Lil Pump’s Net Worth


Name:Gazzy Garcia
Nickname:Lil Pump
Birth Date:August 17, 2000 (age 19)
Occupation:Rapper, songwriter
Net-Worth:$9 million
Zodiac Sign:Leo


He is a Colombian-American rapper and songwriter, rendered famous with his certified triple platinum single “Gucci Gang” that put him at third place in Billboard Hot 100 only at the age of 17. Nowadays, he counts more than 20 million followers on his social media accounts, fact that coupled with his musical success, made him accumulate a fortune of $9 million to date.

Early life

He was born in Miami, Florida even though his parents are from Colombia, but later divorced and Lil’s mother moved to Miami where he raised him. He had always been a hot-headed guy, selling drugs and getting kicked out of almost every school he attended. 


His rapper career was never a planned one for him. In fact, according to Pump, it just happened. This was also caused by the fact that he knew an older guy in the rapping scene that helped him get into this world. 

When he was 13, he got introduced to Smokepurpp with which he started collaborating. They put out some music out on SoundCloud not to seriously and without many expectations as the two weren’t professional musicians; in fact, Pump started to rhyme over the beats that Smokepurpp created.

When the tracks were put to SoundCloud, they started to receive some acclaim, until they became famous enough for Lil Pump to arrange his first gigs in South Florida. He began to get some recognition in the underground rap scene and, after publishing his music video “D Rose,” things started to take off as it hit over 140 million views in July 2018.

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His Success

At 17 he signed his first record deal with Warner Bros Records that foresaw the release of his album in August 2017. He didn’t release his album, but his real success came with his single “Gucci Gang” that topped billboard charts in the US and Europe apart from being certified platinum on January 2018.

His deal with Warner Bros records had to fall apart because he was a minor at its time, eventually anyway he signed back with Warner Bros for $8 Million on March 2018. To date he is still enjoying the fruits of his success collaborating with great artists like Kanye West, Skrillex, Maluma, Lil Wayne, Offset and many more.

3 Lessons we can learn from his story

Lesson 1: Be Provocative

One of the ways artists make themselves bigger on screen is by writing songs that appeal to the emotions of the public, provoking them and causing a reaction (good or bad). Lil Pump does that well, and I believe that he’s aware of what he’s doing when he hits certain topics or throws specific lines to which people react.

Lesson 2: Do Something

When you don’t know what to do with your life, do something. Opportunities will knock on your door out of nowhere if you put yourself out there and make new experiences. Lil Pump didn’t plan a career into rap, but he just started rapping, and from there, things started to take off in unexpected ways both for him and others.

Lesson 3: Be Original

Lil Pump developed his own original style both in terms of music and personal brand. With all the competition that’s out there in the rap and hip hop world, he wouldn’t have made it that far if all he did was just trying to emulate or to look like somebody else.

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5 Tips to Succeed

Tip #1: Make Connections & Have a Team

Having many connections always comes handy in life, especially if you want to get involved in businesses where people might help you along your journey. The fact that Lil Pump knew many people in the underground ambiance of Southern Miami, helped him create a team of supporters that eventually contributed to his success.

Tip #2: Exploit Timing

No business idea will ever work if the time for that business to happen is wrong. Before jumping onto something with a product in mind, look around you and see if the time for that product is the right one. Talk to people and understand what their need is in that specific moment, and you’ll significantly maximize your chances of success.

Tip #3: Be the hero of your Kingdom

Lil Pump writes his style of music and his personality has a lot to do with it as well. We can see from his social media account that how he is he appears and creates, thus being the king on his own world. When you can put yourself out there as authentic as you can be, then you’ll be the hero of your Kingdom, and nobody will be able to take your own essence away from you.

Tip #4: Stick into peoples’ head

Lil Pump well knows how powerful the concept of repetition is. He applied this in his song “Gucci Gang” for example whereby repeating “Gucci Gang” many times and by only saying simple words that almost everybody knows, then a ringtone that’s always on people’s head is not so difficult to produce.

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Tip #5: Get people’s attention

Unless you become good at grabbing people’s attention, nobody will ever listen to you. That’s one of the basic principles of marketing & sales as everything starts from making people’s only care about your product for enough seconds to make them interested in it. Lil Pump does this by creating short songs that do not bore people to the bone, apart from transposing the same tactic in his social media posts.

Favorite Quotes

  • “I’m the best SoundCloud rapper.”
  • “I want to be the biggest thing that’s out because I’m different from everybody. I don’t sound like nobody.”
  • “I just do what I do.”
  • “If you clean a vacuum cleaner, are you a vacuum cleaner?”


  • When he was in high school, he once started such a massive riot that police helicopters had to come over.
  • After getting kicked out of many high schools, he got into an opportunity school but got kicked out also from there.
  • He got his backpack robbed once out of which some guys found his passport and discovered his real name.
  • He got his twitter account suspended twice because of his outlandish content.
  • His most popular music video “Gucci Gang” has over 1 billion views on Youtube and to date is certified four times platinum in the US.
  • He has dyslexia and has trouble reading according to a post written by him on social media.
  • He has an expensive car collection including a Porsche and a Lamborghini.


Lil Pump is one of the youngest rappers of America that made it big in such a short amount of time. Thanks to his simple music, originality, and polarizing personality, he managed to accumulate a fortune of $9 million.

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