Tonya Banks – Net Worth, Bio, Boyfriend, Daughter, Bell’s Palsy

No one can escape the ups and downs of life no matter who you are; that is what Little Women: LA showcased. It revolves around the everyday life in Los Angeles of five extraordinary little women ready to progress in life and explore new things.

In this article, we will focus on one of the main casts of the reality TV series, Tonya Banks. Everything you need to know from Tonya Banks – net worth, bio, boyfriend, daughter, bell’s palsy.

Tonya Banks Net Worth

Tonya Banks estimated net worth is $2 million.

Her million net worth came from the entertainment industry, her activewear line, and wine business. Her net worth is almost the same of Elena Gant’s net worth.

Tonya Banks Biography and Early Life

Her full name is Tonya Renee Banks, or just Tonya banks was born on July 7, 1964. Her birth place is in Carson, California. Tonya’s nationality is American.

Personal Life (Boyfriend, Children, and Family)

Tonya had a partner named Kerwin Johnson; they were in an on and off relationship for over 30 years. They had a daughter named Angelique Johnson. Angelique was born in 1992, she is now 28 years of age.

Tonya and Kerwin got engaged in season 6 of the Little Women: LA; however, when season 7 of the show premiered, it was revealed that the two called off the engagement and eventually broke up.

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There are no data about her parents, also if she studied in school.


Tonya Banks was born on July 7, 1964, and she is now 56 years old.


Tonya’s height is 4 feet tall,


She weighs 50kg.


Her birth sign is Cancer.


Before being the main cast in the reality series Little Women: LA, Tonya has been acting for various small roles in tv series and film for more than 30 years that added to her net.

She tried her best in the entertainment industry. She started as an actress, stand in and stunt woman.

You will see the name Tonya in different film such as Bad Santa and Death to Smoochy starring Robin Williams. Tonya also became the first little person, the female lead in The Internship Games. She acted well in The Internship Games.

You may even catch her on various television shows such as The Hughleys, Ricky Smiley, Ally Mcbeal and Martin.

In 2014, came her big break in Little Women: LA, where she starred with her good friends Terra Jole, Elene Gant, Christy McGinity, Briana Manson, and Traci Harrison. In the series, she is known to have a mother figure.

In 2017, while Tonya is still shooting the reality series Little Women, viewers saw something wrong with Tonya’s health. Later on, the season revealed that she is suffering from bell’s palsy.

Tonya Banks stated that bell’s palsy kept her from doing things. She decided to go in a cryotherapy session with Elena Gant to improve the condition. Today, Tonya is doing okay and free from it.

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Aside from Little Women: LA, Tonya also established her own activewear line that added a lot to her net. She named it “Lil Boss Body Activewear.” The line offers activewear for women of an average and small frame.

Tonya Banks also ventured in a wine line; she name it “L’Tonya Renee Red Blend Wine.”


Tonya Banks secured the 2017 MCPA Award for Most Diverse TV Moment in acknowledgment of Little Women LA Lifetime Network (source: Tonya doesn’t want to stop there; she revealed that she desires to be the first black little person woman to succeed in an Academy Award.

She knows her worth, be it film or anything and it will surely add in her net.

Tonya Banks also became an NGO spokesperson for the Understanding Dwarfism Program.

Conclusion on Tonya Banks

Tonya Renee Banks is an American actress. She is 56 years of age, her height is 4 feet and her birth place is in Carson California. She started in film and tv shows as a stand in and stunt woman.

She may be little, but all of her hard works made her big enough to dominate the world revolving around her especially her net worth. She became an actress, a businesswoman, and a single mother to her daughter named Angelique.

She acted in different film and TV series like Death to Smoochy, Bad Santa, Ally Mcbeal, The Internship Games and such.

Tonya Banks knows her worth and she may be a proof that there is no height requirements for big dreams.

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