released two songs from another name, Pink Omega. The two songs were later added to the Pink Guy album.

In 2017, Joji signed with the Asian music record label, 88rising. He released various original top r b hip hop, lo fi, rap songs in 88rising ‘s YouTube account it was Rain On Me and Will He.

In May 2017, George performed live for the first time as Joji, and after that, he released his debut single In Tongues. Ever since then, he has been hitting the billboard charts that prompted him to produce album Ballads 1 aside from album Ballads 1, he added more single such as, Sanctuary, Run, Gimme Love, and more to present.

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Joji clearly received all the support, love and net worth from the people appreciating his music career; however, in May 2020, a Twitter hashtag trended says #jojieisoverparty that almost got 21,000 plus tweets. An account named “jinsolbi” tweeted out their surprise that Joji said the n-word and claims that the song is offensive. The account has under 30 followers and has gone private after what happened.

The people that used the hashtag are mainly fans that know Joji ‘s past. They are sarcastic to those that might not know Filthy Frank. George didn’t release any statement regarding the Filthy Frank Twitter trend.

Conclusion on Joji

George Miller or also known as the name Joji, is a popular top r b hip hop singer songwriter, rapper, and producer. He was born in Japan, is a half-Japanese and half-Aussie.

He didn’t start as the charming Joji that sings sad, serious songs but as Filthy Frank, who is offensive and who has an odd behavior.

However, as time passed, he changed and decided to produce more serious singles; this is the Joji that will be more greatly known for. He was able to hit the billboard chats from his music.

Joji net worth is an estimate of $8 million.

Quick Facts

Name: George Miller or Joji

Youtube Account: TV Filthy Frank

Net worth: Joji net worth is $8 million.

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