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Zak Bagans first rose to prominence with the opening of his Las Vegas Haunted Museum in 2004. Now, the paranormal investigator, best-selling author and showman has expanded his operations. Zak Bagans is a renowned ghost hunter who, among other things, seeks out supernatural occurrences. The natives say the restless spirits of those who died in this land roam free and stalk them at night.

This page provides a brief biography and net worth for Bagans as well as information about his girlfriend (Holly Madison). Additionally it covers a list of tattoos he has as well as some fun facts about him that include how many films he’s been in or written.

Zak Bagans Net Worth

Bagans earned most of his wealth from serving as the host and executive producer of “Ghost Adventure” and its spin-offs. Zak is also the owner of “The Haunted Museum” in Las Vegas. He is the writer of Ghost-Hunting For Dummies and Dark World. Thus, television personality Zak Bagans is estimated to have a net worth of $35 million.

Early Life

Zak Bagans is a truth seeker, paranormal investigator, and best-selling author. Zachary Alexander Bagans was born on April 5, 1977 in Washington, District of Columbia.

He’s of German, Czech and Italian descent. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Bagans said he graduated from Glenbard West High School and later from the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan.

Ghost Adventures

Bagans has featured in two shows, Paranormal Challenge and Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. He is famous for his work investigating haunted locations across the country. A number of his investigations have focused on his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. In one episode, “The Haunting in Las Vegas,” a private investigator named Daley Murphy accompanied Zak Bagans to a house that was considered to be one of the most haunted houses in Las Vegas.

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The team used various electronic equipment and infrared cameras to capture ghosts and other unusual phenomena. As part of their investigation they visited Boot Hill Cemetery, which is also famous for being haunted. It contains many gravesites dating back as far as the 1800s.

Demon House

Bagans has also featured in an episode of the Travel Channel show “Demon House”. Demon House is a documentary that is based on a haunted house located in Chicago, Illinois. The house is notorious for having been built by magician/sorcerer Harry Houdini, who later died there of cancer related causes.

Zak Bagans featured in an episode where he investigates one of the owner’s experience at the house. In his investigation, Bagans talks to the psychologist who also documented some of the owner’s experiences while working at Demon House as well as other people who have interacted with it and heard about these experiences over the years.

The Haunted Museum

The Haunted Museum was founded by Zak Bagans in 2004 and is located in Downtown Las Vegas. The establishment features nearly 200 items which have been collected from around the world by Bagans himself from various haunted locations that he has investigated on his various television appearances.

A portion of the museum is dedicated to exorcisms and other religious items. Other exhibits include haunted dolls, vampire hunting kits and ancient occult artifacts such as anti-venom crucifixes, voodoo items, Tibetan skulls and more. Bagans also mentioned that he would like to have a physical version of the TV show Ghost Adventures crew at the museum targeted for Halloween season.

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On March 17, 2016, Bagans announced at the end of his PaleyFest presentation that he and girlfriend Shelby are expecting their first child. On April 6, 2016, in an episode of his TV series “Ghost Adventure”, Bagans revealed that Shelby is pregnant with their first child. Their daughter was born on April 25, 2016.

In 2017, Bagans opened a second Haunted Museum location in Nevadacalled “The Haunted Museum in Las Vegas”. In 2018 another Haunted Museum opened in Los Angeles now called “Haunted Museum LA”. As of 2018 the Zak Bagans Paranormal Investigation team had been filming for a new Destination America television series titled “Most Terrifying Places on Earth” which debuted on June 15th 2018.


Zak Bagans is 6′ (1.83 m)


Zak has several tattoos, including a winged skull on his back and a quote from Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a Celtic cross on his left arm, a Christian cross on his right index, and Dracula’s Cross on his right wrist.


What Can You Learn From Zak Bagans’s Success? Zak Bagans net worth is $35 million. He is a television personality, author and ghost hunter. He has enjoyed good success since he began his career with the show Ghost Adventures and has made more than $30 million since 2007.

You can learn many lessons from Zak Bagans’s success. If you have an interest in the paranormal but don’t know where to start, books are a great place to start learning about this field of studies. You can buy books about ghosts, their history and how to research them yourself. If you enjoy reading about the topic, you could also consider finding a ghost hunter to learn from.

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The show Ghost Adventures was one of the most popular shows on television and boosted his net worth. People around the world watched him as he went around the country investigating haunted places and searching for ghosts. He also wrote a book about his experiences as well as having work published in magazines. This also led to his success and is what helped him earn Zak Bagans net worth of $25 million since 2007.

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