YNW Melly Net Worth

The young rapper, singer, and songwriter, YNW Melly (Young N**a World Melly), was accused of a double murder of two rappers from the YNW hip hop collective. Besides this controversy, he is also known after features with Kanye West and Juice Wrld. So, let’s reveal more about his personal life, biography, and how is YNW Melly net worth looking now when he’s making music behind bars.

YNW Melly – Early Life

The famous rapper was born on May 1, 1999, in Gifford, Florida, and raised by a single mother, Jamie Demons, who was only 14 and in ninth grade when she got pregnant with him. But there are rumors that rapper Donte Taylor is his father. Growing up was not easy for him, and at an early age, he became a member of the Bloods gang. When he was fifteen, he started thinking about his musical career and posted music on SoundCloud. In 2015 he got arrested after shooting at students in Vero Beach High School.

Rapper YNW Melly Bio Facts

  • Full name: Jamell Maurice Demons,
  • Date of birth: May 1, 1999,
  • Place of birth: Gifford, Florida, US,
  • Age: 22,
  • YNW Melly height: 5′ 8″,
  • Weight: 150 lbs,
  • Girlfriend: /,
  • Occupation: American rapper, songwriter, singer,
  • YNW Melly net worth: $200K.
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YNW Melly’s Music Career

In 2016 he formed a YNW hip hop collective together with Christopher Thomas YNW Juvy, Anthony Williams YNW Sakchaser, and Corten Henry YNW Bortlen. In 2017 YNW Melly released his first EP, Collect Call. Next year he released several hit singles such as Virtual (Blue Balenciagas), Slang That Iron, Medium Fries, and others.

The same year, 2018, he released his debut mixtape, I Am You, which got 192. place on Billboard 200. His second mixtape, We All Shine was released in 2019 while he was in prison, as well as the music video for the song Mixed Personalities, featuring Kanye West. His debut studio album Melly Vs. Melvin was released in November 2019.

Some Not So Bright Moments From YNW Melly Biography

Although he was already in jail for drug possession, possession of weapons, gun shootings, and other things, the public was speechless when in 2019, he got accused of first degree murder. Popular rapper was accused that he and his fellow rapper Cortlen Henry staged the murder of two other YNW members Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. in 2018. He is still in prison, although he tried to get out of Broward County jail in Florida after being tested positive for Covid 19.

YNW Melly’s Net Worth Revealed

How much could the estimated net worth of an imprisoned person be? Although he is still in jail, YNW Melly is working hard on his career. Still, his net worth is not that high, so it is only $200K. To hear what he has to say about making music from jail, take a look at this video.

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That’s All We Got on YNW Melly Net Worth and Controversial Career

If you want to hear his music, make sure to check out his YouTube channel, but for updates regarding his imprisonment, follow his Facebook and Twitter accounts, and don’t forget to make your own verdict.

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