Umar Johnson Net Worth

Known for his contribution to Psychology, Umar Johnson inspires many. He is an American and works in a public school as a psychologist. Everyone has admired his work.

Here are some quick facts that you need to know about Umar Johnson.

Umar Johnson Net Worth

Umar Johnson is a professional psychologist, author, and activist. He also works as a psychologist in a public school. His estimated net worth is around $500,000.

How much does Umar Johnson make a year?

Being an author and a psychologist in a school, Umar Johnson makes around $100,000 annually. However, it is an estimated figure as Umar Johnson keeps his personal life confidential.

What does Umar Johnson do for a living?

After graduating college, Umar has penned down many books and articles. He also works as a psychologist in a public, black rights activist, and motivational speaker. Umar Johnson is the author who rose the media’s attention after he wrote the article on the death of Kobe Bryant.

Many applauded his work about the famous basketball player, and a massive number of fans agreed with him. However, his statement rose questions against many people.

The early and personal life of Umar Johnson 

Umar Johnson is an American author and psychologist born on August 21, 1974. As of today, he is 47 years old. He belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity.

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He went to a paramilitary-style school called The Scotland School for high school. After graduating high school, he did JROTC duties in his summer school. To graduate with a degree in psychology and political science, he went to Millersville University.

He is married but has kept all the details of his personal life confidential. He doesn’t like to share details about his wife or children.

Umar Johnson’s height is around 1.9m, and he weighs about 90kgs. His hair color is black so is his eyes color.

Umar Johnson Career

Umar Johnson is a professional, certified clinical, and school psychologist. He is also the founder of the National Black Parent Association. He also found a tour named “Unapologetically Afrikan Black College and Consciousness Tour” and the lead tour guide.

He is an activist and wrote the book named “Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education and ADHD Wars Against Black Boys.” Many people love his work. His statement on Kobe Bryant’s death gave him media attention.

Umar Johnson Awards & Accomplishments 

Umar has no awards under his name but has accomplished a lot for the black community. He has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of black people. Umar Johnson is one of the famous and successful authors of America.

He became a school psychologist because he is dedicated to being an expert on learning disabilities and their effects.


Does Umar Johnson have any children? 

Umar hasn’t revealed information about his personal life. He likes to keep it private and confidential.

How old is Umar Johnson?

Umar Johnson is 47 years old.

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What is Umar Johnson’s zodiac sign?

Umar Johnson’s zodiac sign is Leo.

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