Vegas Dave – Net Worth, Fiancée (Holly Sonders), Arrest, Biography

In the world of sports gambling, it takes a real deal of guts to make a fortune, and Vegas Dave is one of that. He became a successful sports bettor and gained a lot in his net worth for being a sports handicapper gambling on sports occasions every week.

Want to know more about Vegas Dave? Then you are in the right article; you won’t even need to bet a fortune!

In this article, we will know more about Vegas Dave net worth, fiancée (Holly Sonders), arrest, and biography.

Vegas Dave Net Worth

Vegas Dave net worth is around $8 million. His massive net worth came mostly from his betting profession, YouTube Channel and Instagram account. Dave also offers sports packages on his own website.

Vegas Dave Biography and Early Life

David Nakama Oancea or also known as Vegas Dave, was born on December 10, 1976, in Michigan, United States of America. His ethnicity is Caucasian.

Right after moving from Honolulu, Hawaii, Vegas, Dave began his gambling profession in LA for more than 15 years ago.

Vegas Dave finished high school, and there are reports that one of his very first gambles is while he was still studying at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Dave acquired a student loan worth $10, 000 and he didn’t think twice before betting it on the roulette color red. After that, he went home, doubling his money.

This will be the start of his great interest in gambling. Like everybody else, not everyday, he gets to double his money; there also times that he loses a lot. It also came to the point that Vegas Dave got addicted to gambling, and there he sought support from a group called “Gambler’s Anonymous.”

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Vegas Dave learned a lot in the support group; he discovered that he could use his skills in something much better and wiser decisions. He realized that he doesn’t have enough self-control and money management skills, so he opted to sell his own bets that became into a successful business.

Personal Life (Fiancée, Kids, and Family)

Vegas Dave is reportedly engaged to Holly Sonders; her name might not be unfamiliar to you because she is well-known as the former Fox Sports Analyst. Holly Sonders had a past marriage with her co-host Erik Kuselias, in Golf Channel. They ended their marriage in 2016.

Instagram became a big part of the introduction between Holly and Dave. Dave made the first move to leave a comment on one of Holly’s pictures. This is where the “getting to know stage” started; they exchanged various dm’s and also told stories. In 2019, the two got engaged after six days of their dating.

The two will be seen in various elite events flaunting their limited collection Birkin bags. However, it was reported that they parted ways last April 2020 based on Holly’s Instagram post, stating that she will head back to America and she is finding someone to spend the day with.

While on Dave’s IG, he stated that, she’s still there for her, and they are still together, but others do not understand how busy and passionate he is in his work. He emphasized in his statement that he is occupied every day from 5 in the morning until 10 in the evening.

There are no further reports if he already has children or information about his immediate family.

Age, Height, Weight, and Birth Sign

Vegas Dave was born on December 10, 1976. He is now 44 years old. He stands 5 feet 7 inches and weighs about 70kg. Vegas Dave has a Sagittarius birth sign. They are known to be very positive and loves freedom; they are usually surrounded by a lot of people.

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As mentioned above, Vegas Dave was addicted to gambling before but later on, decided to turn his best betting prediction into a business. One of his notable bets was when he received $208,000 from a bet of $8,000. He got this from betting on Ravens, and obviously, they won the Super Bowl!

Also, when Kansas City Royals won the World Series, various sports experts kept saying that Kansas won’t be on top, but Dave, once again, received a sum of $2.5 million. This event became a big deal in the sports betting record as the highest payout in history.

Dave also placed his bets on Boston Red Sox, and he received $340,000 by just placing a $30,000 bet. Additionally, Dave also received $240,000 in the UFC 193 from betting on Holly Holm with a $20,000. Holly Holm really became the women’s bantamweight winner!

Youtube Channel 

Vegas Dave is not all just betting and predicting; he also has a Youtube channel that he created in 2018. The channel is named ItsVegasDaveTV.

Vegas Dave often uploads his over-the-top lifestyle that usually involves various girls, parties, extravagant beaches, and exclusive villas. Of course, Dave wouldn’t leave out his tips about sports betting and sports commentaries.


2017 was an unfortunate year for Vegas Dave; he was confronted with 19 felony counts after it was discovered that he was utilizing various Social security numbers from other people just to open player accounts at Westgate casinos and Wynn Las Vegas.

The suspected crimes took place between February 2015 and February 2016. The said transactions that were completed during that time frame were worth almost $1.2 million. He was supposed to have a maximum sentence of five years’ probation, but Vegas Dave pleaded guilty.

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Vegas Dave instead received three years of probation, must finish his gambling therapy, and conduct 150 hours of communal service.

As of the moment, Vegas Dave is now a consultant and said that he wouldn’t be betting in sports again.


Conclusion on Vegas Dave

Dave Oancea or Vegas Dave, as everyone calls him, is an American sports bettor and sports handicapper. Dave also recognizes himself as the number one sports info consultant and one of this age’s exclusive sports handicappers.

One of Dave’s notable bets was acquiring $2.3 million when Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl 50. Also, when he secured $2.5 million in the 2015 World Series when Kansas City Royals. Dave still placed his bet on Kansas, even if a lot of sports experts say that the team will not make it.

Vegas Dave is known to be one of the most significant risk-takers and is frequently called “Futures King”, because of his great skill in sports results. Besides that, his popularity also gained when he showed his 35cm Hermes Birkin bag. This bag is identified to be the utmost expensive handbags in the world.

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