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Disappointments and discouragements might come in the way, mainly if you aim to enter a field dominated by men, but the height of circumstances can’t cage women. They know what they are capable of, no matter how many struggles they face.

I know a woman who conquered the field of men, and that woman is named Amy Lawrence. She is 47 years old having an array of experience in the sports broadcasting field that contributed a heft amount to her net worth.

In this article, we will discover Amy Lawrence bio, net worth, salary, ESPN, CBS, age, and height.

Amy Lawrence Net Worth

Amy Lawrence net worth is an estimate of $1 million from her relation to ESPN and CBS that helped her a lot in her career.

Amy Lawrence annual salary is an estimate of $100k that explains her rich net worth.

Amy Lawrence Biography and Early Life

Amy Christabel Lawrence, also known as Amy Lawrence, was born on April 7, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is now 47 years old. However, she grew up with her brother in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States.

Lawrence is an American descent. Ever since she was young, reports claimed that Lawrence focused a lot on her vision of being a competent reporter that later added a lot to her net worth.

Amy Lawrence finished her high school in New Jersey. She pursued her undergraduate studies at Messiah College and earned her bachelor’s degree in communication.

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After that, she continued her education and got a Master s Degree in television and radio from Syracuse University.

Personal Life (Husband, Children, and Family)

Aside from people taking an interest in Amy Lawrence net worth, they are also peaking at her relationship status and family affairs.

Amy Lawrence is private when it comes to her personal affairs, there are no reports or confirmations of her past partners, but right now, she is in a happy relationship with Nickol Clinton. There is no report of children or marriage as of the moment.

The name of Lawrence’ parents is Blossom Lawrence and Michael Lawrence. Amy also has a brother named Emilton Lawrence. The Lawrence family has a pretty strong bond.

Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurements and Zodiac Sign

Amy Christabel Lawrence was born on April 7, 1973. Amy’s age is now 47 years old, weighing 73 kgs. Amy Lawrence height is standing 5’6 tall. Amy’s hair color is blond and her eye color is blue.

There is no data about her body measurements, but her birth sign is Aries. People with the Aries birth sign are known to be self-assured and thoughtless at the same time.


Amy Lawrence net worth didn’t start very high in just a snap; just like most of the people, her first job in Rochester, New York, didn’t pay well, but she is all for the experience she can get. She added that her first car was just a hand-me-down.

However, since Lawrence is exceedingly-educated and capable, as the years pass by, her net worth continues to grow. Later on, she became one of the richest and renowned radio host.

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As you continue to know more, she will be a sports talk radio hosts in ESPN and will secure a late night show on CBS Sports.

ESPN Radio

In 2004, after her work in Rochester, she worked for ESPN radio and officially became a part of the network. ESPN is known to be the flagship station that showcases the best national sports hosts or radio host from The World Wide Leader.

Amy stayed there for a very long time. When she was on ESPN radio, she was recognized as the first female in Oklahoma history to lead her own sports radio talk show. Then she became a regular radio host.

In an interview, Amy Lawrence shared that she didn’t escape to be part of some offensive jokes since she is the only lady there. She talked about her experience in the network and said that she felt like she was still an outcast.

She lasted nine years in ESPN that contributed a lot to her career growth.

CBS Sports Radio

After being with ESPN for almost nine years, she left the network and joined CBS Sports Radio on January 1, 2013, just the day of New Year! In there, Amy became an host of After Hours with Amy Lawrence. It is a sports radio-late night show on CBS Sports Radio. The night show on CBS continued to widen Amy’s experience.

While Amy was still in CBS Sports Radio and a host of After Hours with Amy Lawrence, in 2015, Talkers Magazine recognized Lawrence as the only woman included in the list of 100 Most Important Sports Talk Radio Host in the US.

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Aside from being a sports broadcaster working for CBS, Amy also has a blog named Play by Play Day By Day with Amy Lawrence. Amy also has a Twitter account that has almost 46k plus followers.

Conclusion on Amy Lawrence

Amy Lawrence has one of the amazing bio. She is a successful American sports broadcaster that worked very hard to pave her way to the peak of her accomplishment, which added a lot to her net worth, but like everyone else at first, it wasn’t easy for her.

Amy finished bachelor’s degree from Messiah College and earned her Master s Degree from Syracuse University. Amy Lawrence said that her first job as a radio host didn’t give her enough financial support, but she chose to gain experience, and one thing led to another. Now, she is one of the women that succeed in a field dominated by men.

If Amy Lawrence can do it, you can, too, and who knows, it might also add a lot to your net worth!

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